No place like home when you are sick

I blame Shannon for me being sick today.   I feel godawful.  But I forgive Shannon because if not for him I wouldn’t have went to ArctiCon.   And wouldn’t have got to spend some extra time with my mom and brother.  So Shannon, no hard feelings on this end for getting me sick.  But next year, you better not be sick again or I will make you wear a mask.

Despite being sick, I made it home in a little over six hours.  That includes a stop at Steak n Shake in Coralville, Iowa for a late lunch.  I saw 11 cops in Illinois, all going the other way and all but one had someone pulled over already.  I was impressed by the show of force by the Illinois State Police Force, but wondered why they were all heading the other way, not that I am complaining.  I got behind someone going 85-90 and followed them across almost the whole state.  Same thing happened for most of Iowa.  Coolness.   If I hadn’t stopped for food and gas in Coralville, I probably would have made it home as fast as I got to the Region.

I found out that my car needs some work.  Not just an oil change.  It has a problem with idling when the engine is cold, and it pulls pretty hard sometimes to the left.  The engine idling issue I had before, it wasn’t a big problem, just have to clutch and gas a lot.  The pulling to the left was an issue, as I often ran over the grail, came real close to clipping a cement bridge rail, it was scary at 90mph.  But all in all it wasn’t much of a problem until I hit Iowa and the ice on the left side of the road.   Indiana and Illinois had zero ice, Iowa had a lot.

23 days till Spring.  But remember just because the calendar says it’s Spring, it doesn’t mean good weather.

Got news that the IRS and State have accepted our tax returns, and yes, we have refunds coming. OOOOOOOOOOO.  Not enough to do much with, but enough to be worth OOOOOing about.  It only took three tries to get the Federal Government to accept the tax returns and then the state automatically accepted it.  So, it’s all good now.

Slept from 10pm to 7am last night.   Slept pretty good too.  Didn’t start feeling bad to about 9am, after going out to breakfast with my mom and brother at the House of Pancakes of Portage.  Yes, the owner got sued by the International House of Pancakes, better known as IHOP, for his original House of Pancakes name.  Anyhow, I felt rotten after we got to their house, took an hour and a halfish nap.  Felt worse.  Talked to Teresa, she left it up to me, but reminded me that I would probably feel worse before I felt better.  And it is always better to feel worse at home.  So, I decided to make the drive.

Oh yeah, in my list yesterday of conventions I want to hit.  I forgot Origins in June.  Now, the only catch is this summer I have to get a series of Stem Cell transfusions, they will keep me down.  So next year I will hit all the conventions, gonna have to go with plan A for getting me enough customers to afford to do it all.

TTRPG.ORG programming starts tomorrow assuming I live thru this.  No seriously, programming WILL start tomorrow.  No, I didn’t finish reading the PHP book yet.  But I do know the JavaScript parts of it.  And during breaks I will read more about PHP.  One of the first things I DID read was that PHP and JavaScript works together well.

Tomorrow also I will be receiving a quote from Jon Liebl about the art I need for the website/businesscards/t-shirts, etc…   The sooner I get the quote, sooner his graphic artist can get on to making said art, because I am going to need it for the website.

I decided on a way to get around the no unauthorized vendor rules at conventions, since that is technically what I am.  I plan to wear a t-shirt that says “As me about TTRPG.ORG, a place where gamers can meet gamers.”  and hope people ask me about it, so I can hand out a flyer and a business card.  This is known as Plan B of how to get business.   If they ask me about it, I can answer and it’s not breaking any rules.

Plan A involved my gamer friends and will be revealed after the website is up.

Plan C is Google, I want to get set up to be a top hit for anyone who searches for a table top role playing game.  For that I got to get the website up.  I got a free google insert with my webhost program.  And some free google credits for some use.

I’m sure I have a Plan D and a Plan E but my mind is fuzzy because I am sick.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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