You know something, spell check doesn’t like the second WOOT, in WOOT WOOT.   lol.

Anyhow, I am currently stress free and in a great mood.  The big stressor I had today was my bankruptcy hearing, it went well, took about 3 minutes for which I arrive 50 minutes early. lol.  I hate going downtown Des Moines, I never know how long things are going to take to get to.  Some days 30 minutes, some days 45 minutes, some days an hour.  Today took 30.  Then my lawyer was later than she said she would arrive and a little bit of panic set in.  But she showed, we talked, its all good.  And it is over.  Just now a 2 month wait for finalization and I am done.  A huge weight has been lifted from my chest.

So that was good thing #1 today…

Good thing #2 has to deal with Financial Aid.

I have been checking for summer financial aid every day since I sent DMACC my FAFSA.  And every day was the same blah blah no application.  Yesterday, that changed to we are reviewing you application.   Good good.  Progress.

Today when I looked, it shows my awarded financial aid 1000 more than I was expecting.  That is a HOT DAMN.  I NEED a new laptop and Best Buy (of all places) has one that will fit the bill for $799.99.  And since it is for school, I don’t even think Teresa will argue with it (much).  My old laptop isn’t going to make it very much longer.

Also, today which isn’t necessarily a good thing or bad thing, they decided on a book for my history class.  That means I know how much my tuition and book are going to be.  Just over 1700 dollars for it all.  Not bad.

I am so mellow right now.  Maybe Karma is finally swinging back around to my way.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 48 year old guy, who is dying now. Still married to the most wonderful woman in the world. She is standing by me thru this cancer bs. I have about a year or so to live. So I am trying to make every day worth it.

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