Day +95 the day before we go home

We almost will have stayed the whole 100 days.  +96 is ridiculously close.  Sucks that we leave on +96 and have to be back +101.  I guess it could be worse, he could have just made us stay until +103.  All this because I may had an abscess under one of my crowns in my mouth, it hurts enough.  Tomorrow I have the Hickman Catheter removed.  Then next Tuesday, they are pulling said tooth.  Have to be here Sunday night cuz Teresa wants to work on Monday morning.  Then my tooth removal is at 8am on Tuesday.  We get to drive home first Tuesday right after they rip the Hickman out, the next Tuesday, right after I have a tooth pulled.  Fun car rides.

At least by this time tomorrow I should have my Hickman removed.   And we either should be walking back to the transplant house or waiting for the shuttle.  Probably waiting for the shuttle.  Then it’s last minute packing and out of here by noon,  That is the plan.  We shall see how close we can come.  Yup, best laid plans and all.

Apparently while we were gone, a wicked thunderstorm knocked out our lock on the front door.  So, when cable went out, Teresa mailed Gordy (our neighbor) the garage door remote, so he could go in an reset the cable modem and router.   Now it’s possible this will be as easy as saying hi to Gordy.  But if he gave it to Jay (other neighbor) it means a whole lot of yapping before we can go.  Assuming Gordy and/or Jay is home when we get there.

I had been dealing with pretty good energy since my transplant.  Recently I have developed fatigue, which is actually what I was expecting.  Today I slept pretty much straight to 11am, and I could have slept more.  I slump around the room cuz I don’t have the energy to walk like a normal man.  I go to bed at 10pm and sleep pretty soundly (for me).  So I slept 13 hours today.   Woot, back to the old ways I guess.

Tomorrow, we are gonna see our fur babies for the first time in 110ish days.  Pucky will be happy.  Mojo will be ecstatic.  It’s been a long time without them.  I need then in my life, Teresa does too.  It’ll be so good being home and having them back.

Tomorrow I also get to see my mother and brother.  Mom came to visit but I was really sick when she came.  Jim I haven’t seen in as long as the dogs.  I love my family, and am so happy they decided to bring the dogs to us and stay for a few days.  Jim rarely takes vacations or if he does he does the staycation thing.  I feel honored that he is willing to use his vacation days to bring our dogs back to us.  Way cool bro and mom.

I messaged Dr. Alkhateeb with Dr. Wehbe’s phone numbers.  He should be reaching out to him some time soon.  They will set up my Vidaza chemo schedule.  It’s all good there.  Glad I don’t have to get it up here.  Sad I have to get stomach injections.  Between stomach injections, blood tests, and blood product infusions, I should look like a pin cushion in no time.====I still don’t agree that I need this last bit of chemo, but I will take it like a man.  A little pain, a little nausea, at least I can’t puke.   I won’t say it’s all good about this, I will say it is what it is and I will live thru it.

If the Vidaza makes me sick…  The D&D game I wanted to start in September or October may not start until November or December.  We will have to see.   Dr. A says the Vidaza will much with my blood numbers and I will need blood product infusions.  Can’t run a D&D game when you are feeling crummy.  I know my players that I have committed will totally understand, they are my friends.  I haven’t tried to get other players yet.   Was waiting until about a month before we are going to begin.  Good thing I waited.

I almost missed all of Summer.   Going to be home for just the tail end of it.  I looked at the temps in Adel for the next 10 days, and it’s gonna get hot.  Not ridiculously hot, but hot enough.  Good thing I have an excuse to stay indoors.  The only commitment I have made is HuHot with my mother and brother so Jim and Mom can enter the free HuHot for a year contest.  Beyond that, I can stay indoors and no one will fault me.  Well, Teresa will get cranky at me if I don’t go out some time.   But I believe that even she will agree it’s just easier for me to not go out.

Well, tomorrow we will be home.  Looking most forward to that.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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