Feeling better already 48 hour sickness for the win?

Well, I have stopped coughing it seems, that is a big plus.  Advair seems to be doing its job after a few days of coughing.  I only coughed once during the night and it was a minor cough.  Nothing this morning (except when I choked on a potato chip, that made me cough), I feel a lot better in general.  Maybe I caught a 48 hour thing.  Or maybe this is the lull before the storm.  Either way, I’ll take it.  Feeling better right now is wonderful, I got work to do.

I didn’t get any programming done yesterday because I couldn’t sit in the chair without my head swimming off.  Today, so far, I do not feel dizzy.  So, programming should commence.   I got a lot to do but I have a fair amount of time to get it done.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.  As long as I stay feeling good.  I really need to get to work on it though and here I sit writing a blog entry.  My priorities suck.  But in my defense, I did just wake up a little bit ago and my brain still hasn’t kicked into gear yet.  So, I wouldn’t be programming well yet.

21 days till Spring.  And we got snow predicted for about 10 of those already.  And yet another polar vortex coming to visit on Wednesday.  How nice.  -13 degrees is what they are predicting.  I, as well as most everyone in Iowa, am so over Winter, it’s time for it to move on and let the flowers bloom.  Well, flood and then let the flowers bloom.  And so much for a warm up at the end of February, how about a cold down for the start of March instead.  Bah, should only listen to the actual forecasts and not the offhand remarks the meteorologists make.

Slept great last night.  Like I said, I only had 1 little cough all night.   Teresa should be able to move back into the bedroom tonight.  She slept in the guest room last night.  We can’t afford to get her sick.  But like I said, I feel a ton better.  No cough, sinuses clearer, not achy, not dizzy, feeling pretty good.   As I typed that last No cough, I coughed.  So minor coughing, which is where I was before I got sick.  Anyway, the point is, I slept great and didn’t really cough all night, so it’s a win.

Oh, my number problem fixed itself on reboot.  I can type numbers again so no more typing out large numbers.  It was annoying yesterday typing out all the numbers, but you got to do what you got to do.  I wasn’t going to stop my blog entry and reboot, I did what I had to do to get the entry out.

My dogs are funny, they bark at imaginary noises.  Mojo barks primarily at people outside, that I understand, he can see them thru the windows.  But Pucky barks at random non-noises.  Just barks to bark from time to time.  Always faces the door, never anything there.  Occasionally they bark at the mailperson, but mostly they bark at nothing.  I get up when I hear them bark in case someone is at the door.   But there never is anybody there.  It’d be funny if they weren’t barking in the house, which is not allowed.

My car is no longer my garage kept baby.  While I was gone Teresa stole my spot.  So with the freezing mist last night and the sub freezing temperatures today.  My car is covered in a sheet of ice.  I should do the right thing and go out and scrape it off, but the lazy in me and the still probably sick in me, says it can wait a day or two.  No rush to go out an freeze my tush off to scrape ice off the windows.  I’ll be so glad when Jay takes the old white car off our hands and out of the garage so we can park both of the cars that run in the garage.

I’m gonna end up paying the 120+ dollars for the custom t-shirts.  It’ll still keep me under my 1500 dollar budget for starting this business.  And Teresa will have a fit that I bought MORE t-shirts. Not buying them until after I see Dr. Alkhateeb next week.  Need to know my stem cell transfusion schedule, I might not need the t-shirts till next year if the scheduling sucks.  We should find out about the schedule of stem cell transfusions next Wednesday.  If Interstate 35 stays open.

My art is going to be pricey, but its going to be exactly what I want/need.  I hope it gets done quickly, but still of good quality.  I’m not asking for much.   It’s just what I need.  And if I need more later, I will still have access to the same artist. So, it’s all good.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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