Kingdom Hearts 3 finally ships

Bootstrap does NOT make CSS easier.  It’s about 100000% more confusing.  And what is really bad is whatever the instructor does, I do EXACTLY the same thing and a different result happens.  I know this is an impossibility.  And after pouring over whatever for hours on end I finally figure out what little oops I made.  It’s frustrating, I actually think I would have done better with a “Learn Bootstrap” book.   She goes so fast, its hard to pause the video to get the info down in Atom.   After about 8 hours total I made the site look right, but it doesn’t function right.  Then add 2 lines of code and totally screw up the look too.   I do not like Bootstrap learned this way.  It is way too hard.  I’m afraid of JavaScript now.  How hard is that going to be?  Well, I don’t think it’ll be as hard as Bootstrap is being for me.  Gonna delve back into the mess I have created after I finish this blog.  I just don’t know how to fix it right now.  Thus why I am writing this blog, my attempt to walk away from it for a bit.

Tonight is the first night of the rebirth of Sunday night D&D now at level 3.  I decided this is gonna be a low magic campaign.  Spellcasters still exist, just not a lot of magic items will be in the loot and the price for magic items will be ridiculous.   Yep, I’m gonna go against everything I have done for 40 years and be a tightwad with magic items.  Not sure why I chose to do things this way, but heh, time to change things up a little.

It was 6 degrees at 11:30am but Alexa said its getting to 29 degrees today.   The changes in temperatures are totally screwing with my sinuses.  Which is totally not helping with the cough.

I talked with Teresa about having my chemo up at Mayo instead of at Dr. Wehbe’s.  She pointed out we don’t know what the chemo is going to be, so we should wait to make any decisions.  That’s fair.  I just trust the nurses at Mayo more than I do the ones that work in Dr. Wehbe’s office.  Nothing against those nurses, it just I like Mayo nurses better.  So depending on what type of chemo I get is what determines where I go for chemo.

I ordered Kingdom Hearts 3 for Teresa for Christmas 3 years ago I believe (might have only been 2).  Finally it will be here on the 29th.  She should be happy.  She has been waiting and waiting thru date changes of release.  Finally they are shipping it, I just got the notice.

Oo, more distractions, I have Publisher’s Clearing House stuff to do.   That’ll take another 10-15 minutes when its all said and done.

Ya know, I really like writing this blog.  I have started several other blogs over the years, this is the first one I stuck with.  Then again, this is the one where a lot of big things happened.  Maybe that is why I am still blogging here.  Plus I like the name.

I am NOT going to finish the web development class in 2 weeks like I said I would.  I be lucky to finish it in a month at the rate I am going.  I’m just not getting it fast or at all.  But I have until sometime between Feb 20th and 27th.  So I should be good.  I have set those dates because I will have the results of the biopsy then and know whether my idea is squashed or a go.

Sometime I need to talk to Teresa about my idea.  She is going to play a part in it, not a big part, but a part none-the-less.  So I figure I should tell her about it.  Since the cost is gonna be minimal for one of my ideas, I am sure she will go for it.

My idea, which grew from an inkling, is a good idea if I can get a few key people on board with it.  I haven’t approached any of these key people with the idea yet.   Don’t want to pitch an idea that might just get squashed hard to people I don’t really know.  So, for now, I am just compiling a list of people I need by name and what they do.  So, its all good as of now.  And after I get the website up, I am gonna need help from everyone who reads this and/or my Facebook because I will need to get word out.   But that’s all in the future.  So, it’s all good too.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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