How many licks does it take?

I am trying to decide if I am going to continue on with my web development class and work thru what I haven’t went thru yet.  Or go back, now that I have the proper tool and do all those lessons I just listened to.  I think I am gonna go back.  Its only about 8 hours worth of stuff, 2 days or so.  It’ll reinforce what I think I got from the video and give me a solid base to work with.

I took 2 days off (shame on me), but I needed them.  My brain exploding would have been a messy thing.  I just had so much information coming in my brain was starting to get confused on non-confusing stuff.  Plus I probably still have a touch of chemo-brain, and that makes things harder too.  But like I said, I took 2 days off, feel a lot better, ready to tackle the class again.  And since the instructor talks MAC, I will do my best to talk MAC too.

50+ degrees today is what is predicted.  Probably gonna melt the rest of the snow pack.  They are also predicting a lot of fog today, and the snow melts onto the frozen earth, it creates fog.  The earth takes much more than 2 days to unthaw.  But I may actually venture outside today if its gonna be so nice.

I did it, I cancelled my D&D games.  Both of them.  My heart is just not into D&D at this time.  I feel bad for my players.  But I had to do what I had to do.  I was beginning to dread gaming nights and that’s not right.  I am also bored with D&D 5.0.  It’s not a bad system, just gets boring after a while.  So, for now, I am walking away from it.

For Teresa’s Birthday on April 1st and our Anniversary on April 2nd, I am set.  Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8.  Give her more Kingdom Hearts games for the PlayStation.  She’ll be happy.  Just get her the download codes instead of the physical games, that’ll even make her happier.  And all I want to do is make her happy.

Lunch with Drew tomorrow.  Gotta remind him on Facebook today.  Looking forward to trying the Hildago Mexican Bar and Grill.  It has gotten really good reviews.  Their fajitas are supposed to be amazing and I am always down for an amazing fajita.

3 days till biopsy day and the day I see Dr. Alkhateeb.  I hope he takes me off more of these meds.  Would be nice to not have to take 20 pills a day extra (not 20 about 12 that I didn’t take before cancer).  It’ll also be nice to find out if that one blood test was anomalous or if I am really crashing, have blood test first thing.  It’s been 2 months since we were last there, not a lot has happened in these 2 months, except my bad blood test.  And I have put on 20 pounds.

Weather is supposed to be bad on Tuesday and bad on Thursday, but nice on Wednesday.  Won’t argue with that.  Just give IA-DOT time to clear the 35 for us, and we’ll happily drive along on a cloudy winter day.  Update, the changed the weather prediction again, we might be driving back in the rain.  No biggie, doesn’t say freezing rain, just rain.

I’m happily stealing jpgs and png files from Wikipedia for my website for my idea.  I figure wiki probably stole them in the first place so that makes them fair enough game.  I don’t know if I can do what I planned to do, too many pictures causes a website to load really slow and I DO NOT WANT slow.  So, I am gonna have to change my idea a little. Which I think is actually better.   And better is good.   See my idea is currently and ever-changing thing.  Wish I could give details of my idea to you, but I don’t feel right giving details to something that might get squashed.   So, for now, you get to know I am collecting pics for a website.  LOL.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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