I jumped the gun on age discrimination a little early

I had written a scathing rant about age discrimination in the online rpg world.  I thought I had been blown off by this guy looking for someone to fill an empty spot in his campaign.   Turns out he didn’t.  I just wasn’t patient enough.  So, now I am on a waiting list to find out if I get the spot.  I did an interview and think I did well, he said he has to run my application by the rest of the group.  Now if they say I’m too old, then I can have a fit.  For now I will just say I may have a game on Saturday nights from 7-11pm Central Time.  A little late for what I am used to, but that’s ok.

Todays game was cancelled, one player was 4 hours away when the game was supposed to start and another was having router issues and cable companies are closed on Sundays.

So next week will be the last low level game only Sunday.  The 13th we start the Elite Monster Killer Squad.  And we won’t have Tuesday nights until that week too.  Oy.

Teresa made her chicken and broccoli for dinner.  OMG, it was delicious.  She is such a great cook.  Just phenomenal.  And she isn’t afraid to try new things and they usually turn out great too.  There is a reason…

…that I am putting weight back on.  And it’s not that I am not eating well.  Yeah, I have put on about 6 pounds in the last week.   Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s significant to me.  I do not want to go back over 200 pounds, I am at 191-192 now.  I am going to go back to walking every day starting tomorrow.

Twitter has become fun.  Before when I tried it, I was always trying it for business.  The wrong business on top of just for business.   Now that I am doing it just for fun, I am having a blast.  I have made “friends” as well as sport over 125 followers already.  I got into the D&D groove and have found the motherload of information and support.  Wrestling I still don’t have anyone following me.  But I got my hands full with the D&D stuff, so I am not gonna worry about the wrestling stuff.  And the music stuff has calmed down considerably.

Instead of YouTube or music on my computer, I am listening to Music Choice 80s.  And so far tonight they have done a good job.  It’s nice to mix it up sometimes.

Now I am listening to Amazon Unlimited’s Offspring station.  I got a 90 day free subscription cuz I ordered some books from Amazon today.  I thought it was a scam at first but I went directly to the Amazon site and it was offered there as well.  So, I signed up.  Don’t know if I will keep it up after 90 days, but it’s a good way to keep my credit card used for 7 months.  Offspring, then Cranberries, then Soundgarden, yeah buddy nice station.

What I bought from Amazon, Tachyon Squadron RPG and Legend of the Five Rings rulebook, also a RPG.  That’s Role Playing Game in case you didn’t know.  I spent some of my Christmas gift card money.  I also bought 2 more sets of dice, because they had black with white numbers and red with black numbers.  Plain dice.

I’m hoping that one of the two rpgs can be played over the net.  I am actually hoping that something will break my obsession with D&D.  Yeah, I talk too much about D&D in real life too.  So both of these games got raving revues by Geek & Sundry, so hopefully they will do the trick.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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