Anxiety Sucks, Good game, and D&D

Teresa just beat Horizon: Zero Dawn on Story difficulty (one step lower than easy).  She sure seemed to have a lot of fun.  She says it should get Game of the Year and I agree with her even though I haven’t played very much of it yet.  It somehow managed to keep a dystopian society kinda light hearted.  Mainly killing robots instead of people was kinda cool too.  Anyhow, it took her about 2 weeks of sporadic play to beat the game.  That is a cool amount of time.  And Aloy, the heroine, is actually kind of a cool character.  It’ll take a really great game to beat it for Game of the Year, because Horizon: Zero Dawn is a great game in it’s own right.

Now she is starting The Last of Us.  I know nothing about this game.  But I know this game won Game of the Year when it came out (last year? maybe).  It appears so far to not be my type of game, not into survival horror games anymore.  I didn’t think it was Teresa’s thing either.  But it was only 12 bucks.  So I say let her play.

I’m already getting nervous about going to Mayo Clinic.  I hate having an anxiety disorder.  This should be a just looking forward to it thing, not a anxious thing.  The worst that can happen is they say there is nothing that can be done (which is what Dr. Wehbe said), the best would be they have a cure.  I’d settle getting back up to 90 where I was in my first year and half of remission.  But hey, I got a week and a day before my appointment, plenty of time to make myself sick with anxiety.  Heh.

We still haven’t had snow yet.  Almost to the record for no measurable snowfall in Des Moines until X date.  In this case it was the 13th I believe.  And there is no snow in the forecast worth mentioning.  As a matter of face for the next week or so it is supposed to be in the mid 40s, about average for this time of year, at least that is what I think I heard on the news, I could be way off and a snowstorm is hitting tomorrow.   All I know is that I stepped out the last few days to get the mail barefoot and without a coat and didn’t immediately go numb.  So it hasn’t been bad.

The shot in the neck takes 2 weeks to give full effect.  I am cool with that.  My neck only hurts when I am sitting at my desk using my keyboard and mouse or when I am driving. You know, when holding my arms up.   I try to avoid doing all of the above as much as possible.  I hope the x-ray’s that were taken Friday show or don’t show anything, nothing marginal.  If they show, Dr. Ransdell will do something for my back pain, if it doesn’t show he will order an MRI to find out what is wrong.  If its wishy-washy, I have no clue what he will do if anything, and not doing anything sucks.

My mood is solidly good though.  SAD is over it seems.  Yay for the good guys.  SAD is almost totally debilitating when it hits and takes a lot to overcome.  And it just goes away randomly it seems.  But one way or the other, it’s gone and I am happy Hectic again, even if I am a little anxious.

This Friday will be the 2nd time playing in the every other Friday night D&D campaign over roll20 and mumble.  I am very much looking forward to it.  As much as I love DMing, playing is just as cool.  I’ve decided that if no one else steps up to take leadership, then I guess I will try to.  I mean we got stuff accomplished just fine without a “leader”, but heh, it’s just have been easier with someone calling the shots.  We got a cowardly bard, a chaotic stupid barbarian, a cleric, a thief, and me, a Ranger.  I seem to me to be the likely choice, either me or the cleric and I think he wants to be leader less than I do.  So, I will more than likely try to step up.

Besides, we got Yuan-Ti in our immediate future.  I have a personal vendetta against Yuan-Ti in general.  So I really won’t be listening to anyone else anyway, so they might as well listen to me.

I posted in the Facebook group of my D&D game that is starting on January 2nd that I needed 2 more players and I was tapped out of possibilities.  The DM of the Friday night games, who is a player in mine, said he has me covered.  Alrighty then, I will not try to find 2 more players if he has people in mind.  That will give me 5 for sure players.  Which is plenty.  6 is optimum.  We’ll have 6 if my one friend can swing Tuesday nights off from his new job.

Mom will be here Saturday around noon.  That’s good.  That’ll give us a day before we have to drive up to Rochester.  I like spending time with my mom.  Like I said before, I wish it was for a better reason.  But I will take seeing my mom any way I can.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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