Bureaucracies and things

Just for the record, getting a title on a car that hasn’t ran for 10 years so you can give it away is a total pain in the butt in Iowa.  Firstly, the car was originally bought in California over 20 years ago.  The “nice” lady in Iowa, let us register the car with a salvage title since we couldn’t find the California title.    Flash forward 10 or so years, the car dies a painful death and we shove it in the garage, and stop registering it.  Flash forward to now.  We want to donate said car to Teen Challenge and let them have it.  So, Teresa goes to Iowa to get a real title, only to be told the title is still in California and we’d have to deal with them.  OK, so Teresa calls a couple numbers in California only to find out they no longer have record of this car ever existing in California.  They only track cars that leave the state for 4 years.  But they nicely wrote a letter to Iowa saying this fact and that California has no claim on the vehicle.   Teresa goes back to the Iowa DMV only to be given a form asking about our purchase of the vehicle 20+ years ago.  Um, the dealership doesn’t even exist anymore.  This is ridiculous.  So we are filling out said paperwork the best we can in hopes of maybe just maybe getting a title for this car that doesn’t work.  And they are asking for stuff we just don’t have.  Frustrating.  Just want to get rid of a junk car.  Give it away.  Plus we are going to have to pay for it.  If we can even get the title for it.

In happier news, D&D will happen tomorrow night.  The saga of Pineville will be written. I am happy that I am feeling so much better so I can run the game.  Being sick last week really sucked.  I’ll let ya’ll know what happens in Pineville and the mine on Wednesday.

My right shoulder hurts, and I am losing range of motion in it.  Could be I did something and just didn’t realize I did it or it could be GvHD.  But my left hip and right ankle also hurt, but I am able still move normally with them.  It’s weird.  I don’t recall doing anything to hurt myself, but these are real pains.  Teresa says Dr Alkhateeb can order a blood test to find out if its GvHD or not.  Don’t see him for 14 days.  heh.  Oh well.

Thursday is Thanksgiving so I am sure Danny’s game won’t be running this week.   Which is ok, Thanksgiving is important, so it’s all good.  We will resume when we do.

I found something I want for Christmas, but I have no valid reason for wanting it.  I want an NEW XBOX Whatever X.  Yeah, the one that does 4k and 1080p.  $399 at Target.  But the problem is there is probably no game that I want specifically for it.  If I presented GAME + GAME SYSTEM Teresa would be more apt to agree to getting it.  I will have to peruse the XBOX games and see.  Nah, didn’t see anything that grabbed my attention.  Just want the Game System to say I got the game system.

It’s cold here.  Not brutal yet, but cold none the less.  Wish we lived somewhere warmer.  Would be nice to not be cold for 4-5 months of the year.  The weather people have predicted less snow this year, but colder temps. Yuck, I hate both.  Since my leukemia I have been unable to control my inner body temperature so when I get cold I get ridiculously cold and when I get hot I get unbearably hot.  Iowa gives me the chance to experience both.

Now that Teresa is back from getting my meds, we are back to the great discussion of dinner.  Warning, it gets boring from here, cuz neither of us have any clue what we want.  She had today off, so she was home, so the regular menu is modified.  Hey, I picked the winner.  Casey’s Pizza.  Casey’s is a convenience store/gas station about 2 blocks from our house that used to have good pizza but its been well over a year since we ordered from them.  So its a crapshoot.  Lets hope for the best.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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