It Ends with Elvis Costello

It’s Wednesday evening, I have a splitting headache, and am thanking the gods that I am still alive and kicking.

Sent a message to Dr. Alkhateeb who’s nurse responded “How are you doing, any more GVHD to report?”  The question I sent was “It’s been 10 days can I lower my dose of tacrolimus.” My answer to her, “I feel great, nothing new to report.”  No response to my response, so tomorrow I will know.  I really hope he says, and there is no reason that he shouldn’t, that I can lower my dose.  Just 1 pill is significant to me.

Tomorrow is Thursday which means more saline pumped into me at Dr. Wehbe’s office.  Hey, they are keeping me out of the hospital.  All good there.  Only thing I didn’t like is one of the nurses blew my good vein.  Survived 2 rounds of chemo for 1 nurse who didn’t listen to me say above the scar tissue and literally plowed her needle thru the scar tissue breaking the seal.  So now it’s a question of where do we stick me to draw blood and where do they stick me for ivs.  Since both happen tomorrow, we shall see.

Friday, as of right now, is open.  I really have nothing to do.  I’ll probably make a post here and haunt facebook on and off all day.  I do a lot of that anyway.

This weekend I hope to travel to Adair and try “The best Pizza in Iowa”.  Adair is a small town about 40 minutes from here.  So its drivable.  And they make ugly pizza, and as a general rule, ugly pizza’s taste better.  I know almost nothing about the place that makes the pizza, but I get to blame it on Bruce if it totally sucks cuz he found the site “Only in your state” And they listed this pizza as the best.

Next week MOM is coming to visit Monday thru Thursday and we are off to Mayo on Friday.  No D&D next week.  Just chilling with mom.  Hope we can stay healthy for her visit.

Speaking of D&D, we went the full 3 hours and I think Chris would have declared it EPIC. It was a very fun time.  Too bad Chris couldn’t join us for this game, I kinda miss him.  Anyhow, I introduce a new mid level bad girl, who got away with the prayer book the party was hired to recover.  And everyone who could have given them a clue as to who,what,when,where,why the mysterious noble is.  They know she is a female, heading west last they figured.  Beyond that they think they know nothing, but really do know something, but I’m not gonna tell them.

They did get some more magic items.  And they are now level 3.  All the characters finally get their archetypes or further builds if you will.  Level 3 is a magic level that nobody complains about hitting.

Seeing the damage they could do at level 2, I may have to bump my bad girl up a level or 2 to make it a fair fight when it finally happens.  It’s all good.

I had a great time running the game last night and from what the players said, they had a great time too.  The only question I have is how many trapped doors are gonna blow up on the barbarian before he gets a clue?

I have 2 weeks to come up with a plan for the next adventure.  So it should be a good one.

Teresa is finally feeling better and has went on a cleaning binge.  I want her to rest.  She is just now feeling better, but the cough says she isn’t better yet.  So rest is what I order.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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