Yeah, no more +days.   It’s just Monday.  A Monday we were supposed to be at Mayo.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortuitously) Teresa got the flu and we got my appointments moved to Friday.  Hopefully she will feel better by then.   It’s a pretty nasty flu, wouldn’t be surprised if she was still sick then.  I hope not.

I slept in today, perhaps a bit wrongly as the CPAP hated me, gave me a zero out of 20 on mask seal.  With 10 masks off, that means I got a 75/100.  I will tighten the masks straps tonight and hopefully I will get a better mask seal.  The masks off were cuz I used my CPAP for naps yesterday and the end of each nap is 1 mask off.  And every time the phone rang while I was napping, the mask came off.  It all adds up quick.

I swore off World of Warcraft in October of last year, in August of this year, I am back to playing it.    It’s not that I wanted to play per se, it’s one I can play with shaking hands.  The targets are huge, so if my hand twitches I am usually not off the target.  That is if I am playing a warrior.  Playing my warlock, it’s click and cast.  Don’t really have to see them straight on to cast at them.  Anyhow,  they gave a boost right past the expansion I hated, so I have a fury warrior level 111 now.  It’s all good, I have a time sink for while I am under the effects of chemo.  I’ll probably quit before too long (Rage quit, something about this expansion is bound to piss me off).

All in all, I feel pretty good.   Even my tooth feels better, especially with the knowledge that it doesn’t have to be pulled.  But it really feels better from the antibiotics I got at Mercy.  Dr. Wehbe gave me stuff that specifically targeted the mouth.  Tooth feels good.  I feel good.

I think chemo starts next week.  Of course, nobody tells me anything until it is imminent.  Then it’s a yeah, you start on Monday as will be said on Friday.  I still don’t want this chemo, don’t think I need it.  But dammit, unless I have some horrible reaction to it, I will be getting it for 3 or 4 months (just 5 days out of each month).   But one the reactions I will have from the Vidasa is fatigue.  I’ll be sleeping even more.   Hoping not diarrhea, I have had enough of that for 2 people’s lifetimes.

The start of my D&D game has been postponed indefinitely or rather until after the chemo.  Dr. Alkhateeb and Dr. Wehbe both said I probably won’t be mentally coherent enough to run a game.  Chemo brain interference again.

It truly is a great feeling to be home.   It’s a bummer that Teresa is sick, but it’s really nice sleeping in my own bed.  Eating where and when I want to in the house.  Big screen TV at the foot of the bed.    Yup, it’s wonderful to be home.

I haven’t fired up my big computer yet, cuz Teresa sits at her computer which is next to it without a mask.   I don’t want to catch her flu or force her to wear a mask.   So, I am about 10 feet away from her on the bed with my laptop.

Lou Malnatti’s Pizzas arrives tomorrow.   YUM, and I am thankful we have enough room for them per Teresa.  If you are not familiar with you should check it out.  Real Chicago foods shipped to your door.   Nothing wrong with that.   And Lou Malnatti’s Pizza is the headliner for Taste of Chicago.  We recommend the Pepperoni Pizza.

I need to get up and move around.   I’m doing exactly what I am NOT supposed to be doing.  Dr. Alkhateeb will have a fit at me.  Guess it’s time to start walking again.  Gotta get my strength back.   Want to but a recumbent elliptical, but of course the day I was gonna pitch it to Teresa the price went up 100 dollars.  Waiting for a price drop before I try to convince Teresa, then there is the matter of where we are gonna put it.  Heh, we don’t need so many chairs in the living room.  Her stationary bike is on one side.  My recumbent elliptical could be on the other side of the room.   I think it’s a good idea.

Well, it’s 1pm, I need to find lunch so I can take some meds.    You all have a grand day.

yeah, I have posted this video before.  It’s a great cover of a great song by a great artist.  And it is a Wonderful World.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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