And so it goes…

Tapering off prednisone quickly is causing me to be moody as all hell.  Sleeping a lot, which was not what was supposed to happen on prednisone.   I have 2 more days on 40mg, 3 days of 20mg, and 5 days on 10mg and then I am done.   Maybe then I will stabilize out again and be able to function “normally” again.   I can hope.   I can dream.

I have totally given up on the idea of ever working again.   Especially if my blood numbers never improve.   I get dizzy while seated.   I bruise/bleed really easy.  I get the sniffles if someone within 10 miles sneezes.  This is just preposterous.  Right now, I don’t feel I can safely leave the house.   Well, I can’t drive safely on prednisone (road rage) but besides that, I just don’t feel comfortable being out and about.

My chronic random cough has been happening a whole lot lately.   The cough I picked up during chemo.   It’s a hard hacky cough that normally goes away after a couple hours.   Well, this time it has lasted 3 days.  Lasted thru 5 doses of cough medicine.   May have to email the cancer doc’s nurse and see what is recommended to deal with it becoming a more permanent thing.

My kidney hurts again (still).   I haven’t went to the regular doctor yet cuz I want to talk to my cancer doc about it first.   Since he would have to ok any procedure beyond just wait til it passes.   I have an eerie feeling that the stone is larger than I expect it to be and something is going to have to be done to break it up.   The procedure supposably causes huge bruising on your back or front (depending on the location of the stone).   The bruise is reported to last 1 month on non-bleeders, imagine it would be 3 or 4 months on me right now.

On to non-medical stuff.

Pucky loves the doggie door and loves to sit outside in the sun for hours.   Mojo has taken to being totally afraid of the doggie door.   He won’t go thru it either direction without serious bribing.   Very frustrating.   Just want the dogs to go outside and do their thing without having to open the door each direction for one of them.

I was wrong on the dates mom is coming to visit.  She is coming September 14th thru the 21st.   Then my mother-in-law is coming for the last week, I think.

My new laptop is taking a long time in coming. has “started gathering parts”, which was started yesterday.   How long does it take to gather parts?   Should be a grab grab grab, put it together.  Make sure it boots and runs.   Ship it out the door.   Total time they are supposed to have it is for 10 days max, they are 3 now.  I guess I am just being impatient.

It will be my luck to get the laptop DOA, like my pc was initially last time I ordered from them.  The good news is they jump on DOA products and get replacements out really fast.  I like ibuypower a lot.   I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a computer or laptop.   Good prices, Good service, Good selection.  Can’t argue with that.

Summerslam was last weekend.   Overall, I liked it, except the whole Brock Lesnar win.   I am so ready for him to retire from the WWE altogether.  Go back to MMA where people appreciate you.   This casual/serious WWE fan is tired of the whole Brock Lesnar product and wants to see someone else be Universal Champion (but not really Braun Strowman, save him for another complaint rant).

Being on prednisone has got me out of having to go to Therapy and Shrink appointments for a few weeks.  Has been kind of nice.  But alas, I am going to have to go back when I can.   It’s just I wish I didn’t have bipolar and wish I didn’t have to do therapy and shrinkage.

I haven’t did a bipolar chat in a long time.  And I keep missing Leukemia chat.  No bipolar chat cuz I have other issues going on and don’t feel like bringing them up in bipolar.   No leukemia chat cuz I keep forgetting it is Thursday night until AFTER it is too late to join the chat.    I suck, I know it.

With any luck, D&D will resume in 3 weeks.  I hope the guys and gal who plays are still interested.  It’s been a longer break than I had intended, but a necessary break.  First I was depressed, then I was prednisoned.   The depression was bad and looked like it was gonna hang around for a while.  Then the prednisone made me a jerk.  Neither mood is conductive to good gaming.  I hope everyone understands.




Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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