even more snow will it ever stop

It snowed overnight.  I didn’t think it was supposed to do that.  I thought it wasn’t supposed to snow until tonight, boy was I wrong.  It looks like we got 3 inches or so.  It wasn’t snowing when I went to bed and it wasn’t snowing when I got up, so 3 inches in 7 hours.

I saw the weather prediction radar thing for Monday, the storm coming in the PM is coming at like noon.  I do not want to be driving in freezing rain.  Gonna postpone on Drew after all.  Sucks, I really want to see him and I really want to try Hildago.  And now they will both have to wait AGAIN, I hate the winter.

I worked about 45 minutes yesterday on my class.  Done redoing, still NOT understanding.  EJS is just a mess to me.  It looks like errant keystrokes in your code. <%= blah blah %> is valid stuff.  And sometimes you just use <% JavaScript %> where the = sign makes all the difference.  I will be glad when we are done with EJS and move on to databases.  I think I will understand databases better.

38 days till Spring.

The bulk of my art supplies is supposed to arrive today.  Technically, I will have what I need to get started.  Pencils, paper, etc.  I’m kind of excited to learn a new hobby.   Another diversion from doing the class.  But there is method to my madness.  If I learn to draw, it will be useful in my Project too.  HOWEVER, the website is still key, is still the most important part.  So, drawing has to take second place behind the class.

I’m anxious and excited about ArctiCon.  Not looking forward to the drive, that’s for sure.  But it’s the whole thought of being with so many people in one place, I haven’t done that for ages.  6 years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered it.  At least I will have Shannon, Jet, and Derek to calm me down if I do freak out.   And I could always leave early if it gets too bad.  But seriously, it’s gaming, how bad can it get.  150 nerds gathered in one place, playing games.  It’s all good.  Now let’s just hope that the weather is nice so I can go, cuz as I have made abundantly clear, I don’t drive in active winter weather.

Still having dreams about my chromosomal results being bad.  And then everyone laughing at me because I thought they’d be good.  Bad dreams, I never used to have them.  Now they are par for the course.  A nightly occurrence.  The reality is Dr. Alkhateeb will call me on Tuesday and tell me everything is fine.  That is what I want to happen, that is what Teresa wants to happen, that is what Dr. Alkhateeb wants to happen, that is what everyone wants to happen.  My chromosomal results have to be good, just have to be.  It will kill me if they are not.

I will be switching to the iMac here shortly.  Work on my class with my Airpods in, so as not to wake Teresa.   It’s only 7:43am as I am writing this, so I can’t see waking her that early even accidently.  So Airpods and minimal flashy lights.  That’s the way I role this early in the morning.  Oh heck, what am I saying, I will probably go back to bed and then when I wake up get on the iMac.  I’ll still be awake before Teresa and still have to use the Airpods.  heh.

I did work on my project yesterday, I tried to do more but the service I was trying to use was down, so I couldn’t.  Maybe its up now.  Perhaps when I finish this I will go check.  Stuff I can do before the official announcement of what I am doing, trying to get things done in a timely, efficient manner.  Trying to get all my proverbial ducks in a proverbial row.

So most things are technically ahead of schedule.  Get this paperwork stuff done and then I am officially waiting on the federal government.  I need to find out how to get a preliminary judgement on my businesses’ status.  Got to fill out a couple forms for the fed (more paperwork) and get that ball rolling.  But should be a no brainer if Trump doesn’t cause another shutdown.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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