6 of 13. And my doggies too.

My back is really bad, especially since coming off the pain free existence of prednisone.  I knew my back was going to hurt again, but OMG, this pain is ridiculous.  Sitting gives dimensions of pain and now laying down causes my back to hurt too.  I can go to sleep relatively pain free and wake up with my back hurting again.  Lounging in bed is the only position that I can get in that doesn’t cause pain, you know, propped up of a couple pillows.

Add to that pain, my right kidney, where I have the kidney stone took to hurting like hell again today.   Just seems my day for pain.

To that end, I am finally going to Physical Therapy on Thursday afternoon.  I have talked about my feeling about PT, but I am going to give it a real go this time.

I picked a new regular doctor place today.  Going to give the Physician’s Assistant who got me an earful when he asks me about my conditions.  I asked to see the actual doctor, but she is not taking new patients directly.  So I get he PA.  Heh.  Well, last time I went to a PA I really liked him.  Perhaps this guy will be just as good.  I will give him a try.  Instead of 10 minutes to get to see the doctor I am now about a minute away or 5 or 6 blocks.

I haven’t told my old regular doc that I am leaving her care.  I am leaving because her assistant left.  Her assistant is the only reason I went to see that doctor in the first place.  I wish I knew where the assistant ended up, if it was a family or general practitioner, I would drive for her.  She was that good.

So Wednesday I see my new PA, then Thursday morning is blood work and nurse to check my blood levels (especially platelets) at the cancer doc’s office, then Thursday afternoon is Physical Therapy.

Today is my 6 year Anniversary with WordPress.  My first WordPress blog, the one in which I blogged like 3 times and quit is still alive.  Go figure.  This blog is like 6 months old I think.  I guess I will know when it is one year when WordPress sends me a bill for next year.

I am finding this blog very therapeutic.  I will continue to post when things are going on, I find it really cool when people I don’t know read my blog, the little counter thing that WordPress supplies is pretty cool for keeping track of how many visitors come to your blog and where they are from.  I like it.

OK, I have mentioned Music Choice on cable before.  I have said the 80s are my go to.  Then classic rock.  I added the 90s after my brother introduced me to it.  Well, recently I check out Y2K and found music I really enjoy.  Depending on the year of the song,  It either reminds me of life after Vegas (VEGAS SUCKS) and then here, the early years.  We are about have been here 13 years.  WOW.

That is the longest I have lived anywhere.  We moved when I was 8 as a kid.  So 8 years and 11 years respectively in my childhood homes.   This is a strange concept for me to wrap my head around.   Not that I don’t like it here, I just never expected this to be perma-home.  Now, we have been here a lot longer than I ever guessed we would be.

I figured that some headhunter would have swooped in with an offer that Teresa couldn’t refuse and zoom off we’d go to somewhere else.  She gets the offers, but she doesn’t even look at them (Facebook offered her more money than she is making and we wouldn’t have had to move, but she doesn’t want to leave where is she is), she is happy where she is, enjoys what she does, gets paid decently, has above average insurance, and her “boss” is in New York.

Pucky has to go in for all his blood work and shots.  His elderly check up and his yearly shots.  Then both dogs will be going in for teeth cleaning.   That’s 500+ bucks per dog.  OUCH.  But hey, they need it and it’s worth it.  That includes tooth extractions for the teeth the are loose or falling out.  Chihuahuas are notorious for having bad teeth.  The only drawback of the breed that I have found.  But all things considered, they don’t really have bad teeth, Pucky had 2 (1 feel out) and Mojo had 1 tooth that is loose, that’s not bad at all.

I reported erroneously that Skyrim wouldn’t see the correct video card on my laptop.  When I installed updated graphics drivers, the graphics driver told Skyrim that it was here, and tada, major graphical upgrade on the laptop.  From Intel Mobile 630 to Nvidia 1050 TI.   Things look as almost as good as they do on my desktop.  ALMOST.

Can’t play Rocket League until I buy a Xbox controller.  We threw ours out when the Xbox died.  Anyhow, it appears that the game recommends/requires a controller for full enjoyment.  So it is installed on my machine, looks really pretty, but I can’t/won’t play it until I buy a controller.  No biggie.

The Facebook “On this Day” is really funny.  Last year, I was sitting in an open house for a house that wasn’t my listing being bored to tears.   The year before, I was starting my FINAL round of chemo.  Boy what a difference between those years.  Now this year, I am totally retired, medically and mentally.   I gave up on trying to work.  I just can’t do it.  Funny though, recruiters are looking at my information on LinkedIn.  I think if I wanted to get back into the computer service industry, I would have a much better chance than I originally thought.  But since that was the industry that caused my mental break and subsequent badness, NO, I don’t think that is going to happen again.

My wife thinks I need to talk to my therapist.  She says I have been depressed for a long time.  Well, I can tell you why I have been depressed, I have been in pain a long time.  Pain = Depression.  Don’t need to pay 30 dollars to come to that conclusion.  Been in pain basically since I moved my office into the bedroom and started sitting in the chair, that triggered all the pain, thus causing my mood to plummet.  I was grumpy/angry on prednisone, but I was actually happy when neither of those was going on.  No pain at all.  Now I am back to hurting most hours of the day, and depressed because of it.

Maybe Physical Therapy will give me some relief.  (A boy can dream).  Or if they declare me a hopeless case, then maybe my pain doc will give me something for the pain.  (A little more realistic).  Either way, I will happily pay to get OUT OF PAIN.

Well, I have written close to 1200 words, by now you guys are probably BORED with my babble, so I will say goodbye now.   Well I will when I hit 1200 words, which is now.




Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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