Under 400 words don’t have much to say

Another bad dream woke me today.  This time at 6:30am.  Ugh.  I do not want to be awake, but I am very much wide awake.  The weird thing is I don’t normally have bad dreams.  But these dreams are bad enough that they wake me and I remember them for a few minutes at least.  I should write them down, but early mornings are not my time to think.  I just wish they would stop.  I would prefer waking up to Mojo barking than waking up cuz my mind decides it’s going to run a horror show.  It’s not right, I have no reason to be running nightmares in my head, right this minute my life is going really good.

Morning weight in is 206 exactly.  I’ve told you about my weight goals and dreams, so I won’t bother you with them again.  Just 206 in right in the pocket.

It’s Friday, so the Neven Dungeons and Dragons game is tonight.  First game with 4 of the players, “the kids”.  They are all young 20somethings.  Should prove interesting.  Should be fun.  Role play, serious combat, role play.  Yup, that is the plan.  I have them taking on a fairly tough challenge.  I may lower some numbers of monsters, don’t want to kill anyone on night one.  But then again, the worse that’ll happen is someone gets pissed and leaves the game.  I have had that happen before.  I’m sure it’ll happen again.  But I don’t want it to happen with these guys, I actually like them so far.

On Tuesday night, Aravas will do the rest of what I had planned for last Tuesday night.

Danny’s campaign starts in 5 days.  Yup, in 5 days I will be playing in a game again.

Wow, this is going to be a short blog entry.

Sub 3 weeks for Mayo visit.  I’m ready for it to just happen already.  Wonder why he scheduled it so far out?  He got permission for the insurance company, wish he would have scheduled it sooner.  Oh well, I am not him and can’t get into his head.

Actually a little excited about the possibility of going to school in the Fall.  Still don’t tell Teresa.

That’s it, under 400 words.  Save you some eyestrain.

Bad dreams caused early wake up

Well, I slept till 8am today, would have slept longer but I had a really bad dream and every time I tried to go back to sleep it restarted.  I have bad dreams every now and then and usually have no problem moving past them, this one was just so real in my head.  Anyhow, that is a 9 hour sleep for tonight so I should be good, however I always have the option to take a much loved nap.  Napping is something I have always enjoyed, even when I had tons of energy and was a teenager, I loved a good nap in the middle of the day.  I think the Mexicans have it right, close up shop in the middle of the day and take a siesta.

My countdown to Spring is officially over now that Spring is officially here.  But let me tell you Spring is letting its warm flag fly.  Gonna be in the 60s a few days but of course those days it is going to rain. lol.  Weather man says they’re not going to be heavy rains, but come on, first 67 of the year and we have to deal with any rain… that sucks.  But 50s above average and 60s dominate the 10 day forecast, with one 40somehting set in there just to remind us that it is the beginning of Spring and not the end.

205.6 was the official reading of the scale this morning.  So I am fluctuating between 205.6 and 207.2.  I can definitely handle that.  I still would like to drop a few of those pounds, but I am not willing to do anything to make that happen.  So, hopefully, with what I eat, I stay right at the range I am at.  I have stayed this weight for over a month now, I don’t feel fat, I don’t feel skinny, I feel comfortable, and that is what I was shooting for.  Yup, not BMI weight, Hectic weight.

The Neven meet and greet Session 0 was a let down.  Besides me only 2 people really showed.  A third player showed for about a minute, just to say Hello real quick while he was at work.  The 3 of us chatted for about a half hour and then split.  Both Brendan and Sabre seem like cool people, heck all the kids seem like cool kids.  Would have been nicer if more people came, but since there was less than 24 hours notice given for it, I should be happy that 2 players made it.  Could have been sitting there all alone for a half hour.

Discord is going to work perfectly for the D&D games.  Yup, I am becoming a Discord convert.  We got it set up so the Neven crew has access to the Neven stuff and the Aravas crew has access to the Aravas stuff and then a shared area too.  Just to chat generalized Dungeons and Dragons talk.  It’s not much of a D&D server, no auto dice roller, no flashy text, just functional, plain and simple just like I wanted it.  Chris C did a great job for us.

All set to run Neven campaign tomorrow night.  Been ready since the weekend, its about time for Friday to roll around.  I chose to run it on Friday cuz there was too much time from Tuesday to Tuesday with Aravas.  I just had to add Neven in the middle of it.  The warlock still says he isn’t a combat guy, he is built to be a roleplay guy.   Well, I got a lot of roleplay set to happen and then some serious combat, then some more roleplay.  I am trying to accommodate the players request for “lots of roleplay”.  I put out the disclaimer that I am not Matt Mercer (a voice actor who DMs Critical Role).  I am just a DM who tries to make each person sound different.

Aravas, after fiasco with Mumble last week, is set to go on next Tuesday.  Hopefully all the players will be there and we will be able to continue.  I broke my own rule last week, when we tried to play with just 4.  The rule is if 2 or more people can’t make it, we skip that week.  It’s a good rule when 1/3 of your players aren’t there its hard to get things done.  Its especially bad when it comes to combat, I prepare for 6 and 4 would just get munched.  1 gone I can just sorta fake their character, 2 gone no game.  Simple as that.  It has served me good as the rule for many years.

Danny’s campaign starts in 6 days.  Most of me is really looking forward to it.  But part is of me is concerned that Danny is just gonna bail on it again when something better comes along.  I bail for sanity sake.  Danny has a tendency to bail because someone offers to run something else.  Now it’s probably not going to happen this time.  It’s probably gonna be a long campaign and lots of fun.  Shoten the Dark is looking forward to shooting Yuan-ti with his longbow.  He is +9 to hit, so it’s all good.  Going to do some serious damage with my bow.  And hopefully have a lot of fun doing it.

3 weeks from Mayo.  Teresa says she wouldn’t want to do it cuz of having to get IVs.  Bah, IV’s aren’t anything.   I am concerned about GvHD as I rightfully should be.  Beyond that, I have no concerns about the whole thing.   It’s just like a blood transfusion, you sit there for a while, they pump the stem cells in, you sit and wait for a reaction, then you go home.  LOL, they say 6 to 8 hours, but I just don’t see it taking that long.   Perhaps it will take 6 to 8 hours, I could be wrong, but the stem cell transfer itself is less than an hour.  And I am quick to have a reaction, as long as it’s not a horrible reaction I am guessing 3 to 4 hours tops.

Since I believe my mother-in-law still reads this, I have to ask that no one tells Teresa about this.  I filled out the FAFSA for next Fall.  And applied to DMACC again.  It probably won’t become anything, but who knows, I might be ready this time.  I have several months to think about it.  Anyhow, I chose Web Development as my major.  No double or triple major.  All the classes are in Ankeny.  30-45 minute drive.  My classes would be Monday thru Thursday I believe, I don’t think they offer web development classes on Fridays.  The video class I took and learned very little from has piqued my interest.  Teresa won’t be happy if I try again.  It’ll be try ridiculous number, 12, 13, 17 somewhere in there.  I’m might be one of those old people who try to go back to school and 30 some years.  Heh, I just might be able to do it.  I might.  A boy can dream.

Now on Discord

I actually slept till almost 9am.  And today is the day I find out about the big stressor.  I like sleep, I like sleeping in.  I would have slept longer but the situation here at the house wouldn’t let me.  So, here it is, 9:41am and I am writing my daily blog entry.  It’s all good, I like writing it in the morning about things that happened the day before while they are still relatively fresh in my  mind.   If I waited till later I would probably forget things and have nothing really to say, not that I have a lot to say in the mornings either.

OK, it’s the first day of Spring, starting at 4:58pm here.  But since it is happening today, HAPPY FIRSY DAY OF SPRING everyone.  We made it thru a craptastic Winter.  Spring, here at least) is looking pretty good.  50s and even so 60s in our 10 day forecast, and only two chances for a minor rain.

I did get on the scale this morning, 207.2, a little heavier than I want to be but still not the evil 210.  I don’t weigh myself at night cuz I know that in the evening, before my body breaks down the food, I weigh over 210.  So morning weigh-ins is the way for me to go.

Aravas was a mess last night…  well, Mumble was a mess last night.  For the last few months, Mumble has been dropping people’s talking where random people can’t hear them but others can.  It’s especially bad for my friends in Canada.  So we called it after an hour and switched to Discord for future Voice Communication.  I really don’t like Discord much, but it does let people talk without problems and that is truly what we need.  My friend, Chris Collins set it up for me.  I wouldn’t have had a chance of setting it up, don’t know how, couldn’t do it.  It’s a simple setup, just what I needed.

Last night we had 2 people missing and normally I just cancel games when 2 out of 6 can’t make it, but for some reason I didn’t cancel.  Stupid me.  But anyhow, the party got to meet the key people I wanted them to meet, and make the deal with the sleazy gnome to retrieve the glowing box from his dead brother.  Little do they know that the glowing box is worth much more to them than the 5000gold the sleazy gnome offered them.  However, they are all good people, so they may have to return the box to the gnome and be out of luck.

Neven is having a Session 0 meet and greet tonight.  I don’t normally do session 0s or meet and greets for my players, I just normally throw them together and hope for the best.  But the kids wanted to meet everyone, so here we go.  At 7pm I plan to be on Discord for about a half hour, just long enough to say what I gotta say and then split.  Let the kids talk about whatever else they want to talk about.

Neven the campaign is set to start Friday night.  The characters are all made.  The session is all planned out.  It should go on without a hitch.  The party is a well balanced party, so they should be good to go.  Not worried about the warlock, he has eldritch blast, so he should be able to do some damage, even if he was not built for combat.  Combat is a huge part of Dungeons and Dragons, the major way to gain experience.    It’s all good though, if someone doesn’t like my style, they can leave the game, and I can find a replacement in less than 4 hours on reddit.  I like all the kids though, I hope none of them want to quit.  Not worried about Cori and Chris H, they’ll stay no matter what I do.

I am very much looking forward to Danny’s campaign, Shoten the Dark needs to be played.  Danny has some familial issues going on, so I wish him the best in these times.  And less caringly, I hope they don’t interfere with his game in a week.  I am done switching characters, Shoten is my choice.  He is basically and archer who can occasionally shoot special arrows.  One that blows up and one that entangles. But mostly he is just a cool archer.

Mayo in 3 weeks and a day.   Yay rah.  Lets get the party started.  Let’s get these silly stem cell infusions going.  I want to get them started so I can get them over.  Yeah, I will GvHD to worry about, but it wasn’t much the first time, so I don’t think it’ll be much the 2nd, 3rd and 4th times.

sleep you wonderful thing

Well, I slept again.  I tried to get up with Teresa at 6am but couldn’t quite make it, so I got up at 8:10am when Mojo started barking.  And I will be taking a nap shortly, I have to be awake this evening for Aravas, the D&D game.  What am I saying?  I would take a nap anyway, I like naps.  What I don’t like and haven’t come up with a solution for is being woke up by Mojo barking.  Every morning he wakes me up, guaranteed, and he’s barking at nothing, it’s highly frustrating.  He barks enough to wake me up and make me have to use the restroom and then comes back in the bedroom, climbs on the bed and goes to sleep.   ARGH, if he wanted to go to sleep, why did he go thru all the barking?

Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring.  Highs in the 50s and 60s in the 10 day forecast.  Yeah, buddy… we’re having a heat wave.  Meanwhile Nebraska is a disaster area with their ice jams and flooding.  But while the mainstream media seems to be ignoring Nebraska the same stuff is happening in Western and Southern Iowa.  I wouldn’t know about either places having problems if not for our local news.  The local news is showing Iowa and Nebraska, but the national news is ragging about Trump and the big fire in Florida (I think).  Oh well, Pence is headed to Nebraska today, so maybe something will get done.

Dammit, I forgot to get on the scale before I ate again.  At this rate, I’ll never know if I am gaining or losing weight.  Can’t really tell after I eat in the morning.  Tomorrow I will endeavor to remember to weigh myself first.  For today I had a lot of leftover Ziti and pasta feels like it weighs a ton.

Facebook messenger online appears to be having problem again.  I had to switch to my phone to respond to a message.  Don’t the people at Facebook know that messenger is the real reason we use Facebook?  Well, hopefully it won’t be an all day problem cuz the game tonight, we use messenger while we play.  Be frustrating as heck to have to use our phones for messenger (yes, phone messenger seems to be working) when Facebook is open on our computers.  Oh silly Facebook you have been having a lot of problems lately.  I wonder what your real problem is?

I still can’t believe that Teresa is going to help me with my work project.  I wonder what changed her mind from, “I do not want anything to do with it” to “Whats your problem, I’ll be glad to help.”  Big turn around.  Saves me money though, I don’t have to hire anyone.  So that is a big plus in my book.  She is amazing.  And her google-fu abilities are so much better than mine.  I googled for the solution to my problem and just got more confused, she googled for my problem and had it fixed in 2 minutes.  I tell ya, I wish I had one-tenth of her ability on scripting and google-fuing.  I might have been able to do said project on my own.

As I have said Aravas is tonight, Danny is going to be late which means I have to shift everything around that I was going to do.  The party will die to the undead without all 6 of them there.  So we are gonna start out with the meet and greet portion and maybe the creepy gnome hiring them.  But none of the combat can go on without Danny and he doesn’t know for sure when he will be on.  But family comes first, so we work around his lateness.  I got other stuff for the party to do.

Neven is ready to go for Friday.  I am gonna do another once over the characters to make sure everything is cool, today.  Then we will truly be ready to play on Friday.

I decide on Shoten the Dark, an Shadar-Kai elf Arcane Archer, for Danny’s campaign.  He kind of sucks at low level but gets better to darn right cool at higher levels.  Right now he has 2 exploding or 2 grasping or 1 of each arrows per short rest.  So, I am gonna be whining for short rests a lot. lol.  He’s level 4 now, at like level 10 he gets really cool.  So, if Danny doesn’t cancel his game again.  We’re all good.  It’s all good.

At this point, I would rant and rave about Mayo and the transfusions.  But I have done that so much lately, I am tired of doing it.  So I am just gonna skip it today, if you haven’t read about it scroll back a few days on the blog and you will see it.

I’m not going to run 3 D&D games.  It just takes too much time.  And I get burned out real bad real quick.  I have a 3rd idea for a campaign though and I don’t know how to implement it.  So for right now the idea is just gonna sit and gel and maybe I’ll get to use it sometime.  My hiatus, even though it was not very long, spawn several of what I think are good ideas for D&D games.  So, Aravas and Neven players have best to take heed, I am a damn good DM and the new me is not afraid to kill a character or six.  I am gonna make combat challenging and let the dice roll how they will.  Losing your character sucks, but if you die a glorious death, it’s all good.

I love my highly technical wife

I slept.  I slept.  From 10:40pm to 6:30am.  Almost 8 hours.  It’s a miracle.  Either that or I was just really tired.  Anyway, maybe my body has come to terms with the stress I won’t talk about or maybe I was just too warn out.  Either way it felt good to sleep that long.  I still will probably take a nap when I finish this blog, but I feel wonderful getting a full nights sleep.

2 days until officially it is Spring.  But looking out my window this morning, early Spring is definitely here.  The floods are receding according to the news.  So, Fleur Drive is supposed to open back up tomorrow they said.  And the 169 is supposed to open back up on Wednesday or Thursday, both are currently under water.

I forgot to step on the scale this morning and just ate a big piece of peach pie, so no weight update today.  Last night when I went to bed I was 207.6.

Teresa is gonna help me with my website in the evenings.  I just have to tell her what I want.  She will google how to do it and make it happen.  My wife is the greatest.  Scripting is what she does partly for a living, not website scripting, but scripting none-the-less.  So she is able to pick up and understand this stuff better than I can.  So, since she volunteered, I am gonna use her.  We’ll get this site done in no time with her doing the web development.  I am useless, simple as that, I learned a big fat nothing in my web development class.  If it hadn’t been so long since I “finished” I’d ask for a refund, it was that bad.  The good news is, I can explain to Teresa what I want and she can make it happen in a matter of minutes.  Yup Teresa is that good.

I posted in Aravas chat what was going to happen tomorrow night.  People are excited.  Makes me feel good that I can entertain 6 people for 3 hours twice a week.  But anyway Aravas, among other things they are gonna get hired to go fetch something of value, and when they get it, they are going to have to decide whether the return it to the guy who hired them or keep it for themselves… moral quandary.   It’s that valuable to them.  If they return it, they get a few magic bobbles and a pile of gold.  If they keep it, they make a new enemy but gain so much.  So we shall see what they do tomorrow night.

Neven is ready to go.  Well, except for one character isn’t finished, it’s ready to go.  All my part is ready.  It’s all good too.  Mint will finish her character today I am sure.  Then tomorrow during the day I will review all the characters to make sure there are no mistakes or omissions.  Then we will be ready to roll Friday evening.  Hopefully I don’t kill anyone, but the warlock gives me pause, he said he is not built for combat.  That might get him killed.  How do you make a character, a warlock of all things, not built for combat.  Mind boggling.   Well, I told them all there would be some serious combat, so he can’t say he didn’t know.

Danny’s campaign starts in 9 days.  I have decided NOT to play a Dragonborn Paladin.  Yeah, I have been talking about how cool it would be and all that, but I decided to hold of on pulling that trigger for Cori’s campaign that will happen some day.  Right now, I am trying to decide between an elven arcane archer and a dwarven battlerager.  Do I want to be cool ranged shooter, or in your face porcupine fighter.  Both have their merits.  One minute I am leaning towards the archer, the next the dwarf.  I rolled real well on both of them, so that is not an issue.  I am just flummoxed as to which to choose.  For those that know D&D Arcane Archer is a Fighter type, while the Battlerager is a Barbarian type.

3 weeks and 4 days and I am back at Mayo.  Back at the Gift of Life Transplant House.  The thought of being there brings back some not bad, but not good memories.  It’s all good though, I’ll be ok.  Go there, get the infusions, come home, have GvHD, mope around with a rash or something minor, then go back and do it again in a month, and then again in another month.  I won’t feel any different after its all done.  I’ll just have more of this german guy’s stem cells in me.  Soon, if he agreed, I will get his name and address, so I can send him a thank you card and letter.

how to say nothing in 1003 words

The plan to wake up and lay in bed till I fell asleep again failed.  Today I woke at 4:20am and laid there till 6:20 before finally saying screw it and getting out of bed.  I know what is causing my sleep problems, but there is nothing I can do about it.  After Wednesday it should be better or a whole lot worse.  If it gets worse, I go to see Chris for sleep meds.  Right now I can handle 4 or 5 hours at night and a couple naps during the day.  But I can’t last like this.  Got things to do, places to go, people to see.  I don’t want to be a walking (or worse driving) zombie.  I need to start sleeping right again.  I will crawl back into bed in an hour or two and take my first nap.

3 days till Spring is officially here.  YAY.  I know some parts of the country are still getting walloped, but here its warming up, and finally drying up a little.  There is still a bit of snow on the ground, especially where it has been piled over the winter, but that is melting, just slowly.  I’m very happy winter is finally over for us.  And Spring is going to be so nice.  I kind of wish I was still throwing the party at the end of the month, but can’t afford it because of medical expenses.

Ya know that problem I was having with my work project that had me totally befuddled.  Teresa sat down and fixed it in like 2 minutes.  Now before you ask why didn’t I ask Teresa before for help… she said she wanted NOTHING to do with it.  Yesterday she just, out of the blue, volunteered to help.  Said she would watch the video class I watched and help me in any way she can.  My wife is the greatest person alive.   TTRPG.ORG will be up by April 15th with her and google help.

According to the first weight in the morning scale step, I am 208.4.  Still heavier than I want to be, but not at my panic weight of 210.  I really should go back to walking every day, but I have been sitting in my desk chair a whole lot lately and that causes my back to hurt a lot, and then walking makes it worse.  I can take a pain pill, but I don’t like taking the pain pills.  I do not like how they make me feel.  So pain pills are last resort.  So maybe I will go back to walking after I wake up at the ungodly hour in the morning, before I sit, before I start to hurt, something more constructive than catching up on Facebook and Twitter.

A couple of my Aravas players know what is going to happen on Tuesday night, I mean I posted it here and then told them.  They are actually excited about it.  I’m actually excited about it.  That is cool, before my hiatus I didn’t want to touch Dungeons and Dragons, went to ArctiCon and it refired my gaming impulses and zoom I am off running not one but soon to be two campaigns.  The new Hectic, Dungeon Masters to the masses, isn’t afraid to kill characters.  It might just happen on this Tuesday night.

Neven is almost all set to go.  Just have to come up with some non player character names and occupations.  Cuz the plan is for the game to start with running around the city following a family who stopped in various spots on their way out of town and then following them out of town.  Then stuff happens.  Yup, I have been asked by the players of Neven to have “a lot of roleplay”.  So, there will be a lot of roleplay, but there will also be combat and exploration.  It’s all good, I am rating this coming Friday as 50% role play and 50% combat, maybe 60/40.  They got roleplay, combat, then more roleplay.  Should make my players happy.  Oh, and they are young, early 20s, I call them “kids” in a non-negative way.  I just feel old when they get talking about kid things.  Oh well, that’s my problem not theirs.

Danny’s game starts in 10 days.  WOOT.  I have decided to leave Isilva using sword and board.  Matter of style.  I have to design his shield holy symbol. I think I can handle that.  It’s all good.  I guess I am the tank for the party. I am ok with that role.  I am not sure if I will be the leader of group as I am technically an outsider to this group of friends who call themselves Nerds in the Basement.  Technically, I am a Nerd in the Bedroom, but hey those are just words.  Anyhow, I was invited in but I only know Danny, so he is my in guy.  The rest of the Nerds are new to me and I to them.  So, I probably won’t be the leader of the group, and I am fine with that.

So, it turns out that I have a very aggressive form of MDS.  Well, it’s in remission right now so it’s all good for the time being.  However, it can come back at any time and wipe me out.  Fun.  Thus is the reason I am getting these stem cell infusions.  3 of them over the next 3 months.  April, May, and June.  Unless there is a problem, it’s a 2 days thing each time.  And it seems the 2nd day is when I get the infusion, it take 6-8 hours and then they send me home if that is no visible issues.  They are going to start with a “very small” amount to see how I take it and then increase the amount monthly.  So by June I should be getting about half of what I got in the first place.  This is all being done to hopefully make me live longer, I don’t want to die yet, so I guess it’s a good thing.

Ends with a touch of Ska

Up today at 5:35am.  I have no reason to be up at 5:35am.  Dogs get fed at 6:30am normally, today they got fed a little early cuz they went ape when I headed to the computer which is next to where they get fed.  So, what does Hectic do when he is up this early?  He surfs Facebook and Twitter.  He eats leftover pizza.  And he decides to write his blog.  Nothing earthshattering because I have to be quiet due to the fact that Teresa is asleep still in the same room.  So, I have to be quiet or try to go back to sleep for the next 5 or 6 hours.  Sometimes its aggravating, but it is what it is, she likes to stay up real late and then really sleep in on the weekends.  Can’t complain because she does basically everything.  So I will type my blog out, then try to take a nap, funny that my snoring isn’t considered making noise.  lol.

Spring officially arrives in 4 days.  In 4 days the flooding should be mostly over.  95% of the snow has melted, the rivers have all swelled.  Some serious flooding has occurred. There is no rain forecast in the next 4 days (longer actually) and the temperature is climbing, so the flooded areas should get some relief.  I tell ya, I am happy to not live in a flood plain.  These people who build houses in known flood plains are just dumb.  Not only do you have to carry special insurance, but you have to deal with a flooded house every so often.  Crazy.

I need serious help with my business project, I learned jack from the video class I took.  And time is running shorter and shorter and I am getting no further.  I am spinning my wheels on the first page.  Embarrassing it is.  I’m going to find out what kind of deal I can make with Jon and Justin at Liebl marketing group for Justin’s knowledge.  He is an incredible web designer, he’ll know what I am doing wrong an how to fix it.  Maybe they’ll throw it in for free since I am spending so much on art.  Nah, that is just dreaming, nothing in life is free.

Aravas, my Tuesday night D&D game is set to go again this Tuesday.  The party got a long rest after making redead a lot of undead.  They are back in good shape.  The city has began cleaning up the mess of undead parts and people parts but won’t get to where the party is resting for a few days.  That means there might just happen to be a few undead left.  Aren’t I am stinker.  Well, I gave them level 4, the least they can do is kill a few more undead.  After the undead the are going to meet a mysterious man who wants them to venture into the wilds and retrieve something from a party which never returned.  Hmm, party never returned, new party goes to find their remains, whatever killed the first party might still be there.  Poor party.

Neven, my Friday night D&D game is set to start next Friday.  The rogue has decided to become a cleric and play healer, which is good, cuz I was going to have to send a healbot along which the party definitely didn’t want.  Problem is now they do not have a rogue to detect and remove traps and open locks.   Heh.  Not sending a roguebot along.  It’s all good, they will get by just fine without a rogue.  They are gonna start out in the city  and find out that something happened to someone important’s family.  Gonna have to run around the city and find out where the family went.  And then go after them.  A rescue mission?  perhaps.

Danny’s game on Wednesday nights is still 11 days away.  Isilva the paladin might go thru a slight change between now and then, I am thinking heavy weapons as opposed to sword and shield.  Just a thought.  Polearm master is a great feat.  Wield a halberd.  But giving up 2 Armor for giving up the shield, that can be a big difference.  Decisions,  decisions, there are decisions to be made.  One way or the other Isilva is gonna be fun as heck to play.

I am not looking forward to these stem cell infusions.  I dodged the bullet with GvHD the first time, now I am going to give it 3 more tries.  I’m just not feeling it right now.  It’s not that I am afraid, I’m sure nothing horrible is going to happen, but why tempt fate?  I’ll get over my trepidation, the first infusion is in 27 days (I think I added right), I’ll be nervous about it for a while, then I will just accept it.  Cool thing about this though, gonna find out if my blood type changed next visit.  I was an O, now I am supposed to be an A.  Yup, get a stem cell transplant (or bone marrow transplant) and if you aren’t the same blood type as your donor, your blood type normally changes in about a year.   So, I should be an A right now.

I did step on the scale first thing this morning and got a surprise, I have went from 205 to 208 again.  But I figure its the pizza I ate last night.  I will NOT get back up to 235, you can’t make me get up to 235, under 210 is fine, 200 is optimal.  We’ll see if I can ever get back to 200.  lol.  A boy can dream.

Well, I am tired, so I am heading back to bed.  It is 7:36am.  I will have been up for 2 hours by the time I fall back asleep, it’ll be more like 2 1/2.  I will sleep till 9am when Alexa goes off to tell me to take my meds again.  Then either I will get up again or go back to sleep, only to be disturbed by Alexa one more time at 11 to tell me to take my Advair which I have stopped taking. woot.  No more winter, no more serious cough, no more breathing problems.  Sweet.