Feeling better, a lot of wrestling talk and I love my wife.

It only took my transplant doc 5 days and 3 messages from me to respond.  The response was pretty much exactly what I figured it was going to be.  I just needed to hear it from Dr A officially.  He confirmed that they are reaching out to the potential donors in hopes of getting 1 of them to say yes and be available.  He was a little behind on his information, Dr Shin has already said there would be no need for any extra treatment before the transplant, but that ok, Dr A probably forgot I had seen Shin between last Dr A and I spoke and now.  Dr A did say he would call me next week with the FINAL PLAN.  Then I will know how long it will be before the transplant and before I get done with recovery.  That is what I am really wanting to know, I want to know if I’ll be able to see Summer this year or will it be another Spring =====> Fall again, like 2015.

My mood has already improved considerably with just reading the message from Dr A.  I have went from deep down in the dumps to pretty happy.  I should be back to my normal happy self later tonight or tomorrow.  It’s amazing what a small thing like not hearing from my transplant doc for 5 days just thru me for a loop.

My good friend Drew invited me to lunch tomorrow.  He even let me choose the place.  I chose Applebees.  Which just happens to be one of my favorite chain restaurants.  I just love their Four Cheese Mac + Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders.  (yes, I cut and pasted the name cuz I always screw it up).  So, tomorrow will be good food with a good friend… can’t (and shouldn’t) ask for more than that.

And after I get done with lunch, I will finally play my new train game, Railway Empire.  I have started it several times, but have yet to actually play it cuz of my mood.  I haven’t played any game in the last 5 days.  My mood was that far down.

What the re-good mood means is less time on Facebook and staring blankly at the TV and more time playing games and having more fun.  As much fun as a guy who is technically dying can have.  Yeah, that was morbid, true, but morbid.

It’s great to hear that Bryan Danielson er Daniel Bryan is released to wrestle again.  And the end of Smackdown was pretty cool.  Him holding off Sami and Kevin for a while.  The German Suplex on Sami was sick.  And the beating that Daniel eventually took was just plain impressive for a guy just back.  Sorry to see the Sami and Kevin were fired, but Daniel will bring them back to feud with.  It’ll be Ring of Honor 10 years ago.  Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen and El Generico in the ring.  Ah, memories.

Heh, was trying to educate Teresa on who ROH stars are now.  When I see their old names for the most part the new name disappears from my head.  At least A J Styles is still A J Styles and the 3 above were easy for me.  But Tyler Black being Seth Rollins, and Prince Devitt being Finn Balor just completely slipped my mind (yes, I had to look them up).  I figure at least 50% of current WWE went thru ROH.  The other 50% coming from NXT (which is full of ex-ROH or ex-TNA now) and other independents.  It’s all good, I am happy when an independent wrestler can get a WWE contract.  Good on them.

In more wrestling news… Impact Wrestling is the most watched wrestling in the world… and it pretty much sucks.  I guess in the rest of the world it’s something, but here it’s stuck on POP TV, which is only carried by like 20% of the nation and it’s in low def.  Eek.  But anyhow, TNA does occasionally put on some good matches that are fun to watch, so if you like wrestling, and happen to have POP TV, then give Impact Wrestling a go.

I want to take a moment to remind everyone how much I love my wife.  She is everything to me.  I think I accidently saw a gift she was getting me (I looked over at her IPAD which I am known to do, so it was purely an accident).  I think she is getting me a new Nothing Necklace.  My old one disappeared some time 20+years ago, I think when we lived in Vegas (VEGAS SUCKS).  It really was nothing, just a metal circle dangling on a piece of negligee strap that I wore for about 10 years.  I am not sure she got it for me or was just looking at one, but if she got a new one for me, I am a happy man.  A lot of the really bad crap things (healthwise) that happened to me were after I lost my nothing necklace.  It would be so cool to have a new one.  I hope she did order it for me.  But shhhhh, don’t tell her I saw her looking at it.  I don’t want to ruin her surprise if she did order it for me.

I’m hungry, I am gonna go look for a snack.  Watch and listen to this….

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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