Presidents Day is optional?????

Well, it’s President’s day and the only things that appear to be closed are banks and the government and Teresa’s part of her office.  I know not all of Mediacom has it off cuz we have an appointment for a tech to come out and fix our cable box today.  All the schools are open today with delays and bus route issues cuz of the snow (which I will get into a minute).  It’s sorta a holiday, I guess it’s considered optional.

I started on MongoDB, and it is much less forgiving of mistakes than SQL.  However, I have to say that MongoDB cares more about it’s customers.  I have received not just 1, not 2, but 3 emails since signing up for MongoDB.  One of which was from a customer support (tech support) guy saying if I need any help, feel free to call him directly.  That is caring about your customers.  From what I have seen, MongoDB will work better for me than SQL in my website and Teresa knows MongoDB, so I have a live in tech support.  It’s all good.  I still won’t be done with the web development class in 10 days.  I will, however, start programming on the 1st.

30 days till Spring.  The groundhog was wrong though.  With the snow we got and the snow we’re getting, it looks like winter is here to stay.  However, Kurtis, the weather guy said there might be a warm up of some kind the end of February, so you never know.  We have a deep snow pack and when it melts we  (Des Moines) are gonna have flooding.  Melted snow has nowhere to go but into the rivers, the rivers that overflow and flood just about every year no matter how much snow we get are bound to overflow in a major way this year.  We got 9 inches over the weekend and another 8 coming on Wednesday.  Yuck.

Gonna work on my class this morning and try not to go back to sleep.  I need to knock out an hour or two of the class, I got so much more to do.  It says I am 81% done. Maybe if I try real hard I will get done by March 3rd or 4th.  ArctiCon is cutting into my learning schedule, but I need that.  I want to be done with the class.  It’s very much teaching me that I am not a programmer.  But I can look stuff up and make it work.  So, it’s all good I guess.  I make A LOT of simple mistakes which take a lot of time to find and no time at all to fix.

I need to design a logo.  But I am not artsy (yet).    Since my business name is not a word, its initials, I could get away maybe with just using a cool font.  No, that’d be stupid.  Need some kind of design.  The obvious one I can’t use cuz the place where I got this idea from used to use the obvious one.  And I don’t want to be sued.  So, I will come up with a logo idea, doing this alone kind of sucks.  But I am gonna do it.

Still looking for a programmer who wants to work by job.  Preferably someone who has a job, and just looking for something to supplement their income.  They need to know JavaScript, jQuery, EJS, NodeJS, and preferably have some knowledge of MongoDB.  I have someone in mind, but he would be cost prohibitive I think.   The person would have to work cheap with promise of better pay in the future.

My business is 4 days old.  And I am stuck on certain things on my to do list, because it’s a holiday.   Oh well, I can take care of the stuff I wanted to do today, tomorrow.

I do have to talk to my lawyer, which will cost me, for legal disclaimers.  I want things worded right on what I won’t allow on my website.  Want everything to be on the up and up.  So getting my lawyer involved is important.

Yeah, there are parts of this that I can’t do alone.  I’m taking on a huge project.  There was bound to be stuff that I couldn’t do in a project so big.  So finding the right people (for the right price) is imperative.  I want to surround myself with good people and get this going.

This is about as country as Hectic goes.  So enjoy.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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