Somehow I came across this Monty Python video

It’s Friday and I feel A LOT better.   Last night my ear hurt, thought I had an ear infection to go with my sinus infection.   But today no pain.  WOOT.  I still have the cough but it’s calmed way down.  My nose has stopped its snot revolution.  I tell ya, the Doxycycline that Chris put me on did the trick.  Yay for quick fixes for what ails you.

Ya know something, I really missed talking with all the players in my D&D game this week.  Actual human (albeit over the internet) contact.  I miss playing the game too, but it’s the people I miss more.  Then with out playing on Thursday either, it was just a lonely week.

Teresa has today off cuz she worked all night.  So we are having a traditional thanksgiving meal today, Turkey, Stuffing, etc…  Since we had unthawed the turkey for my family and they didn’t come so we had to do the turkey before it went bad.  Since we have a kind of a large turkey we are going to have leftovers for a while.  We decided that we are having Sweet and Sour Pork for Thanksgiving proper.  Yeah, we are such traditionalists.

Teresa and her mom have both decided on a Kindle Oasis for Christmas / Family Day.  My mother-in-law is a Jehova’s Witness so she doesn’t do Christmas anymore.  Anyhow, no Teresa and I are on the lookout for the Oasis to go on sale.  All the experts say it will go on sale for Black Friday, but Amazon did a huge sale on them for Prime Day.  So I don’t know.  But Kindle Oasis they want, Kindle Oasis they’ll get.

We still haven’t gotten but a little snow.  And what snow we have gotten didn’t stay around very long.  I know it’s not technically winter yet, but normally we have snow by November 16th, snow that lasts.  But they say we aren’t supposed to get much snow this year, just bitter cold.  I can handle that.  I got a monster of a winter coat that fits me again. lol  Losing all this weight gave some benefit.

Teresa and her mom are shopping for case covers for their new Kindle Oasis.  Teresa found orange and dragon, fell in love with it immediately.  Shirley likes a shade of blue. Teresa is not flying thru the pictures pulling pictures of every case that has that blue and sending them to Shirley.  I think its sweet of Teresa to do that.  I hope they both find what they are looking for.

I don’t read enough to warrant getting a new kindle, as a matter of fact, I think Teresa plans on trading in my old one for her new one.  I have my ipad that I can read off of just fine when I want to read.  Kindle for Ipad works quite well.

Apparently my desktop pc doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection, but my laptop does.  I am wanting a Bluetooth wireless headset with microphone.  Ones that just plug in your ears and go, but you can still talk.  I have big ears, and even the biggest cup sized headset I have found is just too small and begins hurting after an hour or two, especially while wearing my glasses.  So, Teresa is looking for the perfect set for me.  Or she was, until she got distracted by her mother. lol  Oh yeah, I can buy a little plug in to give my desktop Bluetooth ability for 12.00 dollars from Amazon.

I can smell the stuffing cooking.  It’s under the spatchcocked turkey.  Turkey is gonna take a couple hours per Teresa.  She told me to go eat something if I am hungry, I think I might just do that.  The stuffing smell is making me hungry.  I am sure we still have leftover lasagna that’ll work for me.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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