It’s a Night, Oh yeah

Well, the battery was dead in Teresa’s car.  Not a big deal I guess.  Car repair place got the battery out and a new battery in with no issue.  Didn’t even lose the radio stations.  Heh, yeah, Tuesday was an expensive day but it could’ve been a heck of lot worse.

The dogs both came thru their teeth cleanings very well. Well, Mojo had a whole lot more dental work done than anyone would have been prepared for.  So he is still a little tender tonight.  But he and Pucky are eating their dry food without problem and eating hard rice cracker treats, so it’s all good.

Wednesday nights high-level D&D went off with 1 cancel, 1 no show, and 1 new guy.  So the adventure I made for 6 I had to nerf down to 4 people, but with exception of the very last fight, they handle things very well.  I was rolling ridiculously well for most of the night though, that didn’t help the party any.  I had one monster’s rolls have 3 critical hits out of 3 possible hits and I do criticals a little weird, it’s double everything.  So the player took 88 points of damage putting him DOWN.  Yeah, crits in my game are serious things.  But it goes both way, players can do crits just as well, all it takes is a natural 20.

I am ready for Friday nights D&D game too.  As long as the player who everything revolves around shows up.  lol.  If he doesn’t show up there will be no game.  Sad, I really screwed up on this one, but it has to be how it has to be.

My back has handled me sitting for over 3 hours thanks to Flexeril.  Now at 4 plus my back is really starting to hurt.  OK, know your limits.   This is good to know.  It’s almost time for my next Flexeril anyway, so I guess that this falls under it’s all good too.

Teresa stayed home from work today.  She has a bad migraine and is still coughing and hacking from her cold.  I am so lucky and so glad I didn’t catch it.  She really got a bad illness this time.

Well, Thanksgivingfest is a bit over a month away and I have no clue how I am getting from the Region to Indy on Friday night or Saturday early.  I don’t think I can drive 3 1/2 hours to Indy without ending up in a lot of pain.  I could fly but that is 202 dollars.  I just don’t know at this time.  I guess I got a bit of time to figure this out.

I bought myself a record player.   Well it play records, cds, tapes, Bluetooth devices, AM/FM radio and some other stuff.  I got to listen to the Fools – World Dance Party for the first time in over 27 years.  Heh, it is probably my favorite album of all time.  I am so glad that my old record player which didn’t actually play records fell and broke.  Teresa would have had a fit at me for buying a new one if that old one hadn’t broke.  The wood case of the record player clashes with the wood of my office furniture, but heh, the one that did match was 10 more bucks and I would be damned if I was gonna pay 10 bucks more for it just to match.

The Fools-World Dance Party album introduced me to the songs “Life Sucks and Then You Die” and “World Dance Party”.  I linked the World Dance Party video here a week or so ago.  Today I will link a video for Life Sucks and Then You Die, it’s funny and totally inappropriate.

I have a blood check tomorrow that I am very not looking forward to.  It’s silly that I have to go pay a 50 dollar copay every month just to see my blood numbers drop again and again.  But not by much.  So down my numbers go and every month its the same thing down a little more.  Going every 4 months would make more sense to me.  It would show much more of a change.   It’s not like anyone is going to do anything until my platelets get down below 10.  It’s in the mid-high 30s now.  Bah, I just like to bitch about copays, sorry.

Friday morning I have a shrink appointment.  I really need to see him.  Especially if I am going to go to school in the Spring.  Remember, I ask that no one mention school to Teresa.  When I was going to go to school he prescribed a 2nd klonnie, which I couldn’t take cuz it knocks me out better than anything.  Boom, 4 hours of sleep guaranteed no matter when I take it.  The one I take at night helps me go to sleep and is not as wicked as Ambien.

I think I am hungry.  I think I am gonna go.  Let me grab that “Life Sucks and Then You Die” video for you all….

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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