Pucky is ok SAD sucks DnD out your ears

Pucky had a vet visit early this morning, due to how he looked yesterday.  Turns out he is just getting old.  He pulled a muscle that goes from his back leg up to middle back and he has some arthritis.  Doctor Kilgore, the vet, gave us some anti-inflammatory medicine and sent Pucky home.  Mojo had shots at 2:30.  Mojo is a trooper, stands there and lets out a little growl when getting shots.  Turns out he has arthritis too.  When did our dogs get old?  Probably the same time we did.  But Mojo is home now too eat gummy bears with Teresa.

SAD has hit hard today.  I couldn’t even get up the energy to go to the vet, Teresa took a day off instead.  It’s really got me down.  The normal treatment for SAD is an anti-depressant, but anti-depressants make me manic.  Per Teresa, Manic is worse the Depressed and I agree.  So I am moping around today, hoping that tonight’s game doesn’t suck.

We play D&D tonight.  My hook is weak, but I do now have a hook thanks to Jason.  He has a divination wizard with a tarot deck and foresees the bad guys wreaking great destruction.  That should get the party moving.  Now if the DM only had the energy to get behind this.  It’s gonna be rough.  It may suck, but I warned them ahead of time.

All the characters for Sunday’s game have their magic items now.  Cori is finishing her character as I type this.  Six characters against a mad mad mad mad world.  I decided to start them in the Hole.  They are 10th level, they shouldn’t be messing around with things a 5th is doing and vice versa.   So, this way I only have to have one set of note for the city.  Lazy DM syndrome.

Danny’s game on Thursday should be interesting.  It’s the first where we go searching for trouble.   Going back to the site of the ambush and tracking those yuan-ti down.  We might get into a fight, we might not.  It all depends on how good of a tracker Indiza (my ranger) is and how itching for a fight the party is.

And the new thing (well, its not really new, just haven’t been exposed to it much) is dnd beyond.  DnD Beyond is a Wizards of the Coast way to sell you digital copies of their books.  Seriously in order to do anything you have to buy a book.  But what you can do character creation wise is impressive.  So, I know Cori just got on, Chris uses it, and Tim uses it.  It’s cool but expensive.

Now I am going to be joining Danny’s late night Friday game.   I am gonna be a Berserker/Champion of the Mountain Half-Trolls.  I am gonna kick butt and not bother to take names.  We didn’t quite min/max him and if we did, it’s Danny’s fault and he is the DM.  I am looking forward to this campaign as the party is EVIL and I haven’t played an evil game in a long time.

Yes, I will be DMing or playing 5 days a week when Cori starts her campaign.  I have to have something to keep me occupied.  As most DMs, I prefer playing.  Danny is a good DM.  I am on the fence about roll20.  But if it makes Danny a better DM then cool. Cori ran a one shot for loved ones once, so her campaign should be fun and interesting.  She is doing theater of the mind like me, but characters are gonna be made on dndbeyond.com.

I have been sitting a lot more recently, and my back is paying for it.  I got pain meds, but they only work so much.  I may have to start running my games propped up in bed on my laptop cuz sitting in a chair causes so much pain.  Yesterday and today have been miserable, depressed and in pain.  Heh, nice combo.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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