Day +57

Vidaza is the chemo I will be going on soon. Vidaza reads like a light weight chemo, not too many side effects and the ones it has aren’t that bad.   I guess I surrender and give up and all that and am prepared to go on with the “bump” chemo.  I still don’t want to have to get it, but Dr Alkateeb pretty much sold Teresa and thereby me on the whole need more chemo thing.  Seems that I am at an extremely high risk of getting AML from this MDS.  Even though I should be “cured” after all the previous crap.  So, starting soon (like next week maybe) I should start the Vidaza or something towards progress, this spinning my wheels every week is getting annoying.

Looking forward to dinner tonight.  Carlos O’Kelly’s was a favorite of ours in Central Iowa, but they closed down both restaurants there.  I thought they were gone for good, but lo and behold we drove right by one on the way to dinner last night.  They didn’t disappear, they just disappeared from Central Iowa.  It happens.   It’s sad.  But if the local one here is anything like the one I remember I’m gonna eat happy tonight.  And yes Jenny, it does feel good to be getting out and things are getting better (with the exception of more chemo).

I’m really trying to keep a positive mood thru this whole mess.   Not always succeeding in doing so.  I’ve had my ups and downs.   Now I Just want it to be over.  57 days is long enough if you ask me.  I know I signed up for 100, but c’mon gimme a break.   I don’t have any signs of GvHD acute or chronic as of now.  Maybe I can convince Dr Alkateeb that I should be able to go at 70.  I should be off Prednisone, the cold should have run its course, I won’t have any new GvHD (I’m pretty sure of that).  It’s time to let me go or real soon to time to let me go.

Stupid cold got everything screwed up.  3 weeks where I could have been working on Dr Alkateeb where instead  I was coughing and wheezing and all around sick.  I am at the end of 2 weeks of the 3 they said it would take to get thru this cold.

My mom and brother decided to do something really cool for us.  They are gonna bring the dogs to us when I get free.  We won’t have to drive to the Region.  I won’t have to deal with the cats (can’t be around cats right now).  This is so cool of them.  will take a day or two longer to see our doggies, but I’ll get to see a little more of mom and Jim without expending energy I don’t have to expend.

I wish I was gonna be able to make Thanksgivingfest and Thanksgiving, but both hosts have cats (still won’t be able to do cats in November) and I won’t have my baby shots til late November/early December I believe.  So instead of partying, it’ll be Teresa and I and a turkey breast and all the fixings on Thanksgiving.  Nice.

I took Teresa to Denny’s once for Thanksgiving or Christmas (One of the big holidays) and it was so depressing.  All the lonely people eating alone.   I warned her ahead of time that it would be like that, but she wanted to go, so we went.  Never again were her words.  She will always MAKE us something for the big holidays.

Oh, I almost forgot, bringing this back to a down beat (sorry).  When I go on Vidaza it is going to try to kill all the active cells.  Which means more platelets and more blood.  I really don’t want to do this.   Dr Wehbe said there is a physical limit to the number of infusions you can get, I wonder what that limit is and if I am close.   Oh yeah, Dr Alkhateeb is gonna hand me off to Dr Wehbe for most of the Vidaza getting.   That is how they keep you 100 days or less and still get to treat you for a long time more.

Oh yeah, I am not getting my plantar’s fasciitis taken care of this trip either.   Not enough while cells to fight off a potential infection in my heel and I don’t want to risk it.  So by my choice, I didn’t even ask.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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