SLEEP, the prized commodity

Another Day, more snow.  Not as much as they predicted, but still it was more snow.  I am sick of snow and winter weather.  However, its supposed to eventually get above freezing today so some of it might just melt.  And its supposed to be above freezing on Friday and sunny.  Saturday it’s supposed to be wintry mix, which really means snow then rain, rain will melt some of the snow.  Kurtis, the weather guy said we might have a warm up for the end of February, I don’t think its gonna happen.  More likely we will have above freezing 33-34degrees and still be miserable.

They are finally talking about flooding when all this snow does melt.  We got a lot of snow, and the melted snow water has to go somewhere and that somewhere is the river and lake system.  Which was fine when we had a snow pack of 3 inches last year.  But now we are talking 10-11 or more inch snow packs.   Melt is gonna swell all these rivers and lakes and there is gonna be a lot of flooding.  Houses built too close to the river and gonna be partially under water again, yes, it has happened before.  It’s not pretty.

28 days till Spring.

Arcticon is 3 days away.  Thursday, Friday and then boom Arcticon.  This is gonna be fun.  I’m taking my mask, just in case there are rude sick people who show up.  I can’t afford to get even a cold right now, still immuno-suppressed, I will catch anything they throw at me.  Which would suck.

I’m looking forward to Shannon’s Call of Cthulhu game.  Been wanting to play CoC for a long while, but certainly since I bought the books and read the Keepers Manual.   He is running it twice.  I will play in one of them, not sure which yet, need to see what else is being offered at the times he is running CoC.

I know there will be plenty of D&D.  Not sure if I want to play D&D or not.  D&D is what burned me out on gaming.   But I have a soft spot for D&D, so yeah, I’ll probably play some.  There will also be a ton of board games.  I never get to play board games cuz Teresa doesn’t like to play them.   So, maybe I will get some board game action in.  Delta Green is also being played, supposed to be really cool.  Not into miniature gaming, so all those games are ruled out.  I am just gonna play whatever sounds cool at whatever time and get me game on.

I’ve decided not only am I getting a logo done professionally, but several graphics done.  Heck, while I am busting my budget, I might as well bust it good.   Instead of 500 bucks, its more like 1000 now.  And will be 1500 by them time I am done.  Still a far cry from the 100,000 I spent on my last business.  Teresa is grumpy that I am spending money, but if this works, I will be making more than that each month.  So, having the art professionally done makes sense.

I managed to sleep in till almost 10am today, and I slept well last night.   Felt so good to get sleep.  I needed it.  Stress level is down, I think that made the difference.  (I’ll explain that in a minute).  I am really affected by stress.  When stress goes up I don’t sleep.  Normally I try to lead a stress-free life, but with all I am doing for my business, stress was/is up.  So sleep is a prized commodity.  And I will sleep in when I can and complain when I can’t.

I did get my bank account yesterday, and I did get my mailbox.  And I filled my car with gas when it was 8 degrees.  lol.  Two things off my to do list, and one I had to do cuz I was almost driving on fumes.  I also got with Square, so actually 3 things off my list.  The only things left on my list is ART (which I am ordering tomorrow), FINISH THE CLASS (which I am skipping a bunch cuz I don’t need to learn MongoDB,  Finishing the class was a huge stressor, with the elimination of all the MongoDB stuff, I am almost done.  Huge stress relief).  And finally on my to do list is MAKE THE WEBSITE.  Which I still can’t do until I finish the class cuz the last section I need.

I’m an getting excited about making the announcement on Saturday.  I hope I can make it on Saturday, I hope the church’s reception hall has wifi.  In the event that I can’t make the announcement on Saturday, it will happen first thing Sunday after I wake up.  It’s like this, I am gonna write the big announcement up and post it here and link it to Facebook as I always do.  Then I will also make the post as a huge post on Facebook.

I can’t believe that I am starting another business.  But I really believe in this idea.  However, I am gonna need a lot of help getting this growing once I start it.  I am gonna ask some of my friends for help (with pay of course).  Not offering jobs, but am offering a way to make some extra cash (and who can’t use a little extra cash).

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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