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We have been watching The Rookie.  I’m glad it took a seriouser turn.  I was afraid it was gonna be mostly fluff thru the whole season.  Now it’s got so much going on that you gotta really pay attention.  Officer Nolan (our hero) and Lucy (his girlfriend) are in big trouble for lying to Internal Affairs.  And other things are happening.  Another good show that my wife picked out for us to watch together.  TV is either getting better in general or Teresa is picking the show’s I would like better.  Either way it’s a win for me.

I didn’t get into the Monday afternoon game.  The lady DM wrote such a nice note to say I didn’t get in.  Kinda bummed that I didn’t get in.  I really thought it was perfect for me.  I am supposedly #1 on the list for if someone ghosts on her.  And inevitably someone usually ghosts on a game.  So, I may get the call soon.

We are restarting Sunday night with level 3 characters.  Everybody who was in the high level game decided to stay and play.  Which is cool.  The players get along real well, and the group just balanced out like that.  I remember the days when you used to have to badger someone to be the healer, this group had 2 clerics initially and then added a druid.  Lots of heals, it balanced out from there.  So we’re all good.

Tomorrow I have to remember to go to MOHA and give a blood test.  Should have happened Friday, forgot to go, so going on Monday.  Just a simple CBC.   Takes about 15 minutes including wait time.

My blood test levels have been normal for so long, makes you wonder if I still have MDS.  I might not according to Dr. Alkhateeb.  He said its possible that the stem cells that I got went in and did the job the chemo didn’t finish.   I could in all honesty be not dying.  Still doesn’t mean  I don’t get the bump chemo.  Just means I have longer to live.

The bone marrow biopsy on February 6th will have the answers to a lot of questions.  Won’t get those answers for 2 to 3 weeks.  Might get called back to Mayo early, especially if its bad news.  They dont like to give bad news over the phone and I dont fault them for that.  So,, we shall see towards the end of February just where I am healthwise.

I read more of the Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Rulebook.  I am a little over 1/3 way thru on the chapter about Sanity and going insane.  LOL, perfect chapter for me.  There are 3 ways for an inspector to end their career in CoC…  Death, Go Permanently Insane, or they Retire.  So far its reading like a cool game, a lot of little details though.  Might be hard to play over the net.  We’ll see.

The next game I am gonna read about is Tachyon Squadron.  That’ll be a break between the Keeper’s Book and the Inquisitor’s Book for CoC.  Yeah, light fluff to break the hardcore that is Call of Cthulhu.  Then after the Inquisitor’s Book, I will start on the Cypher Systems books.  And sometime get into the Legend of the Five Rings.  I bought a lot of gaming books.

Cypher Systems intrigues me.  Thinking superheroes.  Supposedly the system lets you play however you want to, whatever system type.  So superheroes would be cool.  I like superheroes, who doesn’t like superheroes?  But anyhow, that is a long way away.  Got a lot of reading to do.  Maybe do a Dr. Who type game.  Oh who knows.

I am waiting patiently for Cori to get her game ready.  I figure some time in February she will be ready to go.  That is just a guess.  I’m ready to break in a new DM.  And the only luck I am having in finding games is ones who creep me out.  So Cori’s game will be my lifesaver.

But let me not forget Jason’s game on Friday night.  It should be fun and normal and not creepy.  Jason is a good guy.  He doesn’t give me the heeby jeebys.  So it should be all good.  My character is made except background.  This should be fun.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.