Randomness and D&D

Whereas Teresa contacted Mayo and tried to fix the appointment times.  And whereas this normally works.  This time it only sorta worked.  There were no open appointments in the afternoon, so things got shifted later.   Don’t have to be there until 11am.  That is nice.  Done by 2:30-3 o’clock, that is nice.  And somewhere in the middle they scheduled my bone marrow biopsy.  This still isn’t what we wanted, but it’s a heck of a lot better than we had.

For my chronic GvHD I got dry skin.  I have had dry skin all my life, this dry skin is just rougher than what I used to have.  I can deal with that.  Yup, dry skin, heh have had dry skin all my life, it’ll just be a different dry skin now.

Teresa is driving her car, once she gets out of town it sounds fine.  So I lost my main reason for being a homebody.  We technically have 2 cars again for a while.  Until Teresa decides to take it back to Modern Motors and get it fixed.  I would have taken it back right away, she is dilly dallying about the whole thing.  Oh well, I got my car, it’s all good.

Danny’s game last night, lol.  It turned into the longest pathetic combat in D&D history.  Nobody could hardly hit anybody, especially me.  The rat cleric cast sanctuary on himself and no one could actually hit him for 10 rounds.  But we managed to kill all the hobgoblins, I got myself a new bow.  We captured the rat cleric.  And got all the loot. Next week we will interrogate the rat cleric and investigate the sacrifice site and around the area.  But please let us actually hit things if we have to next week.

Tonight is Danny’s Friday night game,  late night 9:30pm to around 1am.  I’m going to be one tired dude when its over.   I haven’t stayed up to midnight in a long time, 1am is gonna be weird.  But if its fun its all good.  I can do it, I may be an old cancer ridden man, but staying up until 1 should be easy, well, maybe not easy but doable.

Power outage right now.  Don’t know what happened, there was a boom and then power went out.  Dogs are going nuts cuz the fire alarm is chirping that it lost power.  I hate power outages, I hope it doesn’t take long to fix.

I think I have the plan for Sunday’s game down.  I am gonna write it up tomorrow.  Some of the creatures are gonna be a bit weak, but overall I see it as a several session semi-difficult dungeon sprawl.  Yes, quite possibly the most epic sprawl I have done in years.  I may even *gasp* draw a map.

I have Monday to get ready for Tuesday’s D&D game.  I have the hook, just need to flesh out the story.  Should be easy.  Should.

Powers back on, total outage about 15 minutes.  Might have to go reset a circuit breaker of 2, the fire alarm is still chirping that it has no power.  I’ll give it a few minutes.  Maybe it’s just slow. It stopped, it’s slow.

My new Airpods pooped out after 2 1/2 hours last night.  So much for the 5 promised.  They sound great and people can hear me, but its just to short of time.  That was listen and talk time though and they say that talking shortens the battery life.  So maybe it’s right on where it’s supposed to be.  They worked great for when they worked, I’m actually thinking of buying another set so I can have 5 hours of talk time.  Just switch ear pieces when the first set dies.  Yeah, that’s an idea.  Won’t say good idea, but an idea.

We are terrible about Christmas presents.   We give most of them out shortly after getting them.  Teresa gave me a personal heater (Cuz I freeze at my desk).  It works good too, can make it too hot in the matter of minutes.  I like it.

I think there might be one more for me that I actually don’t know what it is.  Heh, Teresa knows all of hers, cuz I won’t buy anything for her without clearing it with her first.  I’d tell you what I got her, but the only 2 things I remember are the kindle oasis and the personal crock pot, make that 3, I got her the train.  But I think I got her something else and just can’t remember.  Oh well.

My mom is coming to visit on the 17th.  I think she is staying until the 20th.  Yeah, she does these really short visits.  But it’s so good to see her, even if it’s just for a few days.

And Jim is coming in January.  It’ll be good to see my brother.  Whenever we would visit there he was working.  So we really didn’t see much of him.  Him coming here is cool, don’t have to compete with his work.

Other than the SAD, I physically feel pretty good.  Got the wicked cough at night again.  SUCKS.  But Advair keeps me from coughing too much when I head to bed.  I already covered my GvHD issue.  Beyond those things, I am doing great.  I am off a few meds already and a  week or so from being off tacrolimus and 2 weeks from being off cresemba.  SWEET.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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