its Saturday and I am getting things done

Well, I worked on my class for about a half hour last night.  Redoing stuff is boring, and I just couldn’t bring myself to doing more than that at that time.  Today I will do more.  I got 19 days before I am supposed to be finished with the class, and she added a whole new section.  So, I gotta get on this.  And git er dun.

It’s not as cold today.  Actually this afternoon is supposed to be winter pleasant.  Better than winter miserable which was yesterday and the day before.  Teresa plans to go to Walmart today, according to the weather guy on KCCI last night, today would be a good day to do such a thing.  Tomorrow is supposed to be winter miserable again.

The snow and freezing rain isn’t supposed to come until late Monday, so I still am planning on having lunch with Drew at Hildago.,   I’ve been craving fajitas, and reviewers are saying that Hildago has incredible fajitas.

39 days till Spring.  Just saying.

My art supplies started to arrive today, so much for hold the items and ship in fewer boxes.  I got stuff today, I have stuff coming tomorrow, and Monday.  According to Amazon, I was supposed to get it all on Tuesday.  Heh.  Anyhow, I got the big art board and big sketch pad today.  They are both bigger than I expected, but that’s ok.  Tomorrow all sorts of stuff is coming, then leftovers on Monday.  I am kind of excited to try to learn to draw, Teresa says I will never learn to draw, its not in me.  I hope I prove her wrong.

I am going to ArctiCon.  Teresa gave the ok.  So assuming the weather cooperates, I will driving to the Region on February 22, attending ArctiCon on February 23, spending time with my mother of February 24, and breakfast with my brother of February 25 and driving home  ArctiCon will be my first gaming convention in 30 years.  I feel a little anxious about it.  But it’s all good.  Gaming is gaming, and from what I remember, conventions are fun.  Plus I get to spend some time with my friend Jenny, who is putting me up at her and Mike’s house.  Plus I will see Shannon, and Jet and Derek.  Nothing like seeing old friends.  This will be good.

Still a bit anxious about the chromosomal results that are supposed to come Tuesdayish.  I wish I already had said results and they were good.    Had a dream though, that I have 1 bad chromosome pair left.  Which would be bad.  Highly unlikely that my dream is accurate, cuz ALL my blood tests came back normal.  Every one of them.  And for that to happen, all my bone marrow has to be spitting out normal healthy cells.  So, logic dictates that all my chromosome pairs are right and in order, and everything is wonderful.

I want to thank the donor who saved my life, he was 19 when he donated and he is a German citizen.  I don’t get his information until after 1 year.  And then only if he checked the box that says let the patient contact me.  I was going to fly to Germany and thank him in person, but that isn’t a possibility in the realm of reality.  So, a letter will have to suffice.

It’s noon and Teresa is still asleep.  I want to get back to my class without having to use Airpods on the computer.  So I want to use the computer’s speakers.   The computer in question sits in the bedroom and the speaker’s would wake her.  And I am not going to be responsible for waking her.  Nope, not me.  She will sleep until she wakes up.  Then I will do my class thing.  Yep, that’s how we role on the weekends.

My project will move along next week Wednesday, when it’s not supposed to snow.  I guess it will technically move along before that cuz I have to write something to be delivered on Wednesday.  But the point is, my project is moving along.  Things are happening, and everything (except my class) is on schedule.

It feels good to be doing something constructive.  And yeah, it goes against Teresa’s demands sorta.  I’m still going to do it with or without her blessing,   I have to do something, I am going crazy living as a bipolar cancer patient.  I need something going in my life.  This project is to be that something, and if I make a little money at it, all the better, right?

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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