Game fluff then gets serious at the end

So the game books are arriving.  Yesterday I got the Call of Cthulhu books and started reading the Keepers Manual.  Between its 430 pages and the estimated 250 in the Investigator’s Handbook I’ll be reading CoC for a month.  I don’t read fast but I have good retention, at least I used to before chemo, we shall see.

Today came the Cypher System, which I have heard nothing but good things about.  I got the main books (5 of them) which give you the ability to play in just about any setting.  Which is cool.  And it comes from a smaller company, so yay for the small guys.

Also today, Legends of the Five Rings rulebook arrived.  I wasn’t expecting to see that for another couple weeks.  At least according to the estimated shipping on Amazon.  I know little to nothing about this game except Geek & Sundry said it’s a great game.

That leaves Tachyon Squadron to still come.  It’s on it’s way, in New Jersey last I checked.  It is the game that actually intrigues me most.  I am curious to see how they have the characters spend down time between missions.  They claim they have it covered, I want to see it.  This game was also recommended by Geek & Sundry.

I got some odds and ends for Call of Cthulhu coming too.  I mean I can play it now (well, assuming I had read the books, which I haven’t) but these little books and starter kit will help speed the process along.

I don’t think I ordered anything else besides some dice which have already arrived.  I only went slightly manic this time.  I think I showed great control.

Funny thing, turns out that the Star Wars game that is being played today is just a reprint of the 1987 Star Wars game.  I own the 1987 Star Wars game books.  They are in the big box in the spare room closet.  I find humor in the fact that the publisher (I have no clue who that is) didn’t update anything, just reprinted and rereleased.  Cool, I have first printing of a game which is gaining popularity again.

2 of my regular players have said they will play any game I put in front of them.  Way cool.  I hadn’t even asked, they just offered.  One says that D&D is his least favorite genre.  And the other said they would play anything I ran.   I have the feeling that more than just those 2 feel that way.

I finally did it, I cancelled the Sunday morning game.  No more being wishy washy about it.  I just did it.  Funny though, the one I thought would be vocal about it didn’t say a word.  Oh well, people were bummed, but I get to sleep in on Sunday again.  Woot.

OK, I don’t know the age of people who read this.  So I am gonna give this a shot. is the stem cell/bone marrow site for the United States.  If you are between 18 and 45 you can register to be a donor.  The procedure is simple, you contact them, they ask you a few questions and then send you a couple swabs and tubes.  You swab the inside of you cheek and place the swab in the tube.  Then do the same for the other cheek.  Then you ship the tubes back to  Simple to register.

They need more people in their registry, specifically minorities, but they will take anyone who is in good health.

They had to go to Germany to get my stem cells.  Because there were no American donors that matched me.  Kinda sad when you think about it, so many Americans and no matches for a white male.  Luckily Germany registers all newborns, and one of those registrants turned 19 right before donating to me.

So, if you are 18-45 and in good health, please register with you never know who’s life you might be saving.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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