I am NOT going out in the Cold and Rain

The Silly Holiday is over for another year.  Who knows if  I will live to see another?

Teresa wants Taco Bell.  It’s freezing cold and raining, I am not going anywhere.  I got a raspatory issue going on, stupid cough, all I needs is to catch a chill and then it turns into Rhinovirus or something and I get really sick.  Still immuno-suppressed even though I am off the immune-suppressant.  2 months from when I stopped taking it I should be able to say I am not immuno-suppressed.  So, we bantered back and forth for a while and decided on Schwan’s Mexican Pizza for dinner, which requires me to walk to the basement to get.

I am almost done with the list of magic items for the Sunday Night Elite Monster Killer Squad.  Just have one more character’s stuff to finish.  I just got bored when I started the last one.  I got 5ish days to finish it, so it’s all good.  I am proud of most of the stuff I created.  Everybody is getting at least 1 item that is from my mind.  The rest of the stuff is coming out of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.  Some characters are coming out better off than others.  Such is life, such is game.  I tried to be fair, but c’mon, that’s next to impossible.

Danny didn’t say anything to me about choosing not to play on Thursday.  Don’t know if he is upset, made, pissed, grumbly or anything about it.  He was excited that we were gonna play in the same game.   So he has to have some emotion I would think.  I’m bummed that I made this decision, but I didn’t make the decision lightly.  I made the decision that was right for me.

I am on Twitter again, I don’t know if I mentioned it here.  BLZebob@BLZebob  is how you can find me.  Right now I am slowly getting followers.  I think I have 47 in 4 days and 6 tweets.  I got a lot of musician followers, cuz I am following a lot of musicians.  I did the Twitter questions at the beginning at it asked about music choice.  Well, I think I marked everything but country.

Somehow I got a lot of foreign followers too.  The people who write with the squiggly lines.   I don’t know what country they are from, so I didn’t follow them back.  Feel a little guilty about not following them back, my policy has always been follow me and I will follow you.  Heh

Teresa is working from home this week, which is cool.  I like when she is at home all day.  Her work software doesn’t like the 2nd monitor, crashes hard.  So her great plan to work on two monitors at home is a failure but not her failure.  But the monitor looks cool on her desk.  And she can use it for everything else except WoW, which also crashes if she tries to send it to the other monitor.  Oh well.

My big toenails still show the chemo break line.  So does my thumbnails, but they line is on both is about to grow out.  Another sign that I had/have cancer going away slowly.  Just wish it would have never been.  But it did happen to me, so I show my marks as long as they last.

Wow, I just got a massive headache in the back of my head.   I never get headaches back there.  Always in the front or behind the eyes.  I may be taking one of my shots, gonna try Tylenol first though.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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