Looking back at 2017, looking forward to 2018. (kinda long)

Looking back at 2017, the early months showed little promise.  Heck I didn’t even post on Facebook until February 11th to whine about the flu.  The first few months of 2017 was dealing with finally giving up working and getting into the medically disabled mindset again.  It wasn’t a particularly good time of my life. 

I had quit WoW again at the end of 2016.  I thought it was just WoW, but it turned out to be MMORPGs in general.  I spent entirely too much money on Elder Scrolls Online, and was turned off completely as much as I was turned off to WoW.  Sad thing when for years all I did was play World of Warcraft.  Went back to Wow in Octoberish and just quit again.  No more WoW for me.

I got the CPAP machine in February too.  I hated that thing so much when I first got it.  Now I haven’t used it in months and Teresa is mad at me about that. Anyhow, I finally got a SoClean and plan on cleaning it really good and using it again.  I really did get better sleep when using it.  But man, those first couple months were really bad, my poor nose.

I did try to apply for 1 job in 2017.  The only problem was it was at Mediacom.  And my wife works for Mediacom.  And they have a policy about not hiring spouses to work in the same location.  Sucks, but it was Mediacom’s loss, cuz I would have been damn good at cable modem technical support.

Then there was the VirtualBox mess.  Teresa, I love her dearly, had one crappy student.  I tried to learn, I tried very hard, just didn’t understand and my notes didn’t make sense.  Spent a couple weeks trying to learn then realized I wouldn’t be able to get a job doing it cuz I still have no degree or experience.

In March, I started the BLOG you are reading now.  That was when I was gonna try school.  First came WGU, found out I don’t know Math anymore, and my English composition sucked.  In my defense, when it came to write the composition, I had a great thesis and just FROZE on the supporting of it.  Needless to say, I did not get into WGU.

Second was DMACC.  Was gonna be a doctor.  Yes, that was actually the plan.  3 years at DMACC to do the first 2 years of pre-med and then 2+ years at Iowa State with a degree in Biology or something like that.  Great plan, until reality hit me in the face and said that I would have to take way too much beginning math and beginning science just to get to the courses I needed to take.  Heh, my dream of being a doctor was out.

So, thirdly was marketing, web development, and photography at DMACC.  Yeah, I was gonna bite off a big bite and hope I didn’t choke on it.   Everything was set, I was excited, people were excited for me, I was to start in the summer online.  Yup, it was definitely a go, until I read the syllabi and had a total panic attack.  That was the end of school for me.  FOREVER.

The new deck, and subsequently having my mother-in-law buy our house were great things that happened.  See it wasn’t all bad.

Jim, my brother, had a birthday party on June 3rd that was great.  So glad I could attend.  Looking forward to his 50th birthday this year.

The mumble D&D games were good while they lasted.  Just too much trying to run two games in a week.  Couldn’t cancel just one cuz how would I pick.  So I cancelled both mid adventure.  To my friends who were playing in those games, I am truly sorry I did the great flake out and bailed on them.  

Made plans to take my mom on a cruise to Alaska, then my platelets dropped, I freaked out and cancelled it.  BOOM.  Yeah, had made ½ the payments for it.  Was ready to go get my passport.  Was ready to go see the Great Glacier Bay.  But I honestly thought my leukemia was coming back and that trumps everything.

The money I got back from cancelling the cruise got me my Birthday/Christmas present, my new laptop.  I totally love this laptop.  It does everything I want it to and more.  The only problem I have with it, which is the same for all laptops it seems, is that the speakers suck.  But hey, I needed a new laptop, so things did work out.

I started shaving my head in 2017.  Well having Supercuts shave my head.  The first time I went it triggered a little ptsd and I freaked a little after I had it done.  After 2 or 3 times at Supercuts, Teresa and I decided to buy a barber razer and she started shaving my head.  Teresa actually does a better job than Supercuts.  Oh well, not the razer has paid for itself and I get my head shaved whenever I want it to.  Oh, I don’t go bald, I go to a #2.  My head isn’t that pretty.  

We did move everything out of storage and into the bedroom.  I have a nice little office set up here.  Everything I could want within my reach.  It is actually cool that we were able to reuse all my office furniture from my failed travel agency business in my office in the bedroom.  And it is still cool that our bedroom is big enough to hold all this furniture and we still have room.

Dodged the leukemia bullet a couple times in 2017, wish the way to test wasn’t bone marrow biopsies, had too many of those this year.

Fall came, my mood went into the crapper.  Seasonal Affective Disorder SUCKS worse than Bipolar.  At least you can treat Bipolar.  SAD kicks my butt every late September early October and last until December or sometimes as late as late January.   This year I got lucky and it ended at the beginning of December.  WOOT.

I didn’t walk Light the Night this year.  I was SICK, very sick and since people in various stages of leukemia and lymphoma treatment and recovery are there, I decided to stay home.  Yeah, I hope to do it next year.

I made it to Thanksgivingfest in 2017.  I will make it 2018 too. It was really nice this year.

Mayo Clinic was a wasted trip.  I felt like they didn’t care.  I was just a number to them.  And a paycheck (which they still haven’t billed me for.)

Christmas was as Christmas is always at our hours.  Very blah.  Teresa got some good gifts, but I got my main gift month ago. 

Now it’s NEW YEARS and I look at what 2018 has in store.


Looking forward to 2018.  More fear about cutting myself or getting into an accident.  Having a low platelet count is scary.   The count is down to 22/24 and it’s supposed to be 150 to 450.  So, it’s a little low. Nothing can be done about it.  Everything that could possibly help was tried, and now it’s just wait and watch.  Blah.

Teresa and I have decided that despite my platelet issue, we are gonna go on a cruise to the Bahamas.  We don’t know when exactly.  But we do know it’s Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and it’s the “We Will Rock You” themed cruise.  Teresa is saving up her time off.  And I am gonna think healthy thoughts and we are gonna pull this off.  EVENTUALLY.

Right now, I am planning on going to the Region at the end of May/beginning of June for my brother’s 50th Birthday.  Also around the 21st of September for my high school 30th class reunion.  And finally, Thanksgivingfest time in November.  These trips to the Region are always bright spots.

Teresa turns 45 on her Birthday on April 1st.  I turn 48 on my Birthday on August 6th.

I look forward to playing in the Friday night D&D game ran by Danny.  It’s a fun diversion.

I am also starting a D&D game on Tuesday nights.  It’s good be fun.  And I only plan to run 1 game now.  Less stress.

Beyond that, I am a disabled 47-year-old who plays video games to pass his days away.  Dealing with a lot of fatigue from the platelet issue, so I sleep a lot also. But there is only so much games you can play and so long you can sleep.

So, boredom is the outlook for 2018.  Maybe 2018 won’t suck as bad as I think it’s going to.  But by this short summary, it doesn’t hold a whole lot of promise. 




Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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