D&D and whats going on

I decided to join a D&D game online that a friend is running.  The stress of trying to run 2 games before was too much for the depression set in but SAD.  But joining a game as a player is pretty much no pressure and so far making the character has been kinda uplifting.  I made 10 characters, narrowed it down to 4, waiting on the others to concretely pick their characters and then I will choose which of the 4.  I am drawn to each of the 4 for different reasons.  The 4 are, a Mystic, a Ranger, a Warlock, and an Evoker Wizard.  Each just calls to me in different ways.  I just don’t know right now.

Well, after Shawn cancelled and after I posted my post yesterday, Andi cancelled too.  So there is no lunch the day after.   Instead I will get an earlier start back to the Region on Sunday.  Both Shawn and Andi had good reasons for not making it, I hold no ill will to either.  But I did make both of them put November 18th, 2018 into their phones for next years lunch.  lol.

Thanksgivingfest is gonna be great this year.  Looks like 15ish people are gonna show.  Gonna have great food, great times hanging out with great people.  Sam and Shel’s house is a little small for many more than 15, so it’s all good.   I am so looking forward to seeing these people, I only get this one shot every year.  I am lucky to call the Gang my friends, my family.

Tonight I get my head shaved again down to a 2.  Been asking Teresa to do it for the last 3 weeks and finally we have it scheduled.  Evenings around here tend to get busyish and we forget until it’s too late.  We have our Alexa reminding us tonight.

Tomorrow is mental therapy.  Cheryl, my therapist, is a great person.  I still to this date am not sure therapy is helping me in any way, but I like talking to her, so it’s all good.

Then Thursday I find out how much further my platelets have dropped.  My first appointment that Teresa is not going to be at.  She has to be at work, just has to.  I hope that it’s not a drastic drop, as if it drops too much they will want me to get platelets infused and that will throw everything off.  I figure it’ll be a point or 2, and I will be fine for now.  Hopefully Dr Wehbe got some help from Iowa City and there is a new plan to fix my platelet issue.

Then after the cancer doc appointment, and after lunch, it’s off to the Region we go.  Off to see my mom and brother, off to Fishers, Indiana on Friday, Indy proper on Saturday, back to the Region on Sunday.  Hang out there for a few days.  Then back to Adel on Thanksgiving.  Whirlwind trip. Drive Drive Drive.

And for the record, I love my wife.  Thank you Babykins for coming with me on this trip.  Even though you can’t go to Thanksgivingfest, you are the greatest for just coming to the Region with me.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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