At least there was half a good day out of it.

It appears that the big headaches I get are directly tied to the major dropping of my platelet level.  At least that is according to Chris (my P.A.) who has never seen a platelet level of 18 before.  He was very upset about said 18 on my CBC report.  I was like, “Hey, it’s not too bad”.  For those who don’t know, the normal platelet numbers are from 150 to 450, yes I am talking 18.  So I left Chris saying that I should make it to Mayo next Friday without needing a transfusion.  He was insistent on calling my local oncologist.  Which he did.  Of course he didn’t get to speak to Dr. Wehbe or even his normal nurse (who is on vacation I think) he got whichever of Wehbe’s other nurses on the phone who said the same thing I did.  If it’s not 10 they aren’t gonna do anything for me.  So me and my 18 platelets and my moderately severe at the moment headache are just chilling here, trying not to think too much.

Heh, I haven’t posted in a while, you guys don’t know what’s going on.  Monday and Tuesday were both beautiful days here in the middle of Iowa.  65ish degrees both days.  Was just wonderful.  I went out for lunch with my friend Drew on Tuesday.  We went to Gusto Pizza.  It was wonderful pizza.  It was Drew’s turn to buy, which he did, and then he went so far as to buy an extra pizza for me to take home for dinner.  It warmed up nicely in our super-oven.

After lunch I buzzed around town, saw another old friend, did a whole bunch of nothing but I did NOT sit around the house.  It felt so great being out and seeing people.  Yeah, I am deathly afraid of catching the flu, but it didn’t stop me from going up and saying Hello to people and having a good time not being cooped up in the house

After I got home on Tuesday is when the headache set in.  Now, I just assumed that I overdid things and the headache was my penance for having so much fun.  I swallowed a couple Tylenol and went about the rest of the day with a moderately severe headache.  Bad enough I posted about it on Facebook.  The kicker is that the headache didn’t go away, as a matter of fact, it still hasn’t.

Yesterday, I sat in the dark all day.  Hiding from the world.  Head was just hurting and hurting more.  I achieved nothing productive at all.  I barely even checked Facebook.  But I did post a second time about my headache 23 1/2 hours after the first post.  Exciting life person me plans to post again tonight the my head STILL hurts.

It used to be, in the time before blood cancer, I’d get these bad headaches, go in to the doctor and get a shot of Tordal.  This stuff just magically makes the pain go away.  Well, unfortunately, it’s a blood thinner, and I can’t do blood thinners anymore.  So bah, right now I just get to live with a headache.

Well, that is not entirely true.  Good old Chris did write me a prescription for an anti-headache shot that I give myself.  Imitrex I believe in the name brand.  I get it in shot form cuz it works so much faster than the pills.  Anyhow, assuming my pharmacy has some in stock and assuming Chris ordered the right thing, I should have those shots in my hands later this afternoon and hopefully have some headache relief shortly thereafter.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention.  Dr. Shin (the hematologist at Mayo) thinks my leukemia might be back.  With my CBC results today, I think he might be right and that makes me confused, unhappy, scared, and a few other negative emotions.  I don’t want to have to have a couple rounds of chemo before the transplant and that is what the plan is if I do have leukemia again.  Damn Damn Damn.

I’m leading a BORING life right now.  B O R I N G.  Not really playing any games on my computer.  Quit both running my campaign and playing in a campaign on D&D.  Basically sit around the house doing much of nothing.

Heh, I guess I am depressed.  Maybe I can find some music to cheer me up.

ok, that didn’t help.  I think I’ll just take a nap instead.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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