Chicago Style Pepperoni Pizza

Well, they think they figured out what is wrong with my car.  A broken shifter cable.  Cost with labor much cheaper than I was expecting.  The only problem is, I have no clue when it’s gonna be fixed.   They are squeezing my car in between appointments because we are such good customers.  I appreciate that they are getting me in without an appointment, I really do, but it kinda sucks that I don’t know if it’ll be fixed today (probably not) or tomorrow or the next day.  They didn’t have a loaner available this week, so I am well and truly stranded at home.  That is ok I guess, not like I wanted to go anywhere when the feels like temp is over 100.

Teresa wants me to go to a pain doctor and get a shot in the back instead of going thru the acupuncture route.  When acupuncture works, it is a lot cheaper than the shots.  When it doesn’t it is much more expensive.  When acupuncture works, it usually lasts a lot longer than the shots.  But the last acupuncture, the one I raved about only lasted a few days before my back started tightening up again.  Right now I am in the worst pain that my back has ever been in.  I am actually almost willing to go back on pain meds, but now with the crackdown from the feds on pain meds, that might not be a viable option anyway.  So a series of shots in the back, ouch x3 or x4 times.   Or a series of acupuncture pokes, no pain except in the wallet.  I honestly think I am gonna give the shots a try again as there is one specific point where all the pain originates in my back.  Now it is all about convincing my regular doc to refer me to the pain doc.  She has been against it in the past, but I am gonna fight for the treatment that I need.

Today is the first day in Iowa that you can buy fireworks.  I think I mentioned that this day was coming earlier in this blog.  I am assuming that the Iowa Fireworks Company is gonna make a fortune today, and during the whole time they are allowed to sell.  Yeah, the legislature passed a bill that allowed for sales only during certain periods of the year, around 4th of July and around New Years.  Anyhow, since it has been so long since fireworks were legal in Iowa, I am betting that a ton of people are going to be buying lots of fireworks while they have the chance.  Lets hope there is no big fire that causes the government to change their mind back to no fireworks.

I know I have mentioned this before, but I am kinda excited that Mumble D&D is resuming on Friday.   It has been about 4 months since our last session, hiatus was totally my fault.  So, we will go all summer that we can and into fall, then when my Seasonal Affective Disorder hits, I hope to be able to continue.  Maybe having something to do will help me keep from being so depressed.  Don’t want to end up taking another multi-month long hiatus.

Teresa is working late tonight, so its a Lou Malanati’s pepperoni pizza night. If you haven’t had a Chicago pizza before or you miss them.  Lou delivers them nationwide at a very reasonable price.  This is not your momma’s frozen pizza, this is a masterwork Chicago style pepperoni pizza that is flash frozen and then delivered to your door for you to pop into your oven for 45 minutes.  Then its nom nom nom.  Pizza the way the gods intended it to be.

I mentioned this one Facebook last night.  Last night, Teresa took the razor to my head for her first time shaving my head.  I don’t go bald, but I go down to a #2.  She had such a grin on her face while she did it too.  It was cute.  After about 4 times having her do my hair, the razor will pay for itself versus what I was paying at Supercuts.  She did a great job and I will happily let her do it again next month.

So, I am listening to the 90s Music Choice channel again.  A couple observations I have to make.  Too much Rap in general, but most specifically too much of Kriss Kross singing Jump Jump.  And somehow on the 90s pop station Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart made it onto the playlist.  Don’t have a problem with Billy Ray, just surprised to hear followed by Prince singing Gett Off.

Turns out this blog is google findable, and appears occasionally on the WordPress happenings page.  Heh, I meant this to mainly be for me, therapy and all that.  It’s all good.  Heya to anyone who stumble across this page from somewhere other than Facebook.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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