Things, they are a happenin’

Day +51, made it more than half way.   We are waiting now for all signs of acute Graph vs Host Disease to pass thru, then I get one more “bump” of chemo (possibly even at home).  Then I am free from here for all intents and purposes.   This day I am looking forward to.  Should hit some time around day +100.  Coincidence?  I think not, they got this down to a science.  Imagine that.

I’m happy my mom is coming to visit in a week.  This gives Teresa a chance to run home and take care of some medical business that they wouldn’t take care over the phone.  My mom will be taking over as main care giver for 1 day (maybe 2) while Teresa rushes to Des Moines/Adel and then comes back to Rochester.  It’s all good, mom gets to visit, Teresa gets to see her doc, I’m happy.

Teresa just took out my stitches from my skin biopsy.   Another 2+ year scar to add to the collection.  WOOT.  This one is on my fore arm.   The good news is that I do not have Skin GVHD.  Just happened to get an acute case of it on the pass thru.   It’s going away pretty quickly.

Did the sleep study last night.  Actually slept thru the night almost.  Slept a hell of a lot better than I do normally with the super cpap machine.  Gonna get me one of those.  The super cpap works different than the regular cpap, I can’t explain it, google complex sleep apnea if you are really interested.  All  I know prior to this experience cpap’s choked me when I tried to sleep, a real battle that resulted in me ripping the cpap off my face.

Anyhow, I left my mask at the sleep study place.  So  I am using a temporary one until Monday when I can pick up my permanentish one.   I feel kinda stupid leaving my one behind, it fell on the floor and I just forgot to pick it up.

The plan for the remainding 49 days include a visit to see DR Jay Smith of the physical medicine and rehabilitation department.  Why?  He and his cronies have developed a minimally invasive cure for plantar’s fasciitis.   And since I am here, and it’ll be free (already made all insurance deductibles) I figured I’ll give it a go.  Assuming Dr. Alkateeb gives it the ok.  He is still the man in charge, but I can’t see what he would say no.  It’ll just lay me up for a week to 10 days.  No worries there.

I realized something, my friend Drew and his family probably can’t come to visit after the 1st, school starts.  If it is just Drew and his wife, then sure they can come but they have 2 children which they have to consider.  Well, if he can’t make it, it’s the thought the counts in my opinion.  No one else asked about coming to visit.  Although some unknown soul sent me Jelly Bellys.  Thank you to that unknown person, love me some Jelly Bellys. *That unknown person is gabriella from Roller Coaster chat, thank you very much.

Still have chemobrain, can’t get into any games or into writing my book.  My brain just won’t focus.  Heck, this blog entry has already taken an hour to write.  But at least I am writing something.  I also started on my D&D Campaign which will begin 2 weeks after I am free from this place (maybe 1 maybe 3).  I think I already have players lined up, I know at least 1 who is definite.

Anyhow, my new D&D campaign will be EPIC.  Like 60 uninterrupted days to prepare for it.  A redone evil.   Some new good.  A new world.  New Magic.  New Monsters.   Yeah, hopefully it’s gonna rock.    Get my group of players together (hopefully not an impossible task one night a week) and off we can go.

So beyond the buzz of being sub 50 days to go and beyond the buzz of mom coming to visit.  Don’t forget the buzz of new D&D starting after I break this burg.   The biggest buzz I haven’t shared here is that my donor cells took over 100% of my cell production capabilities.  Meaning, I am officially part German now.  That and the cool thing about it all is my blood type is going change from O+ to A+ over time.   Yup, my blood type is gonna be different like in the movies.  Way Cool.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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