Too much driving.

Thanksgivingfest is this coming Saturday… where did the time go?  I still haven’t ordered the cakes.  I will do that first thing tomorrow.  Cakes are what I am bringing to the party.  It turns out that Taylor’s Bakery in Fishers, one of the best bakeries in the Indy area, is located on the way out of town towards Sam and Shel’s.  So, convenience and good cakes, can’t ask for more and it’s not like I can bring much else.

I am looking forward to seeing the Gang.  Well, part of the Gang at least.  Only like 15 people have confirmed they are going and there are like 30 people in the extended Gang, maybe a few mort than that.  Some live to far away, some never come, and some we just don’t know why they won’t come.  It’s all good, I will see who I see and will have a damn good time of it.

I am also looking forward to my lunch with Shawn and Andi next Sunday.  Do to things, our lunch hasn’t been as regular as Thanksgivingfest.  But I am pretty sure we are having lunch together somewhere on Sunday.  More good times.

I woke up at 5am 😦  My back is/was killing me.  Too much time in bed can be almost as bad as sitting too long.  I barely got out of bed yesterday, so I am paying the price now.  I truly hate my back.  I hate that there is nothing that can be done to fix it.  I hate the pain.  It just sucks.  Now watch, the pain doc office will call to get me in while I am on vacation.  That would be my luck.

Seasonal Affective Disorder isn’t being as bad right now.  I sit in the “magic light” for a couple hours every day, and I have a diversion.  World of Warcraft is keeping my mind occupied for the most part so I can’t dwell on gloom and doom.  I think the diversion is doing more for me than the light.

Teresa put a pork butt and seasonings in the crock pot yesterday evening and by late yesterday evening the whole house smelled wonderful.  We are having pulled pork for dinner tonight.  Happy tummy.

Either the sensor is bad or one (or more) of Teresa’s cars tires is bad.  We took the car into the shop a few weeks back and they said the sensor and tires were fine.   I (almost) refuse to believe that the tires are bad now.  I really think it’s a bad sensor.  One way or the other that is the car we are taking to the Region and I am taking to Fishers (Indy).   I don’t see us on the side of the road with a flat tire, that’d suck.

This trip is going to be entirely too short, but it has to be done this way.  We are leaving here on Thursday afternoon and driving to the Region, that is a little over a 6 hour drive.  Then I am leaving the Region at noon on Friday to get to Fishers hopefully by 4 or 5 central time, which is 5 or 6 there time.  It’s normally a little over a 3 hour drive, but with my back and neck, I figure I am gonna be making quite a few stops on the way just to save my back.  So, I am figuring 4 or 5 hours, construction and stops.  Yeah 4 or 5 hours.  Then I do the reverse drive back on Sunday afternoon.  Then I spend a few days in the Region, and we head back Thanksgiving evening.  Teresa actually has to work that Friday.

It’s a short trip, especially considering all the driving we are going to do.  8 days, but 1 1/2 in Indy and 3 1/2 in the Region.  The rest of the time is driving 😦   Oh well, it’s better than not seeing these people.  So, reminder to myself, post when we will be in the Region on Facebook so my Region Rat friends will have a chance to see us.

Somehow, Teresa went from “I will cook Thanksgiving” to “I will cook the Ham and Turkey”.  Um, Babykins, throwing the bird and the ham in the oven is the easier part I think.  Getting ALL the side dishes together is a lot more work.  But hey, whatever you and my mom and Ruby figure out.  It’s all good when we get to eat.

I went to youtube to get a specific song.  DJ Sammy and Do’s version of Heaven.  I found the official video for it, and it is entirely too weird, even for me.  So whereas I love the song, I won’t post the video.  If you are curious, go look it up.

So instead, for your listening enjoyment….  Santana ft Rob Thomas.  SMOOTH

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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