2nd day Feeling Good… look out world

Feeling good for 2 days in a row.  Doc was right.  15mg of steroid in the morning, then 10 mg of steroid at 2ish and I feel like a new man.  Can almost make me forget I am dying…. wait, nothing is going to make me forget that.  Can almost make me feel like I am not dying, there that is how it is.  Really wish there was a way to keep this feeling forever, but reality sets in my mind and I know this is just temporary.

I got 12-18 months to live by my best figuring.  6 months or so of Dr Alkhateeb playing Frankenstein with me (OK, I couldn’t come up with another monster created by a doctor).  Then 6 to 12 months (if I am lucky) to live out the rest of my life.  It sucks, but it is my reality.

In the mean time, I am getting in touch with local friends, doing lunches, getting addresses for my party invitations, just sitting and chatting.  I may not have a lot of local friends, but the ones I got are way cool peoples.

Lunch with Drew is tomorrow.  Lunch with Jon is Monday.  I hope to schedule a few more lunches in the next couple weeks.

I tell you what, its as easy to lose contact with local friends as it is to lose contact with far away friends.  Maybe even easier.  You begin to take local friends for granted, “they’ll always be here.”  It’s a shame.  I feel bad, but I do have more of an excuse than most people I guess.  I was laid up for 112 days at Mayo, no seeing anyone, away from home.  But nothing should have stopped me from reaching out after I got home, laziness is what I blame it on.

Also meanwhile, I am planning for my AINT DEAD YET Party.  Plans are moving along well.  Going to talk to the caterer of choice tomorrow, not book it yet, but get an idea of how much its gonna cost me.  Also going to put the deposit down on the American Legion Building.  Yup, things are in motion.

I should start selling my rare Magic the Gathering cards on Ebay.  It’s not like I am ever gonna use them again.  Yeah, that’s a definite idea, could make a couple grand off of the cards.  Money we could surely use.  And its either that or we give them to Bruce and Cori’s eldest (or is it 2nd) daughter who plays.  I got some really rare cards in my collection.

I was supposed to go get Saline today.  I chose not to.  Maybe Thursday.  I feel really good today, and I am drinking.  Probably won’t reach the goal but I’ll come closer than I have in recent history.  Getting better every day so we can do something about my situation.  I am tired of sitting here doing nothing, if Dr A wants to Frankenstein me, then let him get started.

Tonight is D&D night.  Yup, first they play ditch or ambush the bandits who are out looking for them.  Then they rescue the monk.  Then they will get into a big fight, which I will fudge to let them win.  Then I cant say what they should do cuz at least 1 of the players actually reads this.  Then they head back to the Hole.  Should occupy 2+ hours.  Yep, I am happy with where they are and whats going on.  I wouldn’t have called last week EPIC but I would have called it PRETTY GOOD.  I can stand with that.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

One thought on “2nd day Feeling Good… look out world”

  1. Hey Jeff hope you are doing well as for dying yesterday was my 61st birthday and I look at it like I’m dying as well I know. I don’t think I have much more time on this Earth Only the Good Lord knows I’ve been blessed with 61 years and who knows nothing is cast in stone you might outlive me we never know what tomorrow may bring and those of us who have chronic diseases and suffer pain chronically every day live on a day-to-day basis where are we try to enjoy the good days and accept the bad ones because that’s just what life’s all about I do a lot of praying and hope that tomorrow would be a better day like you I’m tired of doctors so many doctors and it doesn’t seem to help at all so I figure why even go to the doctors anymore I haven’t found anything that has helped so just take it a day at a time and be thankful for the good times read lots of books do things that you enjoy and be thankful for the people in your life the Lord has brought into your life and one day we will see what it all meant as far as possessions go I’m like you nothing means nothing to me anymore close don’t mean anything to me my car it’s just a car money don’t mean nothing to me no more it’s not going to get me anything great I don’t care about things that I used to care about which is probably my depression but when it all comes down to it nothing materialistic means anything to me people find it hard to believe about me at this stage of my life and I just tell them it’s just stuff it’s nothing important so it’s hard to describe but I’m sure you can relate to it I love you and I hope each day that you feel good enough to get out and do what you want to do and enjoy everyday whenever you can and like me when we have to go to the doctor we take someone with us who loves us I usually take Ruby with me because she has been my support and she knows how I feel about Dr and going to new doctors to try this or to try that and I hate going to them but I hope that you enjoy every day I remember when you were in Cub Scouts and when you were growing up I know Teresa is your angel she is going to be right there beside you no matter what just like well Ruby is my angel I’m very blessed to have her in my life so I will talk to you soon and you enjoy the day and keep thinking that tomorrow is going to be better and I try to think that even though I know it might not be better I hope that it will be better I love you you take care of yourself and Theresa will take care of you and your doggies enjoy the day talk to you soon Vicky


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