Early morning Late night

I was up at 6:30 this morning.  Unheard of me in recent history, but I did it.  The appraiser was late though.  Didn’t arrive til 8:45 (the appointment was 8:30).  It happens, just hate early appointments in general.  Apparently it appraised for enough cuz we received word that the house is going to close.

Close on time is still up in the air.  They still haven’t found the abstract and still haven’t gotten a lawyer on the job to recreate it yet.  I don’t know what they are waiting for.  Grrr.  Frustration, just want the house to close.

Termite inspection is Friday (at the reasonable time of 10am), but as we do not have termites (a lot of wood in this house, we would know) its a no brainer.

So here we sit, waiting and waiting, everything on our end is done.

Going to a NAMI event on Thursday.  NAMI is the National Alliance for Mental Illness.  I agree with the cause but I am not a huge supporter of their Victim doctrine.  I am a victim of nothing, I live with it, I survive with it, but I am not a victim.  It’s ok though, lots of good contacts should be able to be made.  Not that I am in need of contacts, but it can’t hurt.  Hoping that tomorrow I hear more about what the event actually is, if its a bunch of fuddy-duddies giving speeches for 3 hours I am not interested, but if its a actual conversation, I got A LOT to say.

Yesterday, a Facebook On This Day post really tore me up.  It was Teresa’s first post on my account while I was in the hospital out of touch with reality.  For some reason it really messed me up.  Luckily I have a group of people at Edwinas Bipolar Chat room that were there for me.  I got a lot of support until I felt better in the head.  Amazing what a simple post could do to me.



20 days and counting.  Only 4 people signed up for the English class, I hope they don’t cancel it.  I will be bummed.  But if it is cancelled then add 2 1/2 weeks to that 20 days.

Feeling a little more anxiety.  But still not bad.  Do normal people feel a little anxiety before school starts?  I wonder.

Along with the touch of anxiety, is a shimmer of excitement.  Yes, I am actually a bit excited about school starting soon.  I know this, I am tired of waiting.

Gotta stay up til Midnight again tonight.  Finally get to register for classes for Fall.  At least I hope that there is nothing else holding me up.  If there is, tomorrow I will be on the phone all day til it’s fixed.  Everything was fine to register for Summer, I can’t see Fall being different.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 48 year old guy, who is dying now. Still married to the most wonderful woman in the world. She is standing by me thru this cancer bs. I have about a year or so to live. So I am trying to make every day worth it.

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