stuff besides D&D and some D&D talk

I made up more sleep today.  Slept about 12 hours plus a 1 hour nap.  I did feel like total hell.  I feel a bit better now.  I don’t want people to worry about me.  I got a cold again I think.

I cancelled tonight’s game cuz I am feeling so rotten.  I feel bad about killing the game right before we are gonna take 3 weeks off.  But this way the who done it mystery won’t be broken up by 3 weeks.  Its a multi-week adventure and we will start it on January 8th.

I made my character for Cori’s campaign in dndbeyond.  Khanyisa is a Golden Dragonborn Paladin of Vengence.  He is out to smite evil wherever it may be.  dndbeyond is cooler than I thought it’d be.  Making a complete character is even faster than I could do it the old way.  It’s like 30 clicks and type in a name to make a character.  Twitch and Wizards did a real good job at setting that up.

I made like 6 characters before settling on Khan.  Khan happened to be the first character I made.  I was gonna make him a Copper Dragonborn so he could spit acid, but I decided the resistance to fire of being Golden was too much to pass up, yes, he can breathe fire at enemies.

2nd choice was a Variant Human Blood Hunter.  Blood Hunters are not an official class, Mike Mercer designed it for Critical Role.  It’s really a cool concept.  Wasn’t sure if Cori would let it go.  Probably she would, but I liked Khan better.

I’m hoping Danny cancels Thursday and Friday.  He’s in a bad way with his bipolar and can’t get to the new doctor (new insurance) until next week.   He has enough stress without having to run multiple games between now and then.   If I was him I would cancel (players would understand) and just chill.  But he wants to run them, so I will be there.

Pucky went to vet to get his teeth cleaned today.   He got home around 10:30am and was groggy until around 3pm.  He is his normal cheery self now, begging for treats.  Mojo goes sometime soon, Teresa handles those appointments.

Saturday is one of my 2 official days off.  Monday being the other.  Those 2 days  I will try to keep open for sanity breaks.  There is such thing as too much active D&D.  Yup.  I am sure of it.  By active D&D I mean DMing or Playing.  Not plotting and thinking.  So I can plan out adventures on Saturday and Monday but not play or DM.  I already told ya that 2 games are all I can DM.  Tuesday and Sunday are those days.   My slightly manic mind was thinking of adding a Sunday evening game too.  I don’t know.   Would be a 3rd game, but on a DMing day.  I’ll think about it.

Teresa is making breaded fried turkey breasts for dinner again.  Before you go what? allow me to try to explain.  Turkey breast beaten flat.  Cut up into reasonable size pieces. Then they are dipped in egg.  Then finally in pulverized turkey stove top stuffing.  They comes out crisp and delicious.  I love that Teresa has taken to cooking again.  She goes thru cycles of fast food, then cooking.  I’m all for her cooking.

Damn, talking about it has made me hungry.   We are still probably a half hour from getting to eat.  Oh well, I’ll sneak some candy here in a few minutes and be fine.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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