My inkling became a business

Today, before Teresa gets up, I am gonna delve into SQL in my web development class.  I hope that SQL isnt as confusing to me as EJS was.  It almost can’t be.  I am gonna use EJS on my project, me and Mr. Google will rekindle our lifelong (for him) friendship.  SQL is a database.   Most of my project is based on a database, thus SQL.  After we get SQL database done, we move on the Mongo database.  Why we are learning two database programs is beyond me, but hey, she is the instructor.  So other than time issues, its all good.

32 days till Spring.  It’s supposed to snow AGAIN tonight, another 4 to 6 inches.  And then again on Wednesday with a similar system.  YUCK.  I am so sick of snow and cold.  I am ready for flowers and birds and being warm, not hot, warm.

I am definitely going to ArctiCon, the weather is cooperating in full.  I know I can do 3 hour drive with no problems, how bad can 6 hours be?  My back will hurt, I know that.  But beyond that, I do not foresee any issues.  I am taking my pain pills with me to take after I get there.  So, that will be good.

I am staying at my family’s house after all.  Dr. Alkhateeb (well his nurse) said to just stay away from the cats and don’t go near the litter box.  Not a problem on either front, the cats don’t like me and I’m not in the habit of litter box diving.  So, I get to spend more time with my mom and maybe see a little of my brother.  It’ll be good.

ArctiCon itself is gonna be fun.  I’m sure of it.  Already ran into a scheduling issue between games I want to play, but its all good, the one that starts first wins.  So, at 11am I will be playing Call of Cthulhu with my friend Shannon being the Keeper.  Beyond that my schedule is open.  It’s gonna be a long day, longest day that I have tried to in quite a while, I am hoping adrenaline kicks in and I am ok for the whole thing.  I want to stay for the whole thing.

I’m leaving Friday earlyish.  I don’t like to drive in the dark.  Heh.  Short drives on city streets are ok, but long drives on freeways make me tired.  So, I am leaving early in the day which will put me arriving in the afternoon.  Which will be good.  I figure with back breaks and bathroom breaks and a lunch break, it’ll take me about 7 hours to get there instead of 6.  That is fine.  I am in no rush to get there.  Take my time, try not to speed too bad.  Yeah, it’s gonna be a rough drive I think.

Yesterday, my inkling/idea/project became a business officially.  An LLC to be specific.  Whats left on my to do list:  Finish the class.  Get a mailbox from the UPS Store.  Open a bank account.  Get set up with Square (after I get the bank account).  Design (or maybe have designed) a Logo for my business.  And finally start working on the website (I need to pick a color plan).  Not too much left to do.  Just have to get on it.

Teresa is NOT happy that I have started another business, but this one is cheap compared to the last one.  This ones balance sheet at this point says I am just over 500 dollars.  That is cheap to get a business going.  A mailbox can’t be that expensive, can it?  And the bank wants 100 dollars to open the checking account, but that’s ok, that’s not money spent, it’s money held.  I should be under 600 dollars for the whole business.  Assuming I can write the website.  If I can’t, I will have to hire someone, and my budget is screwed.  But we are under the assumption that I can google my way thru the website development.

Saturday, hopefully from ArctiCon,  I will announce officially what my business is and what it’ll be doing eventually.  I’m excited to be so close to telling everyone.  From those that I have told, the reception has been good.  So, I assume from my target audience, the reception will also be good.  Yes, the business is legit, and Yes, it is entirely online. It’s all good and nothing anyone can say will turn me off from doing it.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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