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I guess we are out of the loop right now about getting our car fixed or junked.  Insurance was supposed to call Modern Motors, Modern Motors is supposed to get back with the insurance company and we just sit here and wait.  Being down to 1 working car sucks.  I am stuck at home all day by myself again.  Just wish insurance would make up their mind quickly, so we can get a replacement car.  Hope whatever car we get is as nice as the Dart was.  For being a cheap car, it ran really well.  Whatever we get I doubt it will be orange.  It was cool telling people we had 2 orange cars, and they were both dodges of different years, and the oranges clashed.

Since I am not keeping it a secret from 1 of my D&D players, I will post openly here about the undead they will be facing next.  I was feeling a little weird about how to follow up a Dragon, and Teresa made a bunch of suggestions (thanks to Google) and undead were one of them.  Then I talked with Cori, and she suggested undead too.  So I decided to go with undead, I think.

There are a lot of undead in the monster manual, problem is that most of them are too weak or too strong for a level 5 party.  But never fret, I can figure this out.  I am an experienced DM with vast knowledge on how to make it a fair fight.  I just have promised, no vampires or liches until at least level 10.  And I am a man of my word.

The monster manual is weird in a way.  The list Mummy are critter rating of 2 and then a Mummy Lord critter rating of 16.  Makes it difficult when trying to find monsters for level 5s.

I got most of a week to figure this out.  So, right now its all good.

It’s just about 4pm, Danny’s game is supposed to start in 2 hours.  Last we heard the game IS happening tonight.  I am happy to get to play.  My birdman rogue is itching for another fight.  Last fight he ended up covering up a bunch of the refugees in the caravan with his wings and taking a little damage for it.  But he saved the kids.  That makes him a hero of sorts in my book.

I think Cori has decided dndbeyond for her campaign.  That’s cool I guess.  A lot of the players already use it when they aren’t using roll20.  I got a free account there signing up for something else.  I can make characters, but that is about it.  So much other stuff is available there, but I can’t afford more purchases for D&D when we have a car to buy and medical bills again.  So, I am gonna leach off of Cori’s account.  She sets up as DM, says I am a player, I can access any book she has purchased thru them.  It’s legit and it’s all good.

I ended up giving away more loot to a few party members.  Cuz I am a softy DM.  And I want the party to be stronger.  I want them to be level 10 already.  Forgot how slow leveling in 5e is.

OK, the blood draw people here missed a couple tests that Mayo requested last week.  So I had to go back in again today and have blood drawn again.  No biggy, just a slight inconvenience cuz we only have one car.  Kinda silly anyway cuz they are gonna see me at Mayo on Monday and do all the blood work again.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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