Well, that didn’t work

The prednisone plan didn’t work.  I went to instant jerk and full of hate for nothing.  I took the prednisone like I was ordered, and nothing changed.  So, the great plan to fix my blood numbers is a failure.  As a matter of fact, now I have to go in monthly for blood work to check my platelets (specifically) and other numbers as well.  I still only see the doctor every 3 months (we will get it back to 4 months) but I get to pay for a visit every month to talk to a nurse.   Heh, what a racket.

Prednisone did help my back pain.  Steroids are great for aches and pains.  With the exceptions of a new problem (which I will get into shortly) my back hasn’t felt this good in ages.   Shame that the prednisone make me a jerk, cuz I could stay on it forever to feel as good as I do.

Regardless of its good effect and its not working for the main reason we put me on it, we are bringing me off it rather quickly.  This is causing more moodiness on my part.   But hey, the only one that has to live with it is Teresa and she has seen me much worse than this.

New development (or old development finally identified), I have a kidney stone.   My right kidney hurts and sitting for long periods makes it worse.  I have hyperparathyroidism, which is a huge cause of kidney stones.  I had chemo, which is a huge cause of kidney stones.  I had the gastric bypass surgery, a third and final major cause of kidney stones.   So, I am guessing that its a kidney stone.   I will be going to a new doctor next week.  Since my favorite CNA has left my regular doctor’s office, I have no reason to stay with my regular doctor, so I am switching to a local office of the same company.  Heck, I can walk to their office as long as the weather is nice.  Funny thing, I used to see a Dr O’Donoghue, now I am gonna see a Dr Donahue.

I am not looking forward to passing said kidney stone.   I have heard that this is an extremely painful thing.   And that they don’t do a whole lot for you unless the stone is really big.  Then they just bust it up to let it pass naturally.  Only if it’s really huge and they can’t bust it up will they actually do something drastic to get rid of it.  But they probably wouldn’t do that for me, cuz I am a bleeder now.

On the good news front.   I ordered a new gaming laptop today.   I mentioned that my old laptop has been dying for a long time.   As a matter of fact, it never worked quite right.  Well, this is a true gaming laptop.   Got a really good deal thru ibuypower.com.   We have bought many desktop’s thru them, this is the first laptop, but hey its and ASUS ROG, how bad can it be.   They are just configuring some of the stuff for me (more ram, bigger SSD).  It should arrive right before….

My mom is coming to visit.  She arrives on September 19th and leaves on September 26th.  It will be so nice to see her.  I miss her so much.  She is coming just because she wants to.  Which is the coolest reason to visit someone I think.  And since Teresa (we) cleaned the spare room, mom will even have a place to sleep.

I should be back to running my D&D games in a couple weeks.   I shouldn’t go back into a funk when I come out of this steroid induced anger period.   I hope that is the case.  Would totally suck if I went back to where I was before the steroids started.  But that would be my luck.

Today I feel like crap.  I feel like the weight of the world is on my chest.   I took a 2 hour nap, because I didn’t feel like facing the world.  I may take another nap here before long.   Today is just sucking wind and I want to break things.  But everything within range is expensive or valuable in other ways.  I should just sleep and wake up tomorrow and hope for a better day.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is Summerslam, I hope it doesn’t suck.   I haven’t watched any WWE since the last PPV and really any WWE between the PPV before that PPV and that one.  In reality, I haven’t watched any weekly WWE stuff since WrestleMania and even then I was only sort of watching occasionally.  I haven’t watch Impact Wrestling either, definitely not since they broke up the wolves and hired Alberto Del (Rio) Patron and made him champion.

I have watched ROH almost every week though.  I like Ring of Honor, really does remind me of what got me hooked on wrestling in the first place.  Less showy, more show.

Teresa is gonna shave my head again tonight.  Down to a 2.  This is our break even shaving.  The razor will officially have paid for itself vs what it would have cost at Supercuts.  I never thought I would like really short/shaved head, but hey, it’s nice.  And Teresa lets me get away without really shaving (my beard is down to a 1ish).

My cancer doc says that come year 5 or 6, you are declared cured of AML.  But then is when you run into another form of (sort of) leukemia caused by the chemo you had to get those 5 or 6 years.  BLAH.   What doesn’t kill you still has a chance to kill you.   Fun Fun.  Not.

2 weeks until I don’t win the Publisher’s Clearing House big prize again.   The drawing for 15 million dollars is August 31st.  I hope whoever does win has a good life with it and doesn’t blow it all immediately and end up broke.  That is what happens to like 90% of people who win big anyway.   Spend it all real quick, then have nothing to live on.   Heh, karma can only do some much.



Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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