Still sickly but programming will start

Being sickly sucks.  I should’ve wore my mask at ArctiCon.  I had it with me, but was too manly to put it on.  I am paying for that manliness now.  This Cold is going to be doozy, and its viral and it’s gonna last for more than the seven days its supposed to last cuz I have a very fledgling immune system.  It’s gonna suck.  Last viral thing I got put me in the hospital.  I will be sick for my appointment with Dr. Alkhateeb next week.  Yeah, I am pretty miserable right now and it’s only Day two.

Need to call the repair place about my car.  I mean, it’s not gonna fix itself, and I am not a mechanic, so I can’t fix it.  I suppose it’s not a rush though, I can wait until I am over this Cold.  Yeah, that is what I will do,  wait till I feel better before worrying about the car, it’s not like I am going anywhere soon.

Twenty-two days till Spring.

Slept for crap last night, slept better this morning.  I kept waking up to cough during the night.  Maybe got four hours total sleep last night.  This morning I got another two and feel better for them.  Yes, I went back to sleep after waking up at six with Teresa,  I went back to sleep around seven and woke up at nine because Alexa reminded me it was time to take my meds.  I will probably try to take a nap later.

I went on a google search for custom t-shirts with no minimum order.  I found one company that actually does that, but for five shirts it would cost me like one hundred and twenty dollars.  That is a bit cost prohibitive at this juncture.  Still trying  to get this business started under one thousand five hundred dollars.  So every penny counts, and one hundred and twenty dollars is a lot of pennies.  But I am hoping to have enough customers to afford said shirts before I need them.  I am not sure when I will need them though, there is the issue of the stem cell transfusions that I am getting this summer.  I don’t have a schedule for them and will be dealing with acute Graph vs Host Disease again.  Might just blow my whole summer.  BAH.  I just want to go to GenCon in August, I hope we are done by then and I hope I have the shirts by then.

Programming is set to start this afternoon.  It’s just ten am right now.  I’m debating going back to sleep for a bit.   But I am ready to start actually making TTRPG.ORG now. Like I have said, it’s going to be a slow process, but I think I can do it on my own (with the exception of the art, which will be coming soon).  Website Development is not rocket science, it shouldn’t be that hard.  Plus I got books and Google on my side.

OK, you all have noticed by now that I am typing numbers out instead of just using the number keys, well, my laptop decided to be stupid and not take any number keys.  So I can hit the one key a thousand times and nothing happens.  I don’t know if its a windows glitch (possible) or my hardware is dying (possibly too).  However, I didn’t think I could sit at my desk long enough to write a whole blog entry, this whole blog entry, at the time I sat down to start writing.  So numbers are typed out, not the end of the world.  And besides it boosts my word count this way.  After I copy and paste a video I will reboot and see if it fixes my number key problem.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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