Sick and tired, or just tired….

Pretty much wasted this weekend.  I didn’t do much of anything.  I watched a little of the Olympics, I played some Skyrim, and I slept a lot.  Oh yeah, I watched some DVRed wrestling too.  Now I am sitting here watching music videos while Teresa’s, who is sitting next to me in bed, is reading.  Variations on this theme have been prevalent all weekend.  While I sat here earlier, she cook us an amazing beef tips and gravy dinner.  I had mine over white rice, where she had hers over barley.  Not that what we had for dinner is particularly interesting, but that is what we had.

My brother is getting his blood drawn to send to Mayo tomorrow.  With this, we will, in turn, finally find out if he is able to be my donor.  I really hope he is able to be donor for me, but I went back over the paperwork (well digital summary) from the appointment on January 31st.  This appointment summary says they already started the search for a donor through the Be a Match registry.  That means we are already going to have to pay the 4000+ bucks for the search, even if Jim (my brother) is a match.  OUCH.  Well, we will owe it to the hospital and they will work with us as long as we make payments, this according to the social worker.

Teresa finally saw my new banner here.  I think it gave her a good chuckle.  She said I am allowed to use the phrase CANCER SUCKS if I want to.

Tomorrow I should find out if I can get dentist work done before I have to be up at Mayo,  We realized that it could potentially cause a problem, so I sent a message to my transplant doctor.  I really am in desperate need to have my teeth cleaned and a few cavities filled.  I also need a couple crowns replace, but I think those will have to wait.  They are not an emergency, and we might not have the time for a new crown to show up.

I have now read tons of info on the transplant and what happens after.  1 in 5 people do not get Graph Vs. Host Disease.  They get the transplant and go about life with no problems.  Well, I am statistically a weird person, so  I should be able to fit in that 20%.  Yeah, it’d be real nice to not have to worry about GVHD.  It could happen that way.  The odds of getting the really harsh GVHD problems are very slim.  Most people get minor GVHD that doesn’t bother them too much.  I dunno, with my luck, I will probably either have none or something severe, I very rarely ever fall into middle ground.

The chromosomal results from my bone marrow biopsy should be in Thursday or Friday.  That will mean that something will start happening.  There is still a lot to do before I can get the transplant.  And time is passing (albeit really slow for me).  The 6-8 weeks will be 4-6 on Wednesday.  I am pretty sure there will be at least 1 more visit before we go up there for the transplant.

Oh, I did make chili this weekend and thanks to Teresa’s incredible ability to throw in spices to make things better, it is probably the best chili I have had that I can remember.  I told her this and she asked what about in your childhood?  Well, they are all kinda mushed together in my head, so they don’t count.  So, to be fair to all the chilis I have had in my childhood, this is the best chili I have had in my adult life.  Good enough that Teresa added the recipe to the list of approved foods for the 100 days.

Yeah, the 100 days is still daunting.  Still probably the scariest part of the whole process.  100 days of following rules that I have never had to follow before in my life.  The biggest rule that we are going to have to contend with is “No food eating anywhere but in the dining rooms”.   Now for some people this is no big deal.  For us, a huge change.  We normally eat in bed, watching TV.  So this is a huge change.  There are more rules, but that is the one which is going to cause the biggest change for us.  Oh yeah, there are also “No TVs in the rooms”.  So I can’t lay in bed staring at the TV, gonna have to surf the web or READ.  Yeah, I know I can watch most TV stations on my computer.  But still it’s not gonna be the same.

Fatigue is still the word of the day, week, month.  I am completely wiped out from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed.  It’s very annoying.  I want to be able to do things, but I just don’t have the energy.  I think it’s all in my head actually, my head telling my body that it has no energy.  I don’t think it’s cause of the cancer.  Nope, I really believe that it’s because my mind thinks I should be fatigued.  I hate when my mind disagrees with my mind.  Teresa says its cuz my blood is not right, well that’s probably part of it.

Teresa is going to go bake a Southern Almond Cake.  It’s a new recipe for her.  I hope it turns out good for her.  Personally I won’t eat any of it.

Great 80s Hair.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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