Doomed, I say

Teresa has the flu (or something close enough to it) and I haven’t gotten my flu shot yet (planned for next week).  I still have a very weakened immune system, I am Doomed.  There is little to no chance of me NOT getting whatever she has.  Fever, sinus issues and general craptastic feeling.  If I had known it was gonna get this bad (last night she just felt bad but no fever) I would have either had her put on or I would have put on a mask.  BUT NO, I thought it was minor and blew it off.  She gets little sicknesses often from her work where everyone she works with has school age kids.  But every once in a while she comes home with a doozy.  I think this might just be one of those times.

We have been doing the Pokémon thing for the last couple of days.  We have even gotten into raiding, sort of.  lol.  If you count the 2 of us as a raid group.  Anyhow, it’s being a lot of fun driving around town, hitting pokestops and catching pokemon.  I am trying to get a couple of the games medals, 50 tiny rattata and 3 large magicarp. I have 15 tiny rats and 1 large magicarp as of now.  Not quite sure what makes a rattata tiny, cuz I have easily caught 50 rattata, maybe they have to be sub CR 50 or something silly like that.  Same goes for what makes  a magicarp large, I would guess CR over 100.  Anyhow, I will get those medals, make take me a few more years, but hey got little else to do.

We, at one point, held 3 gyms by ourselves and I held the 4th.   There are only 5 in Adel, so holding 4 is a big thing here.  Lost the one I was holding by myself yesterday and before I could go back and retake it, someone put a Dragonite in there and I have nothing at this point to fight said Dragonite effectively.  Then this afternoon someone took one of the gyms we held together.  I actually figured we would lose all 3, but some nice soul cam along and not only put his pokemon in to protect the gym, he also healed our pokemon.  And this was in 2 of the gyms.  That 3rd gym, the one we lost earlier today, we took back this evening.  Probably all good now, should be able to hold on til morning at least.  Maybe the mysterious healing guy will show up and heal our pokemon in the reclaimed gym.

I’m slacking on fixing the D&D stuff, I haven’t touched any of it since I last spoke of it here.  Today is pretty much done, and tomorrow is the TLC PPV which goes 4 hours or so in the evening.  I have Monday all day, Tuesday is taken during the day with the dogs getting their teeth cleaned, not that I am gonna wait there for it, but still, like I said before, I will be worried about them.  Wednesday is the high level game, I got the difficulty set way too high.  Like first room total party kill (TPK) difficult.  I guess when I get done here, I will find my stuff and start softening things up some.  I will set aside Thursday to fix the low level stuff.  Yeah, I got this.  Just need to stop with all the distractions and then do what needs to be done.

OK, it is October 7th and I haven’t seen the Facebook invite page to Thanksgivingfest yet.  Not calling anyone a slacker, but geeeeeeez, it’s like 6 weeks away, someone should have set out the invites by now.   Yeah, I know where it’s gonna be and yeah, I know who is hosting and all that.  But I look forward to the facebook invite with the cool picture and all that fluff.  Looking forward to posting that we are coming to Thanksgivingfest officially.  Oh well, maybe it will get posted next week.

I have already spoken to Andi and Shawn about lunch the day after Thanksgivingfest, and they have both said they will be there.  Shawn has bailed on us the last 2 times, I made him promise as long as he isn’t coughing up a lung or something like that.

Priorities, first we have Halloween.  We turn out all the lights in the house and basically ignore the trick or treaters.  Yeah, you’d think I, of all people, would really be into this holiday.  Alas, it has become too much hassle for us to give candy out to the 10 or so children who come down our street.  Our neighborhood is an older neighborhood, there are fancy new neighborhoods full for families that go all out for Halloween.  Kids should go there.  At least this year Trick or Treating is being held on Halloween itself, here in Adel, that is not always the case.

Then we have Thanksgiving.  Teresa is cooking the bird and the ham this year.  She had originally said she would cook it all, but time restraints prevail since we are going to my god-mother’s house to have Thanksgiving.  It’s not that we won’t be in town already, it’s just that it is too much of a hassle to do it all when it is not your kitchen.  You know what I mean.

Then there is Christmas.  I have mellowed considerably about this holiday.  I used to be all Bah Humbug, now I reply Merry Christmas if someone says it to me first.  I always send gifts to my mom and brother and get something for Teresa (well, usually it’s Amazon gift cards for everyone, then I don’t screw up).  Yeah, Christmas isn’t so bad.  The only problem I have now is that I am terribly horribly awfully allergic to Poinsettias, and almost every grocery store has a ton of them right as you walk in the door.  Yup, I don’t do much shopping from right before Thanksgiving to well after New Years.  I happen to like not having allergy attacks.

Have I mentioned here that I did not put on any weight while I was on Prednisone eating like a pig?  Well, the next 3 months = a lot of candy and food in general.  I don’t think I will be lucky twice, I will probably pack of a few pounds over the holiday season.  It is ok, the only one it matters to is me, Teresa loves me for me, no matter how much I weigh.  I just don’t like being much over 220.  Would LOVE to get down to 200 again, but I am of an age where what I want and what I have the energy to do to get don’t always equal out.

It’s 8:30pm, I am tired.  Like go to bed tired.  That is sad.  I have stuff I have to get done.  Plus I have to wait til 10:30 to take my Flexeril.  So, after I find a gif or a video for the end of this blog entry, I will dig out the D&D stuff and get started on it.  Yup, Yup, No more slacking on my part, I shall get done what needs to get done.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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