Way back in the way back machine

I flew through the back lessons and am on to new stuff in my web development class.  Learning about EJS Templating, which I just did but don’t understand what I did at all.  That’s another problem I have with this instructor, she doesn’t always explain Why we are doing something very well.  She said it would save keystrokes.  I dunno, I sure typed a lot.  But hey, she is the instructor, if she says I saved keystrokes then I saved keystrokes.  I got the feeling the EJS (which is like 8 more sections) is gonna be going over again later.  I’m not dumb, I just didn’t understand.  I’m just going thru the motions and that is NOT how I learn.  I learn by having it explained and then going thru the motions.  If she explained it better I probably wouldn’t be having these issues with it.

It’s cold again.  Not arctic blast cold.  But cold.  I don’t like the cold.  Tomorrow I have to go out in the cold.  Bah. 43 days till Spring.  I hope we having a nice Spring.  Cuz I hate winter.   I could so do without the cold and snow and freezing rain.  I want to live someplace which doesn’t have real cold and doesn’t have real hot either.  I know a place that fits that bill, the Monterey Peninsula of California, 60some degrees pretty much year round.  It’s so nice that most of the houses do not have air conditioners (central air).  Yup, that is where I want to live, no more cold, no more hot, just chillaxing in the moderate temps.

The weather people can’t figure out what tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be.  Right now it say PM Ice.  But last night it said Freezing rain all day.  I guess we will find out what tomorrow brings weatherwise, tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Mayo day.  Have to be there by 10:50am.  Which means we have to leave here around 7am.  Much better than the 4am we did last time.   At 10:50 I will be waiting in the big room for them to call my name for a blood draw.  Hopefully It won’t take long cuz at 11:15 I have to check in for my bone marrow biopsy which is scheduled for noon.  After regaining consciousness from that, I have a pharmacist, a nurse, and finally a Dr. Alkhateeb to see.  The scheduler forgot to give us time for lunch, so the pharmacist will get to see us while we eat, Teresa is gonna run and get something while I am unconscious getting my biopsy done.  Assuming I don’t need blood or platelets, after seeing the good Doctor, we will be on our way home by 3 o’clock and home around 7pm.  So, we are tentatively looking at a 12 hour day, with half it is my hip hurting/aching.  Now if my blood or platelets are low, add a couple hours to said day and figure we’ll be home later.  I hope my blood and platelets are good enough to not require a trip to the infusion people.

Might have to reschedule the rescheduled lunch with Drew, I do not drive anywhere when there is winter weather going on.  And right now, the weather people say snow for next Monday.  I want to see my friend, I want to go to the Hildago Mexican Bar and Grill, I want to get out of this house for something fun, but I won’t do it if its actively wintering.  Drew will understand.

I found out how much my idea is gonna cost me to get up and running.  And its a bit more than I expected.  That is not going to make Teresa happy at all.  If it works, and people use it, I will be making money for the first time in 20+ years.  Probably not a lot of money, but money none-the-less, that is once I recoup the initial investment.  The pics I am slowly stealing are just part of it.  The web development class is just a big part of it.  It’s gonna be a fun project based on my idea.  Oh my, since I am doing work on the idea, did it become a project?  Did my idea become a project and I didn’t even realize it?  Oh, I still liked it better when it was an inkling, but I think my idea is a project now.  And ultra-secret project, but a project it is.

And in a couple weeks, I will know if this project is gonna happen or not.  But I should be ready to start programming the website the day after the results (that night, if the news is good, we are going out to celebrate).  So the day after good news, I will start working on the website.  I will register my domain on that day.  I will officially announce what my project is here in my blog on that day too.  And within the first week after good news, I will register my business with the state and start the paperwork with the federal government.  My business (which is what my project will become if the results are good) will be totally legit.  Nothing is to be shortcutted or skipped.   All on the up and up.

I’m afraid, however, that I am gonna need a partner.  Booooooo.   But not just a partner, but someone who knows web development too.  Cuz when I do die, which won’t be too far away even if the news is good, I need someone who can do the upkeep on the website.  I won’t start officially looking for a partner until after everything is set up online, and we have some sort of cash flow.   So, this is something WAY down the line… assuming the results are good.

And as I have said before, if the results are bad, it all get squashed.

Today I went way back in the wayback machine to get this video.  I miss the 80s.  Would I go back and relive them?  Oh hell no.  But I can still enjoy the old videos.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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