Cancer free and feeling fine

Well, my big news is I am cancer free for the first time in a long time.  Dr, Alkhateeb was right, the German Stem Cells could and did fix the remaining problems.  My bone marrow biopsy was “clean”, my chromosomes were “normal” and my PT53 mutation “showed no abnormalities”.  Take all that into consideration, Mayo did a wonderful job and the German man who donated his stem cells donates super stem cells which ripped out the bad and replaced with the good.  I couldn’t be happier.

However, I have sobering news.  Statistics, I hate statistics.  Anyhow, according to what I read of the 50,000 stem cell transplants they do each year, only 10,000-20,000 live past 5 years after transplant.  Not saying I am gonna die within 5 years, but still it’s on my mind.  I knew going into the transplant that if I didn’t get it I would be dead within a year or so, so I guess we bought some time I wouldn’t have had.

Today I got to go to Mercy to get a Petamidine breathing treatment.  I think I got 1 more to go after this one.  I don’t like them, I wish I didn’t have to get them.  But Dr. Alkhateeb says they are necessary in rebuilding part of my immune system.  So I go and breathe this nasty stuff for 45ish minutes.  That’s my fun part of the day.

When not going to the hospital, I will be working on my web development class.  Finally I have access to the iMac again.  I haven’t touched the class in almost a week, there is virtually no chance of me finishing it before the end of the month.  That will throw my whole schedule off on my project.  I will just have to work harder.  No more slacking.  We are almost to SQL, got a little more EJS to do and then it’s all about databases.  Something I want to learn about.  So, I am finally gonna be able to get on it today and hopefully knock a bunch of it out.

35 days till Spring.  This second half of winter makes me want Spring here more and more.

Teresa didn’t like where I stored my art supplies, so I moved them to a much less convenient place for me.  However, the cabinet they are in will keep everything nice until I am ready to start learning to draw.  Drawing has to take a back seat to web development at this time.  But I will at least attempt to learn to draw soon.  I want to learn to draw, I now have the tools to learn to draw, just finding the time is going to be the kicker.  Oh well, there is always April or May, right?

11 days until ArctiCon and the weather looks OK for the drive as of now.  A little snow, 30-40% chance of snow along the way.  Rain/Snow once I get to the Region but even then its saying light snow less than an inch, high of 40 degrees.  I can handle that.  So it is looking more like I am definitely going.

I am so looking forward to ArctiCon.  I need to recharge my gaming batteries because right now, my batteries are dead or at least on life support.  I have told a couple of my players that I am starting a game after ArctiCon, so I hope this recharge works.  My friend Shannon is running Cthulhu, I want to play Cthulhu.  I haven’t played Cthulhu since version 3 and I think that was with Shannon back in the late 80s and they are on version 7 now.  I’m also gonna play some D&D.  And maybe try some game I have never heard of.  Heh.  That is the joys of a convention.

My project took big steps yesterday.  I needed a work email address, so I registered the domain and paid for the hosting.   I now have a work email address.  I also filed with the state to be an LLC, and applied to get a bank account.  When the state responds to my filing, my project officially becomes my business.   Things, they are a happening.  They are happening a little sooner than I wanted them to, but hey,  things happen as they happen, and you just have to run with it or be trampled.

My announcement of my project/business has been moved up.  I am gonna make the official announcement ArctiCon weekend.  I even have business cards on the way that say the name of my business and what is coming.  It’s all good.  Just need to code the website, which means I need to finish the web development class.  I already rambled about that, so I won’t again.

I still need to find a web developer who will come on board in my project/business.  They have to have a passion for what I am doing.  They have to know HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, NodeJS, EJS, SQL, and PHP for fun.  I’m sure I am forgetting some abbreviation.   Anyhow, I was gonna bring them on as a partner, but I think I am gonna bring them on as an employee assuming my business works and I am making money.  I don’t care where they are located (well, they have to be in America), and I don’t care if they are a she or a he.  It’s all good.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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