Happy Anniversary, Baby…26 years

Today is the 26th Anniversary from Teresa and my first date.  I was already in love with her by this time, but this weekend date sealed the deal for me.  Teresa, I love you more today than I did 26 years ago and I love you more and more each day, which is hard, cuz I love you with every fiber of my being.  We can not like Valentine’s Day, I am so cool with that, but let us rejoice in the celebration of our 26 year love.  I wish you read this, maybe you will.  I would have married her that day, it wasn’t for another year and a couple months before that happened.

Well, my brother’s blood got to Mayo yesterday.  Now we wait to find out of he is a match.  For having blood cancer again, the whole process is going so much slower this time.  We are doing a whole lot of waiting.  Last time I had blood cancer, things moved so fast it wasn’t until 3 days into chemo did it really hit me that I had leukemia.   This time, I have so much time on my hands that it’s driving me crazy.  Hopefully we will know about if my brother is a match by Friday.

Fatigue is still my major complaint.  If I am not sleeping, I am dragging my butt around doing barely enough to get by.  I’m just tired all the time.  It’s annoying.

I never did go get that blood test to find out if I could go to the dentist.  I chose not to because I was too tired to drive.  I wouldn’t have had 15,000 neutrophils anyway.  I went over several of my past blood tests, and whereas I had 7,000 at one point and 2,000 is considered the bottom of average.  I have not been near 15,000 in a long time.  SO, it would have been a waste of time and money to get that blood test.  Hopefully after the transplant and recovery, I will be able to get my teeth cleaned and my one tiny cavity filled.

The weather today is going to be beautiful and a lot of snow is going to melt.  It’s supposed to be sunny and 44.  For the middle of February that is really nice. And after all the snowy days we had, it’s nice that it’s not snowing.

I am afraid of going out into the world.  I can not afford to get the flu at this time.  And since apparently there is a really nasty flu going around (according to the news), I am going to just stay in my house.   Yes, I got a flu shot, but this flu going around right now is still hitting people who had the flu shot.  I already had the flu once this year, I surely don’t need it again.

Oh for the record, Vitamin B6 tastes NASTY.  Yeah, my B6 was low and Dr Alkhateeb said I needed to go on B6.  So I ordered some from Amazon as I am apt to do.  Then when I took the first one, it was one of the worst tasting pills I have ever had the displeasure of taking.

I’m going to start taking my pills with apple juice instead of water.  I think the strong flavor of apple juice will cover the taste of B6.

This is weird, I do not normally get hungry for or eat breakfast, but here it is 8:15am and I am very hungry.  After I finish this entry, I will go forth and grab something to eat.  Either that or take a nap.  I wonder what we have to eat that I am not burned out on?

WePay the payment company for GoFundMe is having issues depositing into our bank account.  Most annoying.  All they are saying is that there is a problem, but not what the problem is.  So I emailed them yesterday and am waiting patiently for the response.  I did call my bank and they checked and double check both their and my actions and nothing wrong on their or my end.  So, the problem is definitely by WePay or GoFundMe, neither of which has a phone number to call.  I hate waiting for emails, not as much as I hate waiting for returned calls, but either way it’s really annoying.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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