Wind whips across the Midwest

The story of the day is High Winds. Woke me up at 6:30am, the wind just a howling.  I guess the winds are blowing all around the Midwest.  We decided not to go out to lunch do to the winds.  Which was fine with me.  I got leftover pizza from Friday night to eat.

Jenny cancelled on our lunch because she felt ill.  So not only did I not go to lunch with mom, I didn’t go to lunch with Jenny either.  It’s all good.  If she is sick, I don’t want to catch whatever.  So better to just skip this time.

As of right now, I feel no ill effects from ArctiCon.  I don’t have any unwarranted sniffles or coughs or any such thing.  I may have actually made it thru the convention without picking up convention crud.  Of course it normally take a couple days AFTER the exposure to show symptoms, I’ll let you know.

24 days till Spring.  The weather in Adel (Des Moines) has to start clearing up sometime soon.  But if I recall correctly, we have had snow in April before.  But that was a one time thing I think.  I just want it to warm up a bit.

Power keeps going out here.  It goes out then comes back on.  Not good for electronic devices.  But everything seems to have come through it alright.  I don’t know if or when I will actually get to post this though.

Mom did our taxes today, and I’ll be damned if the IRS didn’t reject them.  They were done perfectly.  So now we (mom and I) are gonna go back in there and fix what they say was broke, and go about our merry way.  Federal rejected and then state rejected because the Federal rejected.  BAH, taxes are stupid anyway.  Refiled taxes are on their way.

I slept really good last night.  I was slightly stoned from my pain pill and a Flexeril.   Then I threw 10mg of melatonin on top. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, I slept good until the wind this morning.  The wind just howls through this old house’s windows.  The windows are on the list of things they are going to replace when they can afford to.

I am looking forward to being home again on Monday, if the roads are safe in Iowa that is.   I checked IADOT’s website, and it didn’t look nice today.  But they have 24 hours to fix them, but right now the wind has hit the fresh snow and caused a slight blizzard.  So we shall see if I am leaving tomorrow or staying till Tuesday.

I’m thinking about trying to take a nap.   Sleeping in a strange bed, getting woke up earlier than I wanted.  I think that warrants a nap.  Just try for an hour or so.  Mom won’t mind, she is reading anyway and will probably doze off in her chair here before too long.  It’s all good.  She was woke up early too.

Next gaming convention I am going to is DemiCon.  It’s actually held in Des Moines.  It’s from May 3rd to May 5th, yes, 3 days of gaming.  At least when I get tired it won’t be a really long drive home and I will get to sleep in my own bed.   I may volunteer to run a game or two at DemiCon, I am sure they are looking for Game Masters.  I could have ran a game at ArctiCon had I wanted to.  Gaming conventions are always looking for people to run games.

After DemiCon, the next convention is in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, it’s called DralaCon.  It runs July 12th-14th, another 3 day gaming convention.  But that one is dependent on how well TTRPG.ORG is doing.  Cuz I am not driving to Ft. Wayne from Adel and I will have to stay in a hotel.  So, I am looking at 1000ish dollars to do it.   But I think the TTRPG.ORG could stand a little exposure in a big setting.

And speaking of BIG SETTINGS.  From August 1st through the 4th, is GenCon.  The granddaddy of all gaming conventions.  4 days of gaming.  Cori has offered to let me stay at their place in Fishers, which is just a hop to Indianapolis.  So it’s just getting there is the issue.  Again its too far to drive straight there from Adel.  I could, for both DralaCon and GenCon, drive to my mom and brother’s, stay a night, then drive the rest of the way.  That is a very viable option.

Beyond that, I haven’t looked for more conventions.  I think those 3 will be plenty of exposure for TTRPG.ORG (gonna get a bunch of T-shirts made saying “Ask me about TTRPG.ORG….  connecting gamers with gamers).   Various colors all with the Logo and the words.  So hopefully people will stop me and ask, and I can make the sale.

The cool thing is I will be able to write off all the travel expenses going to these gaming conventions.  Because at every one of these conventions I WILL talk TTRPG.ORG.  So they are all business trip.

Speaking of business.  I am so ready to start programming TTRPG.ORG on Tuesday (assuming I get to go home Monday).  The sooner I get started, the sooner I get finished.  It’s as simple and straight forward as that.  Yeah, it’s gonna be slow, but hey, at least it will be done, hopefully in a decent amount of time.  I am really shooting for March 31st, but back up date is April 15.  I don’t want to wait till April 15 to launch, but my skills are not mad.  So, people will have to understand I am learning as I go.

The only things left, are the art which I am waiting for a quote on, and my lawyer writing up the Terms and Conditions.  I want them in lawyerese but easily understood.  I just need them to say that we don’t tolerate any kind of harassment and we do not tolerate Pay for Play posts in the forum.  The only two things which can get you bounced from TTRPG.ORG without a refund.  And I know already that I am going to have to bounce some people.  Some people just can’t help not following the rules.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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