Onward to JavaScript

I walk away from Bootstrap with a whimper.  I did not conquer it, it certainly did conquer me.  I can learn it from the getbootstrap.com website when I need it.  I think it was way too complicated for beginners.  I coasted thru the last 3 sections on it without doing any of the work cuz I was lost.  I can see where it’s functionality can be a great asset while doing websites and I am NOT writing it off.  Just for this class, I hope we don’t have to touch on it again.  Heh, I downloaded the completed website SHE built and it did the same thing as what mine did, so it wasn’t my error.  It’s something to do with my system I guess.  That actually makes me feel better.  It means I didn’t screw it up.   Anyhow, onward to JavaScript.  I am hoping JavaScript makes more sense and is easier to work with.

I cancelled playing in Jason’s game on Friday nights.  With this class going on now that is top priority I didn’t think I could justify more game time right now.   Plus I am going to be getting chemo soon, and that’ll mean my mind will be mush for a while, won’t be able to DM or play D&D.  Let it be known that I didn’t want to stop playing, just the little part of me that is OCD says I have to do that class.  So class trumped game.

It’s currently 1 degree outside, with a high today of 1 degree.  And a low somewhere around -21 degrees.  It be cold.  KCCI says the feels like temperature right now is -18 degrees.  Tomorrow we are supposed to have a high of -4 degrees with a low of -16 degrees.  Then it’ll warm up a bit and be in the 40s this weekend.  The important thing is they are saying no snow on the 6th.  Which is great to hear.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has arrived.  After years of waiting for it, it is finally here.  Teresa says she probably won’t get serious about playing it until Friday when she can play most of the night.  She is excited about it, I am excited for her.

I did get to talk to Teresa some about my idea.  She asked me to wait 2 years after my biopsy results and then do it.  Um, I might be dead in 2 years even if the results are good news.  So we talked, I don’t think she understood or rather I dont think I explained well that if the results are bad I’m not going to do it.  Gonna have to have another talk with her about it.

The 6th is 8 1/2 days away.  Then I will get my bone marrow biopsy, possibly the most important biopsy that I will have had.  There will be more, but they won’t be as important.  This is the live or die biopsy.  Dr. Akhateeb will flog me until I am dead if the results are bad, but realistically these results say I got another handful of years to live or I am on the short list to the dirt nap.  I would say it’s scary, but I’m not scared.  I’m not anything about the biopsy, its just a short nap with a poke in the hip while I sleep.  Nothing to worry about, nothing to be scared about.   Results come 2 to 3 weeks after the biopsy, those are what have my anxiety levels thru the roof.  I’ve blathered enough in this blog about my anxiety over the results, so I won’t do it again now.

My idea is solid.  My idea is good and necessary.  My idea will work.  My idea is large and unruly at the moment, but as soon as I start to work on the web part of it, it will compact and get in line I am sure.   No part of the idea will have to be sacrificed.  Just hope I can get the right people on board to help, but I can’t broach the subject until I find out the results.  But I can plan and get everything ready for the pitches.  I got like a month to figure this out, not a problem, plenty of time.  I just want to see my idea online and have 1 person I don’t know use my idea.  I think that would make me extremely happy.  I’m shooting for March 31st as launch day if the results are good.  By then, I will have everything in place.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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