Rough Day, WoW, and a Smooth Criminal

Seasonal Depression has taken ahold of me this afternoon.  Looking outside, it’s dull and gray and lifeless.  Heh, you can almost describe me the same way right now.  I’m ready for Fall to be over and Winter to set in.  Yeah, a lot of people love Fall, that it is their favorite season.  I hate Fall, it turns a normally happy guy into a big depressed grump.

And don’t even get me started on the time change.  I could do without waking up at 5 in the morning.

World of Warcraft has been nicely moderating my SAD problems.  Not counting today, I have been bummed but not down.  I mentioned the three guilds I joined last time.  The one I like the management of the most is on the least.  Yesterday I logged into the character 15 times, and 13 of those times no one else is on.  So, I will probably be leaving that guild.  The 2nd guild I like is the one with a limit on alts (other character besides the main one you play).  I am an altaholic, I have 5 characters I am actively playing, and they limit to 4 (a main and 3 alts).  I actually have 6 characters I am actively playing, for the 6th I started a guild of 1 called “Unguilded by Choice”.  I was tired of guild spam flashing up on my screen.  The 3rd Guild is the one I will probably bring my menagerie to.  They have no silly limits to alts, there is always someone else on, and the people are pretty cool.  So yeah, that is probably where I will end up.   All 3 are great guilds, I hold nothing against any of them.  Just with 2 I had little problems.

In WoW, I gave my wife a level 15 Clockwork Gnome battle pet.  You can only get them thru archaeology and she HATES archaeology.  I happen to love it.   Well, she ran into a problem where she needs a Clockwork Gnome.  I had 2, so I gave her 1.   Tonight I will be giving her a Voodoo Idol battle pet, another pet you can only get thru archaeology.  I will be giving her a level 25 (max level) cuz that’s the kind of guy I am.  I could give her a level 1, but I like to level my pets.  I have 2 25s and a level 1.  Yeah, I will give her a 25.

Trying every day to win Syd the Squid from Christoph @ the Darkmoon Faire (a week long event in WoW that happen first full week of the month).  I got beating him down to a science.  I never lose to him.  It’s just the Random Number Generator hasn’t hit for me.  No luck there.  I have beaten him at least 100 times now.  I know a couple people who got Syd as a prize on the first try.  Not me.  I will get it some day.

It’s 11 days til Thanksgivingfest.  If I wasn’t so down, I’d be getting excited about it.  Heck, we leave for the Region next Thursday after lunch.  It’s happening whether I am depressed or not.  6+ hours as a passenger in the car on Thursday.  3 1/2+ hours driving on Friday.  Chilling out on Saturday.  Then 3 1/2+ hours driving back on Sunday.  That’s a lot of car time over 4 days.

My back is still THRASHED.  I have a small supply of pain pills.  Those will definitely be going with me on the trip.  Flexeril and pain pills.  I can get thru this.  Yup.  This trip will be painful, but yeah, I can do it.

Still no call from my pain doc’s office.  They have WAY too many patients for the size of their practice.  I’m sorry, when I had to go 4 months from my appointment for a scheduled appointment, they are too fricking busy.  I understand there is the need, but it puts people like me out.  The shot he put in my neck has worn off, so not only is it my mid and lower back, its the neck/shoulder too.  Bah, I will see him December, get another shot and then not see him until Spring.  lol.

The dogs took to the dog stairs really well.  Pucky doesn’t have to strain to get up the steps and Mojo doesn’t freak out and scratch cuz the jump was too awkward.  Probably in the top 10 best money we have spent this year.

McRibs are back at McDonalds.  Yeah, I am not a huge fan of McDonalds in general.  But I do love me the McRib.  So tonight for dinner Teresa is bringing me a couple.  Color my taste buds happy.

I love my record/cd/amfm/Bluetooth/some more things player.  Well, at least the record player part and the radio part.  CDs will forever be played on my computer.  And I have no music on any device with Bluetooth.  Yeah, my phone uses a normal ring.  I have been too lazy to set up music and ringtones and so forth.  It rings, I look at caller ID, I decide if I want to answer it or not.  I play some games on it.  That’s about it.

Today sucks.  I am trying to find this condition, but not doing well at all.  Maybe some music will help.  Now to go find the perfect song on youtube.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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