Too Hot

Yeah, since chemo I have not had the ability to control my internal body temperature.  So when it gets hot, I get really hot and when it gets cold, I freeze.  This has led to me becoming a homebody, especially while my car is in the shop.  The heat index today will be over 100 again, no way am I going outside.  Teresa says I have become a weather wimp, well duh, yeah, you have your internal body temperature system totally thrown out of whack and see how well you handle hot and cold.

No word and no idea on how long my car is going to be in the shop.  Not that I want to go anywhere, it’d just be nice to have the option to go somewhere.  This reminds me of when we were a one car household, I became a shut-in.  So easy when you don’t have anything going on and can’t go anywhere to get things going on.

Mumble D&D game starts again this Friday.  I have a multi-session storyline already in the works.  I’m pretty happy with what I have planned, but am prepared to scramble if the party goes the other way.  I had a hard time deciding how tough I was going to make it, the party had chewed thru everything I had put up against them so far, so I increased the difficulty, just a little concerned I went to high.  They is only so much fudging of rolls that I can do.  It should be fun anyway it comes out.  If I wipe the party, its all about a simple do over.  If I just kill a few, the others can drag the corpses back to civilization.  It’s all good.  I just have to remember they are only 3rd level.

I miss my mom and brother a lot.  It’s always the hardest right after I leave.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being home.  But something just feels right about being with Mom and Jim.  That is how I grew up.  The 3 of us.  Sure Dad was around, but my relationship with Dad wasn’t very good when I was young.  So, it was always the 3 of us going out to dinner, the 3 of us going here, the 3 of us going there.  It just feels comfortable.

Being home has been great too.  I missed Teresa while I was gone.  Skype is a poor substitute for human contact.  Here we are 25 years together, married over 24 of those years, and still madly, hopelessly in love.  Funny though, I hate when she goes on travel, but she loves when I do.  I get a lot of alone time, she rarely gets any.  So I can see her side.  She finally gets some just her time.  I wish I could go more often for her, but money is rarely ever cooperative.  You know how that is.

My back is worse than I can ever remember it being before.  Dimensions of pain.  Hard to get out of bed.  Hurts to sit, hurts to lay, hurts to stand.  I need to get my butt to the acupuncturist and hopefully get some relief.  But again, I am car less, so here I sit in pain.  I should never have agreed to binding arbitration from that car accident in 1999. My back has been getting progressively worse and it’s costing more and more to get it pain free or at least at lot less painful.

Fireworks become legal for sale tomorrow.  Iowa Fireworks Company is being run by an acquaintance and a friend of mine has a stake in it too.  I hope people go ape buying fireworks.  I hope that everyone involved make a tone of money.  I hope this 4th of July is full of bottle rockets and roman candles.



Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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