OK, a few things I have posted have been wrong and me not being one of those people who like to propagate false information, I will try to correct these now.

Class starts in 45 days.  (22 days left in this month and 23 of next month).  Today is the first day I have started to feel the tinges of anxiety.  I kind of knew (not really kind of, just did) that this was coming.  I see my shrink on Monday, going to ask him to increase my clonazepam to 2x1mg a day instead of just 1 a day.   With the caveat that I only take the second if I really need it.  I am not a huge fan of benzos, but they have their place and if the extra klonnie does its job, school shouldn’t cause me lots of anxiety.

Financial Aid is screwed in the head.  They are going to give me 4000 dollars to go this summer, which is fine, more than I need, but fine.  Then they want to give me a total of 4000 dollars for fall and spring, 2000 a semester.  2000 won’t even cover tuition, let alone books.  That is messed up.  Looking like no new laptop for me as I will need to save the extra from summer to pay for fall and spring.  Oh well, it was a nice idea.

Financial Aid said I can file a form requesting more aid if I go to their website.  I went to their website and the form I need to fill out is not there.  DOH.  Grrrrrr.  Frustrating.  I only need 3000 dollars a semester to pay for tuition and books, they are going to make getting this difficult.

WordPress won’t let me change my sidebar over =>  I keep trying to change the WGU advertisement, but it won’t let me.  Most annoying.

I am not settling for Marketing/Digital Marketing/Web Development.  I chose these.  Yes, I want to be a doctor, I just honestly don’t think I have enough brain capacity to do 3 Hard Sciences in a semester, or 2 Hard Sciences and Calculus.   Nope, I may always paint a pretty picture, but after a life with bipolar and a bout with leukemia, my brain just doesn’t have the oomf to take on that kind of load.

So you ask, what about being a teacher?  I could still do this.  Yes.  DMACC has a good elementary education program.  But the more I thought about it, the 10 or so years I would get to be a teacher would just be enough to make me mad that I didn’t do it sooner.  I don’t want to get mad at myself or bummed over making a life decision like that.

So, whereas, I would choose Doctor or Teacher has life turned out different for me, I am happy with my Marketing/Web Design choice.  No one is forcing me to do this.  No one has even had a bad thing to say about this choice.  All I have received in feedback has been good, so this is my choice and I happily stand behind it.

DMACC’s Marketing AA only has 2 Marketing courses in it.  LOL.  They have an AAS, but that goes into weird paths that do not interest me.  So I am going to do the AA with the intention of MAYBE going on to a 4 year school when I am done.  At this point, who knows.

I am going to be doing a course in web design thru Udemy before I take the courses at DMACC.  I already know a bit about we design, but the Udemy course goes into stuff I don’t know and teaches it in a manner I truly understand.  Plus the instructor for the course will answer any questions I have within 24 hours.  And it only cost me 10 bucks.  I plan to start the Udemy course next week, it’s like 60 hours of video tutorial.  I can knock that out before summer session starts.  Anything to get a little ahead and make school easier for me.

I am taking the refresher Math and English classes because my Math and English skills need some refresher.  Not because I am dumb, because I am out of practice of just don’t know the skills required to do well in College level credit classes.   The choice was mine, I could have studied and retaken the math placement test and probably scored higher, I could have signed up for Comp I (at one point I was signed up for composition 1, scary thought).  So I will spend the time and money to refresh my knowledge and abilities and maybe learn a new trick or two.

I am thinking of signing up for a tour of the campus.  The Ankeny DMACC campus has grown so much, and I honestly don’t know everything the have to offer or where some of the stuff they have to offer is located.  I officially know where 3 buildings are of the 30 of so buildings they have.  I am sure I could find a few more relatively easy, but a nice tour would probably be useful.  I suppose I could just get off my butt, drive up there and walk around, but having someone show me around just might do good for me.

Oh, I register for classes on the 12th and not the 10th.   Liberal Arts goes after Trades.  Funny, had I chose web design as my primary major I would be registering on the 10th.  Oh well, it’s all good.  I don’t think I have to worry about the classes I want to take in the fall filling up.

I don’t think I have mentioned this before, but my Mother-in-law is buying us our house.  Yay for having a cool Mother-in-law.  We should close on April 27th.

My car just got out of the shop cuz it was leaking fluids, wasn’t a cheap fix.  What sucks though is that it’s still leaking fluids really slowly.  So it’s probably gonna go back into the shop.  😦   Suckage.

This was supposed to be a short post.  LOL.  I just passed 1000 words.  Longest post I have made.  I didn’t really have much to say but wanted to make a few things clear.  Oh well, it’s all good.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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