the party and the day after and the future

Jim had 49 1/2 people shuffle through here for his party.  I had one and a half.   The half person was Rodney who is my friend but was invited by Jim and hung out half the night with the people outside drinking.  Reports were that a good time was had by everyone.

I, personally, had an allergy attack and felt like total crap all night, so I did end up staying inside for most of the party.  Andi came up from Indy (in record time) and kept me company and Suzie came in and chatted with the two of us for an hour plus.   Turns out they graduated from High School in the same class (I knew that) and they had a lot to talk about.  I had a good time chatting with the two of them.

I was asleep by 10:30pm, but the party reportedly didn’t break up completely till about 2am.  Way too late for me.   But it’s all good.  It was my brother’s party and my brother’s guests and they were having a good time.  Can’t ask for more than that.

Prior to the party mom and ran around picking up last minute supplies, cookies from Subway and Chicken from the gas station.  Yes, I said chicken from the gas station…  Gas station chicken is kind of famous around here.  Anyway, Jim went and got a bunch of bags of ice and filled the coolers.

First guests were family, and they arrived at like 4 o’clock.  Which is kind of rude considering they were told food wasn’t expected till 4:30 and the party didn’t start till 5.  But hey, it’s family, you can’t complain too much.  Jim just had to go sit outside with them for the extra hour as mom and I were still running around.

Earlier in the day, I napped and played a little Skyrim.  A very little Skyrim.  It was a lazy day that turned into a busy afternoon/evening/night.   Couldn’t have asked for nicer weather though, it was high 70s and cloudy, but no rain.

Today I slept in.  Yes, here I have been able to go back to sleep.  I wake up at 5:30 and putz around until 7am pills, then I go to sleep till 9am pills, then I go back to sleep till noonish.   Yeah, it feels good to be catching up on sleep that I have been missing for the last month or so.

After I got up, I sat around chatting with mom.  Playing a little on my phone and laptop.  Catching up on email and Facebook.  About 2:30 I tried to lay down for a  nap.  Failure.  I had slept too much already I guess.

So I got up about 4 and came up and chatted with mom and Jim.  Got a shower to wash the allergens off.  Took a 2nd Zyrtec.  Jim left for work.  And mom and I went out to dinner.  We went to BC Osaka in Merrillville, and the food was various levels of bad.  It used to be so nice when they had the show thing and the guy juggling cooking utensils.  But they shut that down a couple years ago according to my mom.  And their buffet just plain sucks.

Now it is 8pm and I am done for the night.  Practically ready to go to bed.  1 Zyrtec doesn’t have much of a drowsiness effect on me, but 2 tends to wipe me out, but the 2 really do help my allergies.  So it’s be drowsy or have allergy attacks.  I will take drowsy every time.  I will make it till 10pm I am sure.

I have no concrete plans so far for this week.  Except tomorrow during the day I am running around with my mom so I can get my blood test done.  I should be back here by about 1pm and taking a good nap from 1pm to 3 or 4.  Then it is just be mellow all evening… we are going out for steak tomorrow night (almost forgot that Jim said that before he left for work.

It’s gonna be a mellow week I think.  Jim is working all week.  Mom has nothing planned.  I have a tentative dinner planned with Rodney and something tentatively not planned with Jenny (Just an “I hope I get to see you before you go.”  So, nothing else is even remotely not planned.  I am here, away from Adel, enjoying time with my mom.  Missing Teresa and the dogs.  But I will see them Friday night.  It’s all good.

GenCon is definitely not happening for me.  So, I plan to come spend a week with my mom and brother the end of July start of August.  Yes, that means I am coming back here in a month or so.  Then again, I will be here around Thanksgivingfest/Thanksgiving.  Hopefully Teresa will be able to join me for that trip.   Pack up her and the dogs and make the 6 hour drive or 9 hours to Indianapolis.  I hope she can make it.

Well, it is 8:30pm now, Sam (the dog) is barking to be let in and mom is just ignoring him.  Jim is about a 1/4 of the way through his twelve hour shift.  I am just sitting here typing on the computer.  Gonna play some sleepy Skyrim for a while.  Then hopefully it’ll be 10pm and I will be able to politely go downstairs to take my meds and Facetime Teresa and be asleep by 10:30pm again.  —–  Now let me find a video.

the trip so far

Yesterday was a LONG day.  Went to bed at 8 the night before, woke up at midnight, finally crawled out of bed at 3am.  Got a shower, lotioned, got dressed, bummed around the house a little.  Then drove the 45 minutes to the airport.  Got the tram bus to the actual airport from the econo lot.  Had my standard problems with the TSA, they always have to pat me down and check my hands.  I’m always clean, so it is just a hassle.  Got thru security with a little over an hour wait for my plane.

The plan ride was uneventful.   However, I forgot how to find the bus that was to take me back to the airport.  So, I asked a guy, turned out he didn’t speak good English and sent me a confusing way.  So I walked for almost a half hour, outside, then I ran into a dead end for walkers, so I turned around and went back into the terminals.  Then I got out my phone and looked up where the bus was to be picked up.  I got to thru the airport with time to make it to the 8am bus, but with the guys bad directions and my extra walk, I ended up having to wait an hour an 20 minutes to catch the 10 o’clock bus.  We made good time cuz the bus driver skipped all the stops that did not have people to drop off.  So we were in Portage by noon.

Mom picked me up at the bus stop.  We went to Walmart to get my some things.  The came and got my brother and went to Applebee’s for a late lunch.  About 2:45pm I finally got to lay down for a nap till 4:30.   I was in a lot of pain from all the sitting I did, but sleep helps relax the back and by the time I got up from my nap it was as mild pain, but I still took a pain pill and a Flexeril.

I thought Jim and mom had left for Sam’s Club so I didn’t go upstairs until 5pm.  There they were mom was doing something and Jim was asleep on the couch.  Then mom decided she was gonna clean Jim’s bathroom.  I wouldn’t have done it, but she did a phenomenal job, it looks 1000% better.  Yup, it was a total gross disaster area, and she made it shine.  Took her an hour and a half though.  I spent most of that time chatting with her.

We then went to Sam’s Club for pop and buns and Sterno.  And then went to Old Chicago for dinner.  I got a deep dish pizza with Italian sausage and pepperoni.  It was good, but Lou Malnati’s is better.  Juts how it is.  But I got a lot of leftovers to eat this week.    Good people, good conversation, good food.  Yup, I love my family.

Got home, Facetimed Teresa.  Took all my night meds, said good night to everyone and went to bed.  This was approximately 10:30pm.

I woke up at 5:30 again 😦   I am getting very tired of this.  I wanted to sleep in today.  But NOOOOOOOO, I wake up way early.  Oh well, maybe I can take a nap between my 7 and 9 pill taking.  I’m yawning and tired.  I am sure gonna try.  But the wake up at 5:30 let me catch up on Facebook and gave me time to write tis blog.

This morning is going to be a busy morning once people get up.  Jim has a big list of things he has to do and mom has a bunch to do too.  I am bowing out of going with either of them on their runs today.  I think I am just going to stay here, be mellow, maybe pay some Skyrim but definitely contemplate my navel.

Then come 4 o’clock, guests are starting to arrive.  5 o’clock is when the party is supposed to start. 5pm to 1am is the officially scheduled time.  I hope all 5 of my friends who said they would come show up.  I will be in the living room for most of the party.  Those friends can come inside with their plates of food and sit and see me.  Air conditioning and no babies to give me weird diseases as my immune system is still compromised.

The weather prediction is for 70 something degrees and clouds but no rain.  NICE.

The plan is to never fly here again, always drive.  Time wise it’s about the same and pain wise it is the same.  I am coming back here the end of July/beginning of August.  Yeah, next month.

I have decided I am NOT going to Gen Con.  I can not afford it in all seriousness.  And I didn’t sign up for anything.  So, I am not going.  Maybe next year when I have some money saved up for it and pay attention to when sign ups are.

I’m going to spend that time with my mom and brother again.  Much less expensive.  And I don’t have to stay as long.  I can be home for my birthday.  Yeah, its much better this way.

I already miss Teresa and Pucky and Mojo.  Facetime is not a good substitute.  I wish could come with me, but she doesnt have the time off available.  So, I come alone.  I wouldn’t give this time up.  Teresa understands my need to see my family.   And everyone enjoys alone time from time to time.  So, it’s all good.

It feels good to be me

Decided to extended my visit to the Region since I have nothing else going on right now.  I will be there from tomorrow the 21st to next Friday the 28th.  I hope to spend some of that time with friends as well as my family.  The ticket change only cost me 50 dollars, so I jumped at the chance to stay for a few more days.  It’ll do me good to get out of town, get out of Iowa, get out and do things and see people.  I’ve been at home for a long time again and it is time to get free from the routine of not doing anything.

Have a blood test on Monday…  Mom assured me that we can get the test done without an appointment at a number of places.  So, that is covered.  Other than that, my week appears to be free.  Hopefully mom and/or Jim have things they want to do and drag me along, and hopefully some of my friends will be around to do lunch or dinner or something.  I really don’t relish the idea of sitting around my brother’s house doing nothing for a  week.  I’m sure someone will have something.

Still have to get up around 3am-3:30am tomorrow to get to the airport by 5ish, have to have my bag checked by 5:45am.  My flight out is supposed to be at 6:33 and for some reason it is taking longer than anyone else’s flight to get from Des Moines to O’Hare.  But I guess that is ok.  I am in no rush.  Just gonna miss the 8am bus to Portage, after getting my luggage and walking the 15 minutes to where the bus picks up…  I should have about an hour to wait for the 10am bus.  Then 10am bus gets me into Portage a little after noon.  I am to call mom from Highland to tell her I am almost to Portage, she is picking me up at the bus stop and then taking me to lunch (she doesn’t know this yet, but I should be starving by then).  So, should hit their house around 1:30 and then a serious nap will be in order.  ALL GOOD.

According to the weather predictions I have read. 100% chance of thunder and lightning.  60% chance of rain for Jim’s Summer Party.  Good thing they have a BIG garage.  People will just get wet from the dash from their car at the school, across the street, and to the garage…  It’s supposed to be spotty rain, so maybe people can time it right and not get wet.   We’ll see.

I hope that everyone who said they are coming to party makes it.   Otherwise there are going to be a lot of leftovers.  Jim and mom bought food for, I believe she said, 50 to 75 people, that is a lot of food.

I hope my friends who have said they would make it do so.  I do not have nearly as many friends as my brother does, but I think I am closer to my friends but I could be wrong on that point.  It’s all good though, it will be great to see the friends I see and ok if I miss a friend or two again.  Life has a way of causing people to miss each other sometimes.

WWE 2k19 will wait until I get back from my trip.  So………………

I am still playing SKYRIM:  Didn’t like being a vampire, maybe if I started at level 1 as a vampire lord, it’d been cooler.  But it seemed kind of dumb and dull as a vampire at level 20.  So I bailed on her.

Went back to playing an Orc Warhammer wielder.  Somehow Lydia disappeared, thought I accidently killed her.  Couldn’t find her body.  Couldn’t control summon her.  Couldn’t accept a new follower, was told I already had a follower.  Had to the command to end my followership and then I picked up Iona from Riften.  She rocks.  First, she uses a war axe and not a boring sword, secondly instead of telling me “I got a bad feeling about this”, she says “There is going to be a fight up ahead.”  Yeah, all around a tougher follower than Lydia ever was.

So, my new Orc is level 17 now.  I almost forgot to go get the Agent of Dibella.  So she is heading to Markarth next to get that.  Then I am heading back to Riften to do the thieves’ guild quests.  Oh, by the way, if you try to do Brynoff’s first quest and Shivani keeps narcing on you, run back by the grave entrance to the thieves’ guild, make sure no one else is around, and kill her.  No penalty.  And then you can do the quest normally.  Got tired of getting a 5gp fine and failing the quest.  Reloaded, took her around behind the Temple of Mara, no guards, no nothing, boom, dead Shivani and I did the quest with no problem.  Heh, should have figured that out a long time ago.

do not believe them when they say 8 am

Ah, the cable was fixed as of about 4:30pm on Monday.   Was a long weekend without cable or fast internet.  The people on the phone on Friday said the tech would be here at 8am Monday, so I waited and waited till 10am and then asked Teresa to find out what was up.  She reported back that it was any time from 8am to 8pm and no one needed to be here for it.  DOH.  Well, I was here for it at 8am, 9am, then went to sleep at 10am and slept till 11:30, then noon, 1pm, 2pm, about 3pm the tech finally showed up.  He wanted to run a new cable from the pole to the house, but he broke his drill thing trying to run under the sidewalk.  So instead, he just dug up where it was cut and put in a splice, which is what we wanted in the first place, but hey, he is the (COUGH COUGH) expert.  Anyhow, about an hour and a half after he arrived we had cable and internet again.  Now we have to find out if Mediacom is going to charge us for it, not a big deal if they do.

I woke up today at a quarter to six, the latest I have slept in 3 weeks.  Then went back to bed at 7 and slept till 8:30am.  I feel good with having gotten sleep early as opposed to taking a nap in the late afternoon.  Also I went to bed last night without taking a Restoril.  So, I don’t need Restoril right now, without it I slept longer.  That is good.

Flight to Chicago is at 6:33am.  I have to be at the airport around 5 to get through screening and all that jazz.  Does silver set off metal detectors?  I don’t think so, gold doesn’t so I don’t think silver would.  I always set them off any way.  So I am used to the pat down/wand treatment.   Heh, that early in the morning, they might just let me through.  Oh to get there by 5 I have to leave here at 4, which means I have to wake up around 3:30 so I can shower and lotion before leaving.   It’s going to be an EARLY morning, one other time I chose this time to fly and swore I would never do that again.  Silly me, here I am again.   Anyhow, it’s one day.  Should arrive in Chicago about 7::40 and catch the 8:05 bus to Portage.  Should just make it.  If not I will have to figure out what to do for an hour at O’Hare airport.

Jim’s summer party is on.  My mom got ahold of the BBQ place and placed the order.  So it should be (mind you, SHOULD BE) all set.  Mom said the people she talked to weren’t rocket scientists and had all sorts of problems taking the order.  But eventually she got the manager, placed the order, and made the payment (whether they got the payment or not is another question).  Anyhow, BBQ is (hopefully) being delivered at 4:30pm for 5pm start of consumption.

My brother’s party goes from 5pm to 1am or when the last person leaves.  It was supposed to storm but now has a 60% chance of no rain.  So we shall see.  If anyone needs the address for the party, just message me on Facebook and I will forward you the address and tell you to park at the school and walk across the street.

I am so very much looking forward to this party.  Several of my friends have committed to making it, and that is cool.  I will be inside until the sun is very down and even them just when I want food.  I can’t be in the sun (period), and I hate humidity.  So, inside is where you will find me except when getting food from the garage.  It’s just how it is for me now.  Anyone who wants to see me can, it’s cool, just come on inside.  Mom will be watching the Cubs.

Another weigh in of 207.2.  It’s becoming a thing I guess.  Better than 208 and worse than 206, but I can live with 207.2, it’s a good weight.  With my TMI problem, I swell up and then when it finally all comes out I drop to 206.8 and then settle back into 207.2.  So it’s all good.  Yes it is.

My Dungeons and Dragons Acquisition Inc. book came today.  Again it went on the self, right next to the Saltmarsh one, without even cracking the cover.  I am just NOT in a Dungeons and Dragons mood in any stretch of reality.  So, I have those two books to look at later.  I had actually forgotten that I had ordered this book and it was a nice surprise to open the package that for one I wasn’t waiting for.  LOL

SKYRIM:  I’m playing my first Vampire Lord.  She started as a Khajiit.  At level 20 she started Dawnguard and just after hitting 21 became a Vampire with return Serena and her Elder Scroll; Lord Harkon gave me a bite and I guess I bit him back cuz a cut scene later I was a Vampire Lord.  Not quite sure what I am doing or how to do it, but so far it goes fairly well.  It’s something new in Skyrim that I haven’t ever done before.  We’ll see how it goes and if I like it enough to continue with it or delete.

I am thinking of making a high elf warrior… lol.  Well spellsword.  That should be funish for a change.  Looking for things to make the game feel different even in the slightest bit.

WWE 2k19 comes tomorrow.  Holding out hope that I can actually play it for long enough to give it a good go.  I know I have mentioned it before; my hands both have tendonitis which makes holding and pushing buttons on the controller somewhat painful.  But if the game is cool enough, I will live with the pain.  Yep, I am that desperate for a good game.







Its almost worse than no internet

Our cable is out.  Totally out.  Our neighbor who nicely cuts our lawn accidently drove over the cable with his riding lawnmower late Friday afternoon.  We’ve been without cable all weekend and it has been a little weird.  Anyhow, Teresa is considered a priority customer, so the truck should be here at 8am tomorrow morning to fix said cutting.  Otherwise, we would have been without cable for two weeks for a regular trouble call.  Right now I am connecting via my iPhone and it is SLOW.  So this might take a while to post.  Or it might not post at all, we shall see when I am done.

Still waking up at unreasonable hours.  Still have no clue what is causing this.  But I am getting to nap a little.  Trying not to take big naps hoping not to mess with my sleep.  So, I am limiting myself to an hourish a day napping.  Lack of good sleep sucks by the way.

Jim’s Summer Party is this Saturday.  I hope everyone who said they would make it, makes it.  But I know it is supposed to storm on Saturday evening, so I wouldn’t be mad at anyone who didn’t make it.

My brother posted that there is some kind of problem with the BBQ place.  I hope he gets it worked out.  The BBQ place he uses is phenomenal.   If the BBQ place falls thru, it’s burgers and brats and that is kind of a let down.

Weighed in at 207.2 today.  TMI ALERT TMI ALERT My constipation issues are still going on.  Dr. Alkhateeb doesn’t think it’s a MDS treatment problem.  So, instead of being regular, I am going every 3 or 4 days, sometimes requiring Ex-Lax.  Anyhow, it’s not the end of the world and it’s not going to kill me, so it’s not a horrible issue.  TMI ALERT over.

My right big toe that I hurt the other day is finally looking normal again and not hurting nearly as much.  I can put full weight on it without wincing.  So, I have 10 working toes again to go with the 10 working fingers.

Lou Malanati’s Pizza is amazing.  We order it from Taste of Chicago. We order 6 pepperoni deep dish pizzas at a go.   They arrive individually wrapped and packed in dry ice.   Pop it in a hot 425degree oven for 45 minutes and you have a great pepperoni pizza.  We had another one tonight and it was so good.

SKYRIM:  I had a minor rage fit because my OneDrive was full.   So, I deleted every save except for the first one.  The first one is after the intro and before character creation.  But all the characters…  the orcs, the khajiit, and the high elf, all of them, are gone.  My OneDrive is amazingly empty now.

I started a khajiit assassin, but she didn’t go the way I wanted her to so I bailed on her at level 27.   So, I got a level 13 Warhammer wielding Orc, she kicks butt.  She is leveling really slow, which is allowing me to tailor her the way I want.  So, I think I am an orc fan over the khajiit.  Oh well, someone has to have love for the orcs.

I get on a flight Friday early morning.  Teresa is making me drive myself and park at the airport.   She doesn’t want to be awake at 4am.  So, it’s all good.  I will say goodbye to her Thursday night and sneak out of the house early Friday morning.  Catch my flight, hopefully have a bus ticket to take me from O’Hare to Portage, and be in Portage for lunch, tired as all get out, but I should be there.

Then, the party on Saturday which may be washed out and/or food deprived.  But its all good, then I can not feel bad about staying inside most of the time.

Sunday I catch the 5pm bus to get to O’Hare for my flight home.  Getting home some time around midnight.  So, a real quick weekend visit to see my family and hopefully attend a party.

No video today, my phone doesnt seem to want to let me do it.  No one watches them anyway, so it is not a big loss.

better than sliced bread

Sleep is getting better I think, but still messed up.  I slept from 10:30pm to 5:30am and then 7:20am to 9:20am.  Now if I could sleep past the 5:30 and bring the 7:20 earlier I would have a good night of solid sleep.  Oh well, at least I have the option of going back to sleep, I couldn’t imagine what this sleep problem would be like if I had a job.  I would be a total wreck at my job and probably be fired.  Good thing that I don’t work.  Anyhow, I am almost out of Restoril and I am not sure that Chris (the PA) will write me more and I know that Dr. Alkhateeb won’t write it for me…  maybe Dr. Eastin, my new shrink will be so kind as to write it for me.

I was hoping that my sleep issues would be over before I go to visit my brother and mother.  But that is next weekend;  I just don’t see my sleep fixing itself in a week.  I guess I will be taking naps when I am there too.   His party doesn’t start till 5pm, I can be plenty rested by then.  Friday’s flight is at some unreasonable hour of the morning, then I have a LONG bus ride from O’Hare to Portage. I know I am napping Friday.   Then Saturday is the party from 5pm to 1am or when the last person leaves.  Heh, it’s supposed to storm there on Saturday, I am expecting a small turn out…  LOTS of food.  Then Sunday I board the bus at 5 something to go back to the O’Hare for my flight home.  Teresa has decided she is NOT getting up to take me to the airport and pick me up.  So I drive in and park my car in the BFE lot and call for the airport bus.   Yeah, fun fun at 5am and 11pm.

My first appointment with Dr. Eastin is July 2nd @ 11am.  I hope I like him.  I hope he will prescribe the medicine I have been on for years and won’t try to dink with anything.  I have been on this particular med cocktail for a long time.   I don’t want to change what works for me.  Too many psychiatrists are too ego driven to listen to their patients or they are too afraid to try new (Nimodipine has been around for a LONG time) things.  I hope Dr. Eastin has the balls to write me what I have been on.   It works for me.  Don’t need to change anything.

Hmm, I am hungry, like very hungry but I ate a big breakfast just 2 1/2 hours ago, I shouldn’t be this hungry.  I weighed 206.8 this morning before I ate.  Not sure where I sit now on the scale.  Don’t really care as long as in the morning weigh in I am sub-210.  I do not want to go over 210.  So far my new metabolism has been doing the job.  I have swelled up to 212.2 at night, but the next morning was 208.6.  So, I have decided that my weight is official first thing in the morning, well maybe not first thing, but before I eat in the morning.

I jacked my right big toe up really good yesterday.  It’s all black and blue and swollen.  I don’t think I broke it or dislocated it, I think I hyperextended it.  I was walking in very loose lounge pants (what I wear 90% of the time) and my toe got caught in the other leg over the pants and got pulled really hard.  Now it hurts a whole lot.  Enough pain that I dread walking at the moment..  So, I am trying to stay planted as much as possible today.

SKYRIM: I have tried several of the other races in Skyrim, looking for something different. I always fall back on Orc or Khajiit.  Right now, I am on a super stealth (which I haven’t had the opportunity the use yet) Khajiit.  But I logged her in today and then immediately logged her out twice today.   The second time I decided I would rather write this blog instead.   I just don’t know how long I can flog this game this time around.  It was a lot of fun for a while, but now I need to move on.

To that effect I have given up on games like Skyrim, for the time being that is.  I ordered the 2019 version of WWE’s wrestling game for the Xbox One that Teresa bought me for Christmas.  I like wrestling games and this one is getting great reviews.  I just hope I can play it with the tendonitis I have in both hands.  Holding the controller has a tendency to cause discomfort.   Oh well, it’s supposed to be here on the 24th (I did not order it from Amazon, so no Prime).  I will give it a go.  Maybe it’ll be the best thing since sliced bread.

So, June 21-23 I will be in Indiana.  June 24th, my WWE wrestling game is supposed to arrive.  July 2nd is my first appointment with Dr. Eastin.  July 12th back to Mayo for more baby shots.  Then July 29th-August 7th is all booked with GenCon, if I go, if I do not go I will spend that week and couple days visiting my mom and brother.  Anyhow, that is all I have planned for the next few months.

Yeah, I was all excited about going to GenCon, but now I am just not so sure I want to go.  Too many people and I still have a compromised immune system (we are working on it).  I am thinking a longish visit with my family might be in order instead.   Just thinking right now, haven’t decided anything yet.

Don’t stop me now

Hey, I slept in till 5:15am today, much better than 4:30.  Yeah, my sleep is still messed up.  I really wish this sleep problem would cycle away.  I have done this before (well, close to this anyway), and it was just s few weeks long.  I have no clue how long I have been waking up ridiculously early, but it seems like a month or more (it’s only been a couple weeks).  Last night I was asleep by 11:00pm, got up at 5:15am, so I got 6 hours and 15 minutes of sleep last night, I guess that is not too bad.  Much better than the 3 1/2 hours I got the night before.   At least I sleep some at night, and I have the option to nap during the day.

Still in a great mood.  With the exception of sleep issues, everything is going good in my life.  I’m going to visit my Mom and Brother for a weekend in a week and a half.   My brother’s summer party is that weekend, so I get to eat really good food and get to see some of my friends too.

I’m eating and drinking like a normal person.  My blood stats are all in the non-cancer normal person range.  I am healthy except for the damn cough, which goes away if I am up and moving around a lot.  Everything is working as intended.  I feel good.

Looking forward to first meeting with my new psychiatrist, Dr. Eastin.  He looks young in his picture.  That’s not a big deal.  As long as he will prescribe my meds the way I want, it’ll all be good.  I just need him to write the scripts and send me on my way.  First visit will be for an hour though, they always are.  One hour so the shrink can get and idea of what he is dealing with.  Teresa has volunteered to go with me for the first visit.  With my memory issues (or lack of memory), Teresa is great at filling in the blank spots.  Anyway, we will meet this Dr. Eastin on July 2nd at 11am.  Should be a good visit.

Teresa went and saw Alladin  last night.  I chose not to go. We were going to see Dark Phoenix, but ALL the reviews say it sucks.  So I might just wait for Red Box or Cable for that one.  Anyhow, the new theater that opened up down the street from us is really cool.  Not only does it have the world’s largest IMAX, it also has a gourmet restaurant, and in the non-IMAX screens they have a wait staff to deliver your food and take your orders. Not only do they serve burgers and such, but they have gourmet meals, duck and other weird things.  And it is only 9 miles from our house.

I do my Publisher’s Clearing House stuff every day but never win.  I supposed that is how it is for 99.9% of the people who do it. Right now the grand prize is 25,000 dollars a month for life.  That would be sweet to win, but I am not going to win it.  Not even going to get excited about it.  But I will do all my entries every day.  I have been doing them every day I have been able to since 2004.  LOL, dedication to losing.

I’m still not ready to get back into Dungeons and Dragons yet.  I am not quite sure as to what is holding me back, but some day, hopefully soon, my mind will change and I will get into Dungeons and Dragons again.  I miss my friends; I miss chatting with them.  I should be working on a huge campaign while I am not playing, but I am just not in the mood to crack open a bunch of books.  Like I said, I hope this changes soon.

SKYRIM:  I’m definitely getting bored with it again.  It was good while it lasted a second time around.  But I NEED something else now.  However, my search, aided by Teresa has turned up nothing so far.  No PC games, No Xbox games, No PS4 games.  No games that even look interesting to me.  I guess I will peruse Steam next and see if they have anything.  I need a game now, not in 5 or 6 months.  Yeah, I found a couple games that looked interesting that will be released in November, which is at least something to look forward too.

I started new Orc Warrior, she wields a Battle Axe.  She just killed Alduin at level 13.  Now I don’t know what I want to do with her.  I killed the big bad and then my mind just shut down on what t do next.  So she might go on hiatus.

I still have my level 48 Warhammer wielding Orc Warrior.  She has done almost everything except collect all the shouts.  She even killed Harkon the Vampire Lord at level 46, that was fun.  Then I ran into the same problem, what do I do with her now?

Which is where my level 51 Khajiit is.  And my level 33 High Elf Summoner.

See, I am just getting bored.

Dear, sweet Sheila at Mayo made a schedule for July 12th.  It started at 7:30 in the morning and didn’t end till after 3pm.  Making for a really long day.   Homey don’t play that anymore.

I wrote her back asking her to change things a little.  Now we don’t have to be there till 11am and still have to be there till 3pm.  But that is MUCH BETTER.  MUCH MUCH BETTER.  Instead of getting up at 3 to be there by 7:30, we get up at 6:30 to be there by 11.  Yeah, it’s all good now.

The visit on July 12th includes round 2 of baby shots.  Every other month for 8 months.  And I will NEVER get the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella shot because they won’t give me a live vaccine.  They don’t want to kill me with my “weakened” immune system.  So, no MMR and no one other.  But I am getting the new shingles vaccine which is 90% effective.  It’s all good.  Hurts like Hell in both arms when she is done, but it’s worth it.  I can’t be around babies right now.  I haven’t seen a 3d baby in a long time and I don’t see that status changing any time soon.